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Date 28 December 2014

Subject: Leek weather

Just watching the cold weather in Leek from the warmth here in sunny Queenstown, New Zealand.
Boy I miss the weather!

Date 27 December 2014

Subject: Elijah HOLTHAM

In 1843 my great grandfather Elijah Holtham of Leek was convicted of theft at the Stafford Assizes. He was sentenced to transportation for ten years. He never was transported but spent 5 years on a prison hulk on the river Thames in London.This conviction was his third. I have newspaper accounts of the first and third trials but have been unable to find anything for the second. Where would the records for the Stafford Assizes be located? He was setenced to two months hard labour at the first trial. Where would he have been imprisoned? Any help with these questions would be gratefully received, particularly finding out the details of his second conviction.

Date 8 December 2014

Subject: Descendants of Henry and Fred Davenport

I am desperately trying to track down direct descendants of Henry and his son Major Fred Davenport, silk mill owners in Leek.
Please contact me on my email address Christine.walton8@btinternet. com

Date 1 December 2014

Subject: TV drama

The TV Drama was called 'In a Land of Plenty'

Thanks to Claire Cotton who answered the question with minutes of the request via Facebook

Date 1 December 2014

Subject: TV drama


I was wondering if anyone remembers a TV drama filmed in Leek about 18 years ago. I can't remember it's title but it was a story set during the 1970s. A riot scene was filmed outside the Mill in Waterloo Street and some factory scenes were filmed at Bodes Engineering. It was a drama about a wealthy business man and his family.

I would be interested in trying to find it on DVD.

Many thanks.

Tony Sheldon


Date 18 November 2014

Subject: Sainsburys

I understand that there were many objections to Sainsburys in Leek.
How many supermarkets are there in the town centre?
Did Sainsburys have a positive or negative impact?

Date 8 November 2014

Subject: Search for grandad

I am searching for someone named Peter who was a milkman in Leek in 1970. Unfortunately that is all the information I have. He is my mothers father but I'm not sure if he has any idea. He had a very short relationship with a Christine Bolton. Any information will be great . Even a milkman company for Leek at the time xx

Date 6 November 2014

Subject: An infamous murder in the mid to late 50's

I am busy compiling my own history of living in Leek from 1948 to 1954 before moving to Nottingham but I continued to visit my Nan several times a year until 1963. I would like to add in a murder case that I recall but have forgottem all the details. It involved a young woman who used to deliver butter, eggs, milk etc to many households, including my Nan's, from a farm outside the town. I recall visiting the farm so it can't have been too far away becasue we walked everywhere in those days. From memory, the young woman killed her lover's wife and it was a cause celebre at the time. If anybody has the details I would be grateful as iy would help complete a memorable chapter of my life.
Also greetings to anybody who still remembers me and my family.

Adrian English

Date:2 November 2014

Subject: Job Whites mill

Is there anywhere I can find information or photos of the 1964 fire which destroyed the mill and houses on Compton. Also the rebuilding of the mill. Any help would be really welcome. As a child I lived in one the houses that was destroyed.

Thanks Sheelagh

Date 17 October 2014

Subject: Please can anyone help Cissie?

Cissie Morrow was born 31.12 .29 at Leek Workhouse and has never had any contact with her family. Any help would be appreciated.


Cissie (Please reply to

Date 25 September 2014

Subject: O'Hare Place

I am trying to find out the name of a farm which stood on O'Hare Place, Novi Lane, Leek. The farmer, according to local word of mouth history, was named Jack Ball. This is to help a local group to rename the now defunct "O'Hare Place" with a new name which would reflect some of the old names in the area. Any help would be appreciated.

Geoff Pickford

Date: 17 September 2014

Subject: WW1 Roll of Honour

Proud to say my grandfather F Millward, 29 Nelson Street was awarded the DCM for an act of bravery.

E M Mills, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Date 20 July 2014

Subject: Descendants of John Meredith and Sarah Bates who both died and buried in Leek

I do family history and am looking for descendants of the above.
John is a brother of our Thomas born 1810.  My husband and I are doing a family world reconnection tour.  I have family history and photos to share from Samuel and Maryanne Meredith (nee Nightingale)  who went to Passaic county.  Only in Liverpool for three nights, leave on 24 July for Hamburg

Date 30 June 2014

Subject: Twillow Heath Tyth Barn Bradnop

Could anyone advise me regarding a place/farm called Twillow Heath Tyth Barn Bradnop which belonged to a branch of my Mottram family c1821.
Thank you

Date 21 June 2014

Subject: WW1 Roll of honor

It was interesting to see the roll of honor list of men who served. I have the original book which belonged to my father W.E.Allen who was wounded in the Dardanelles. About fifty years later on having surgery on his back the bullet was still there and was removed.

