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Date 24 December 2017

Subject: Merry Christmas from Canada

Merry Christmas from a granddaughter of Leek Residents to all current Leek Residents.  Thank you for the cameras, I love keeping an eye on the "homeland".
A part of me feels like Leek is where I belong.

Nola Hambleton (

Date 17 November 2017


A message to -

Please can you contact Maurice Priestman at -

He has some information for you regarding your visitor's book entry. We have all been trying to contact you via your email address as above, but it keeps bouncing back.

Thank you


Date 9 October2017


Looking for any info on my Grandfather ( Fred ) who lived in Leek, he lived with Maud Holtham for a while I was never told any info about him so never met him but would like to know more.
My mothers name was Nellie Hulme and she worked for Brough Nicholson and Hall.

Any information would be much appreciated.

Date 29 September 2017

Subject: Eversley House

I believe that Eversley House stood behind the demolished houses at the St Edwards Street end of Broad Street.  It was demolished in the 20s or 30s.  Does anyone have any information and/or photographs of the house?

Date 10 July 2017

Subject: York Street history search

I am an architectural illustrator who has drawn several streets in Leek. I am also forming an online archive of the history relating to the buildings drawn and wonder if you could share the following blog post or let people know of my search for any local history related to York Street.
Many thanks!
Ronnie Cruwys

https://drawingthedetail. york-street-leek/

Date 30 June 2017

Subject: Finding family

My name is Laura Bullock-Bell, my family came from Leek in 1843-1847 their surname is Bullock with Thomas as a common first name. I know that we have a coat of arms. I would like to contact any family that may still be in the area. Thank you for your time.

Laura Bell
3832 tahiti ln
Modesto CA 95356 USA
Area code 916-588-0369

Date 29 June 2017

Subject: Queens Head, Leek

My mother's parents took over the Queens Head Public house after the Second World War, 1946 I think. It is now called The Valiant. I wondered if you had any photos of this pub as the Queens Head?  At this time, Mother worked at Eddie Jones's Chemist, opposite the Roebuck Hotel. I think she still has photographs of this shop that I could try to forward if you like.

Many thanks
Sheena Kelsall (Beech)

Date 7 April 2017

Subject: Albert Birch

Please could you help me? I am trying to find a newspaper which has details about the death of Albert Birch. I believe he fell from a horse in Oakamoor on the 26th October 1906. It is said that he had a heart attack whilst riding.
I am hoping the Birch relatives may be able to help me with this for my family history.

Thank you.

Margaret Nicholls NZ

Date 28 Mar 2017

Subject: Leek memories

I came to teach in Leek Catholic primary school in 1956. Met and lived with the Kimpton family until 1958.Went onto Training College and Sheena Kimpton traced me in 1987. Sheena 'adopted' me as a sister 61 years ago and I so appreciate the welcome I was given in Leek long, long ago.

Date 14 Jan 2017

Subject: Old Stockwell House

My great-grandmother called Sarah Jane Smith worked in service at Old Stockwell House next to the  Nicholson Institute and Greystones on Stockwell Street as a young woman before moving to Penkridge. She was from Endon originally but I would love to find out more about her. I know she was there in July 1895 because that is the date that she has written on the first page of her recipe book.I think she would have been working for the Worthington Family at the time. I love the fact that the very first entry is a recipe for home made beer ! There were possibly links between this house and a large house on St Edwards Street owned by the Wardle family.

Date 15 Oct 2016

Subject: Family Reunion

Thank you Tony and Jo,  Had a wonderful get together with 2nd cousins D. SYLVIA (Bode) Stretch, Allan Stretch, JOHN Hill, daughter Rebecca Hill, and myself, NOLA Hambleton, whose commin GREAT grandparents, lived in LEEK, between 1840 and 1930!  Was also great spending time around LEEK!  Also, thankyou to Maurice Priestman for helping find Sylvia.

Nola Hambleton

Date 18 Oct 2016

Subject: School Reunion

We are trying to trace a Peter Brown that went to Leek High School 1967 - 1971 for a school reunion we are holding on 22nd Oct 2016.  Anyone with any info please get in touch.

Date 6 Oct 2016

Subject: Eileen Sexton

Last heard of some 20 years ago, living in Leek. Was a schoolteacher. Irish background. Does anyone know anything about her please?


Date 2 Oct 2016

Subject: 1950's

Pete Green here, I went to Mountside Secondary Modern School in the early 50's, I moved to Wiltshire in 1960 but still visit Leek occasionally. If any one remembers me please get in touch.


Date 15 July 2016

Subject: Bode Stretch

Thank you to your readers, esp Maurice, I have heard from Sylvia.

Date 10 July 2016

Subject: Bode Stretch

Looking for anyone that may know of a former resident name Sylvia Bode Stretch. I would like to contact her again after 30 years! Her parents were Cecil and Anne Bode from Leek, #13 Grove Street many years ago...

Date 27 June 2016

Subject: Leek

I have just finished my year long gap year in Leek! On my morning run, I saw Jack Robinson, he was a pleasure to meet! I loved watching the football team and will be returning soon for sure. Thanks for the good times Leek!

Date 25 June 2016

Subject: The Referendum

Dear Sir,

Following the recent Referendum it has come to my mind whether Democracy can be taken too far.
Remaining or Leaving the EU is a matter of extreme importance and I can't help feeling this is a matter for our elected Government to decide.  In conversations with friends who want us to leave, some of the reasons given (which to them are important) are not truly relevant.
What would happen if there was a Referendum on the Death Penalty ?    I dread to think.

Yours sincerely,


Name and address supplied

Date 28 March 2016

Subject: Arnold Proctor

Can anyone tell me if Arnold Proctor and his brother Benny Proctor still live in Leek, I need to contact either for a mutual friend.
I was contacted by Arnold's son recently and he requested my name and the reason I wanted to contact Arnie. He left me an email address which doesn't work for me if you can mediate for us and give him my contact details I would be most grateful.

Tommy Cope

Date 6 March 2016

Subject: Big thankyou !

Today is "Mothers Day"and I`ve got no choice but to say thankyou to  everybody who works at the "Leek Oatcake Shop" on Haywood Street for their kindly help in taking my order for filled oatcakes for my mother, I live abroad, they made my mothers day . She was over the moon , special thanks go to Scott who even delivered.

Thank you very much.

Date 21 February 2016

Subject: Ash/Tombs family history

Could anyone help me, whilst researching my family history in Leek I have a link to the Tombs family: my  great grandmother was Mary Tombs born at Macclesfield (married John Mottram) she had a brother John William who went to America and a sister Emma who married Edward Ash in 1874 at Leek, my grandfather Reuben Fox was a witness at the marriage.
I am wondering if any of these families still have links in the Leek area.
Thank you

Date 26 January 2016

Subject: Liz Counsell

I am trying to trace a long lost friend.  Liz Counsell.  She worked at Adams Butter in the 60's.  She married Bill Tomlinson and shortly after her first daughter was born went to live in Portsmouth, this was also in the 60's.She has a sister called Sue.  I would love to trace her.
Thank you so much.
Jennifer Marren

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