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Date 30 November 2015

Subject: Family History

I am researching the Hudson's and Hickman's who lived out near Cauldon Lowe. I have a fairly well done family tree but have discoveredtwo annomalies from the 1900s. My mother was Alice Annie Hudson, her mother was Phoebe and her grandmother was Elizabeth Hickman who became a Harrison.

Date 12 November 2015

Subject: Roll of Honor list

I have the original book listing all of the men who served in WW1 from Leek. My father, John Titterton, rose to the rank of sergeant in the Royal Army Veterinary Corp but was released in 1916 due to shell shock. His name is on the memorial at the top of Ball Haye Green in Leek.

Date 11 November 2015

Subject: Remembrance Day

I decided to attend the Armistice Day parade at the old Britannia Head Office (Cheadle Road) yesterday and was deeply moved by it. The service was attended by several veterans who made such an effort to be there also many staff came to show their respect. The music and the actual silence was handled very tastefully and I was humbled by the whole experience.

Thank You All

Date 9 November 2015

Subject: Family tree

I'm trying to find out about my Grandmother who lived in St. Edward's Hospital, Cheddleton and her name was Florence Bennett (nee Barnett). She came from Well Street in Biddulph and had a son named Gordon James Bennett who went into the Royal Air Force in 1939 aged 18. I know my Grandmother was in St. Edward's in the 1920's and her husband was John Bennett who was a locomotive driver but I don't know any more. He lived in Biddulph and I think my Grandmother died of gangrene in the leg. Any information would be gratefully received.
Thank you

Date 28 October 2015

Subject: Leek

Just spent 2 amazing weeks in Leek on holiday. I was born in Leek and came to America at the age of 15 and 50 years later I returned to see so much of what I remembered and also a lot of new sights.

Date 11 October 2015

Subject: Milkman in Leek

Can anyone help please? We are trying to trace a milkman who worked in Leek in the 70s, his first name was Pete. He worked from a dairy in Leek which had very high gates but we are not sure of the name of the dairy or Pete's surname. Any information would be most welcome. Please contact us


Date 11 October 2015

Subject: Pownalls

Does anyone remember Pownalls sweet shop.I remember walls lined with sweet jars from top to bottom. We would be allowed to walk up from Nab Hill Ave every Friday (dads pay day)to buy sherbet lemon all by ourselves in all weather's.
My friends were Carol Bonsall, Elizabeth Wright,Patricia Bowcock, Jane Owen, Timothy Bold and Caroline and Jane Bailey, daughters of the local poiceman who lived in the police house at top of Nab Hill Ave. Anyone who knows me, Carol Duncan or my sister Brenda please get in touch.we went to Westwood county primary school during the 1950s.

Date 1 October 2015

Subject: Family History - Morley

I am researching my family tree and have found some ancestors from Leek.
I have gone as far back as a marriage of Sampson Morley to Mary Ann Black at St Edward's Church in 1820. Sampson died in Leek in 1838 and Mary Ann in 1845. I know Sampson's father is John Morley and his mother Dorothy and I know he was born in about 1793 but I think he was born in Lancaster, Lancashire.
I have on census returns that the family lived in Spout Street which I believe is now St Edward Street and also Clerk Bank.
My line of this family eventually moved to Derby to open a silk factory.
If anyone has any information on the Morley family during their time in Leek, I would love to hear from you.

Many Thanks
Amanda Beavis (nee Morley)

Date 3 August 2015

Subject: Edge family of Noon Sun and Low(e)

For family history I am tracing the Edge family in Noon Sun. In the parish registers for Longnor and Alstonefield in 1750 to 1850 there are numerous references to Edge of Noon Sun ( which I have traced and also to Low(e) which I have not. In the area of Longnor/Alstonefield was there a farm or an area known as Low(e)?  Regards David Fleming

Date 29 July 2015

Subject: Cyclists, farm vehicles and the elderly are driving Midlands motorists mad...

I am writing an article about the most irritating road users in the West Midlands, the information I will be using is from a recent survey carried out by Salop Leisure which shows that cyclists, farm vehicles and elderly drivers (in that order) induce the most road-rage. Caravans and learner drivers, on the other hand, were found to be among the least irritating road users.

Main findings:
• Over one fifth of respondents picked cyclists as the most irritating road user, and this figure shoots up to over one third amongst the 65+ age bracket;
• 37.5 percent of elderly male respondents picked cyclists as their worst enemy, but elderly women are slightly more patient, with 29.7 percent of female respondents over the age of 65 choosing this road user.

You can see a full breakdown of the survey results here: Press/Caravanners+one+of+the+ least+annoying+road+users+in+ the+Midlands/4271

Many thanks,

Lucie Simpson

Date 28 July 2015

Subject: A letter retrieved 1905

I have transcribed a letter that was sent to my grandfather Harry Buxton and was postmarked 1905 from New Zealand.  It is an interesting account of life and work over there for a number of men who emigrated from Leek.  I don't know if any of them stayed over there or if any families have any knowledge of connections to New Zealand around that time?  Interestingly I emigrated to New Zealand in 1973 and returned 1993 and had no idea of any connection and so when I found this letter I was really interested in what it contained.
Read the transcript here

Lynda Deardon

Date 21 July 2015

Subject: Also been a long time

Like Peter Leek I too have been away from leek for a long time, 48 years to be exact, and also like him I find this site really useful. I have so many fond memories of the town and they get fonder as I get older. The help I received over the years in tracing our family tree was invaluable, as was the help in finding my old mate, Chris Wilson, who I still keep in touch with.
Warmest regards from South Africa.
Adrian English,

Date 14 July 2015

Subject: Website

I left Leek over 40 years ago, it is nice to see what's going on in the old town via the webcams and your news page. It's a great website, keep up the good work folks.