J Allen. Toronto. Canada, (Addressed supplied)

Date 16 June 2014

Subject: Peter Terence Goodwin

I am trying to trace Peter Terence Goodwin.  In 1993 he lived in Basford Bridge Lane Cheddleton, and at the time he worked as a regional service engineer for Delford. This firm maintained their machines at (Adams) Kerrygold in Leek. He was previously a submariner  and in 1996 he married  Queenie Lensua in Fairford Gloucestershire who was in logistics based at RAF Fairford. I understand they may have moved to the USA. I would be grateful for any information from anyone who has heard from Peter since 1996.

Alan Smith

Date 21 March 2014

Subject: Dance Band

Does anyone know of Norman Pickford and his Hawiian Dance Band in the 1940's and 50's ?
John Bridgett

Date 13 March 2014

Subject: Harold Grace

I am looking for information about Harold Grace. He was born in Leek 1901 and he was a conductor of music working in London, I have found several newspaper cuttings up to 1949 and wondered where he died.
Can anybody help me?
Thanks for your help.


Date 13 March 2014

Subject: Wardle\Ball family

I'm trying to find the parents and family of a long lost xxxxgreat grandmother, Harriet Ball.  Harriet was from Leek, married Ralph Wardle from Cheddleton, son of Ralph, who was son of Thomas, who was son of James.  Harriet born 1814, John born 1815.  Both Harriet and her husband came to America in the 1800"s to join the Mormon church.  Can anyone help?

Date 28th February 2014

Subject: Thank you to the lovely people of Leek

On Wednesday 26th February my parents and I were visiting Leek when my 82 year old mother fell in the Market Square by Tourist Information.  Within seconds there were people there to help; a young lady called Emma came and supported Mum's head and made sure she was comfortable, her mother, Lesley, brought a blanket to cover her.  Someone called an ambulance, a young man stopped his car and covered Mum with the sleeping bag he had in his boot.  Almost everyone who came past asked if they could help and had an ambulance been called.  Emma stayed with Mum until the ambulance came and came in to make sure she was alright before going back to her shop.
When we got to the Accident Unit in Stoke we found she had not broken her arm, it was dislocated and they were able to put it back under anaesthetic.  As you can imagine she is in a lot of pain but other than that she is fine.
Mum, Dad and myself would like to thank all the lovely people of Leek for everything they did, it really restores your faith in human nature to know there are such people around.
With our thanks and much appreciation

Edna and Len Thorley and Karen Kinsey.

Date 5th February 2014

Subject: Phillips Family

I am trying to trace members of my great grandfather William Francis Phillips family, who lived in and around Leek, Stafford and Buxton. W. F Phillips and his wife Elizabeth Jane Moreland emigrated to New Zealand in the mid 1850s. I know he was a member of a large family and it would be nice to have contact with them.

Helen Fromm


Date 26th January 2014

Subject: Dr Oates, Leek

I am trying to find information about a Dr Oates who lived in the Leek area about 1910 or thereabouts. He has listed as a contact Solicitors Messrs Bishton, Church Lane, Leek.
I would be most grateful for any information.
Anthony Page

Date 22nd January 2014

Subject: Old photos of Cheddleton

Does anyone have any photos of the Cheddleton Christmas parties at the Club? Also, any pictures of the trips to Rhyl with the Club circa 1964?

Thanks, Cynthia Whilock Dunkley.

Please email me if you have actual photos and I will give you my address to send them to and I will return them as soon as possible.

Date 15th January 2014

Subject: Childrens home

My mum was born on 6th June 1950 and I believe may have been in a childrens home in either Leek or Lichfield.  I understand that she was already named Pamela Margaret and when adopted took the surname Willis. I do know that at the same time a little boy was also adopted to a couple who stayed friends from the same home. He was adopted under the name of Michael Boulnois. I believe his mother was Cypriot and it came to light many years after when he passed away that his adoptive father was indeed his Real father and Michael was born following an extra marital affair.  Maybe someone can recall my mum through this information. Please can anyone help by telling me how to find the children's home records?

Helen Brindley uk

Date 11th January 2014

Subject: Leek Highland Pipe Band

Does anyone remember a highland pipeband in Leek during the 1960's, maybe early 70's? Does anyone have any information or photos of the band? I do have some in black and white and one in colour. Does anyone remember my father in law Russell Jackson? If you know anyone that played in the band please would you get in touch.


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Please note that comments made on these pages are those of the contributors and not Leekonline

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