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Even after many years we can still be surprised to find a new species on our Swineholes reserve. Here, last January, in somewhat murky conditions we found a small clump of Polypody fern.


This beautiful lichen was found on our Swineholes reserve unfortunately we don't have any lichenologists in our team to name it!

Common Eyelash fungus

A surprisingly widespread fungus but due to its small size, usually less than 10mm, it is often overlooked

Poplar hawk-moth

This magnificent moth was found on the floor of my greenhouse warming itself. It stayed the day but left during the night. A widespread moth but seldom seen.

Elephant Hawk-moth

This superb caterpillar was found during a survey of a pond at Calton. Two more were found in a friend's garden.

Common Porecrust above and below

This intriguing fungus was found growing out of an old bale of silage and it was only after turning it over that it was seen to be a fungus.

Three Shire's Head

This old packhorse track is well known and a magnet for visitors in the summer but on a cold November day is a delight to have to one's-self.

Conifer Blueing bracket

How often are these smaller fungi overlooked? This species of dead conifer trees is not only beautiful but common on our Roaches reserve.

Old Chestnut tree

A very old, veteran tree found near Dilhorne

Washgate packhorse bridge

This old packhorse bridge straddles the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border but many of these packhorse tracks are in need of restoration due to erosion.

Starlings gather

After a late day on Swineholes we returned to the car-park to see these starlings beginning to gather for their nightly roost.

Work party

After a hard day thinning an area of woodland what better way to finish than with a hot baked potato.

All photographs copyright to J. D. Stanney

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