Peter Leek, Berkshire

Date 7 July 2015

Subject: Memory lane - Leek in 1963

I was recently looking at the dissertation I wrote in 1963 which, among other things, looked at the industries of the town. There were 6 dyeing and finishing companies; 24 in textiles (excluding making up); 5 in textiles making up; 8 in engineering; 5 box manufacturers; 7 others (including Adams). The big ones were complicated operations. Wardle and Davenport (750 employed, two thirds women) used nylon from Pontypool, terylene from Wilton, silk from the Far East, rayon from various sites of Courtaulds, wool from Bradford and cotton from Lancashire.
It's different today!
John Salt

Date 15 June 2015

Subject: Birchenough Family

My great, great grandfather was David Birchenough, born c 1843, who - according to the censuses in 1891 and 1901 was 'Silk Manager', presumably for a mill near to 9 Angle Street, where he lived with his wife Elizabeth.  The family also spread to 11 Angle Street - I think George Birchenough, also a silk worker of some kind (can't read it - maybe Shirlner or something similar?) moved next door when he married Jane Anne Hall.  They were living there in 1891.  Would anyone have any further information - such as family still in the area, or else the name of the Mill they worked in?  Many thanks for reading this - and I hope you can help me.


Suzi Mills

Date 14 June 2015

Subject: Cat carer required in Leek

Reliable, cat loving person to occasionally stay and look after two well behaved indoor cats. This would involve both short and longer stays (one week max). We would require the right person to stay over night during their stays. The cats are happy to be left on their own during the day if necessary. This would suit a retired / semi retired person, payment is negotiable and references may be required.

Please reply to and your message will be forwarded

Date 25 May 2015

Subject: Aldi Pernicious Parking Penalties

Are Aldi vindictive in penalising store users who overstay the parking time at their Leek store, even when there are adequate empty bays in the car park?
My elderly mother loves Leek and travelled regularly by bus from New Mills, until she became too infirm.  Two weeks ago a house guest kindly drove her to Leek and they stayed in the Aldi car park while she shopped with the aid of her rollator.
Having poor mobility she went beyond the parking time limit by a few minutes, but that seemed OK as there were plenty of free parking spaces and she regarded Aldi as customer friendly.
However, on return to Wiltshire her guest received a decidedly unfriendly heavy ‘fine' from Parking Eye, employed by Aldi.
I can understand that Aldi want to maintain free bays for arriving customers, but at times when there are plenty of such bays there is no useful purpose in fining customers who park over the limit.
The Parking Eye camera system monitors arrivals and departures, surreptitiously without adequate warning, as if trying to catch people out (a peculiar way for Aldi to treat customers).  This system must have information on how many bays are empty – if not, such data could easily be collected by other means.  When the park is not full leniency should be given to customers who overstay and are inconveniencing no one.
However, Aldi appear to allow Parking Eye inflexibly to maximise the number of parking penalties, even without any beneficial objective to Aldi themselves.
I used to be a regular shopper at Aldi and advocate their stores, but following this incident I will never shop there again.

Dr Peter Beardwood, New Mills

Date 10 May 2015

Subject: KAN-WAH

I believe that the Kan Wah Chinese restaurant in the Market Place was the TIP TOP coffee bar in the early sixties.

Date 27 March 2015

Subject: Re:- Keith Smith

Hi Bernhard,

My Father was James Edwin Phillips I think they went to East Street Primary School together and from my mother's recollection, who is now 90, she says there were 4 to 5 friends from Leek who went in the RAF together and they were stationed in different parts of England. Keith was a gunner, we did have a photograph of Keith in his uniform so we will try and find it if you want, hope this is of help?


David Phillips

Date 15 March 2015

Subject: Keith Smith

On 20th December 1942 or 1943?, a Halifax Bomber was shot down by a German Me-110 fighter nearby Montabaur (our town). I have carried out many searches for one of the lost soldiers called Keith W. Smith and one of the searches brought me to the Leekonline LSCS football team page. Here I found a little bit of history about one of the heroes who died to free Germany from the Nazis regime. I wonder if you might assist me in finding a contact to his family?

Thanks for any further help to get more information about him.

Best regards,

Bernhard Winter
Please reply to

Date 26 January 2015

Subject: John Lee

I am looking for John Lee who will be aged in his mid 70's. He lived in Milner Terrace in Leek and left to join the fire service in Manchester in the early 1960's. He used to work at the Grand Cinema in Leek in the late 1950's, early 1960's. Any help with this will be much appreciated, please send all information to:-

Date 21 January 2015

Subject: Can anyone help please?

Can anyone help please? I am looking for Eileen Sexton, if anyone has any information, please can you let me know.

Date 14 January 2015

Subject: Home and Colonial Store

I have been trying to remember what shop was in the now-empty H and C store, before the last business closed. I think it might have been Hartley's? I remember and Electricity Shop in the area, but that might have been in the Charity shop next to the Halifax. We have lived here since 1984. Can you help my poor memory please?
many thanks,
Bridget Perkin



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