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Date 25th November 2013

Subject: Cope or Coape and Brindley families of Leek

I am seeking info about the ancestors of Martha Cope (or Coape), who married Jonah Ball on 24 October 1707 in St. Edward's Church, Leek. I believe her parents were John Cope or Coape, born c.1657, and Marjery, born c.1655. The parents of this John were, I again believe, John Cope, born 1625 and Ann Brindley, born 1630. They married in Leek on 11 January 1651. I would also be interested in info on Ann and her ancestors. I guess she could have been an ancestor of James Brindley who founded the Brindley Mill in Leek.

Any info on the above would be greatly appreciated.

Derrick Phillips.

Date 24th November 2013

Subject: The Salt family.

My father was Digger's  brother, what is it you would like to know?


Date 23rd November 2013

Subject: Old Farm Houses

Has anyone any information as to when the old stone farm houses at Ferny Hill, Basford, Nr. Cheddleton were erected?

Date 14th November 2013

Subject: The Salt family.

I come from Leek and now live in Newcastle Under Lyme. Does anyone know a family by the name of Salt who lived in Leek. The father played the drums and was known as Digger.

John Whilock

Date 16th October 2013

Subject: birth/baptism records

Am trying to verify the birth details of my ancestor who was born about 1792/1793 according to his army records.  These papers stated he was 18 years and 11 months of age on the 1st of July 1811 when he enlisted in the Royal Artillery.  Samuel LOVAT/LOVATT was a baker by trade and he married Mary GURKIN in Woolwich, Kent.
I am viewing a film for Leek and the closest record found is...baptised on the 20 Jan 1790, to parents George and Susanna LOVATT.
Samuel died in 1847, registered at Newcastle under Lyme.
Are there or were there any records on people who were bakers in the early 1800's that may shed some light on his parents and anything else on him?
Thanking you for any assistance forth-coming.

Miss Glenda Hansen (Australia)

Date 20th September 2013

Subject: Hulme family history

I am researching the Hulme family history. I know John Hulme lived in Leek around 1810 and sunk a small coal mine at Adderly (could that be Adderley Green? Ed.). Does anyone know the name of his wife brother or daughter.


Date: 3rd August 2013

Subject: Getting in Touch

My parents (Geoff and Irean Sharratt) and my grandparents kept the 'Quite Woman' from the 1920's to the 1960's and I grew up in Leek. I've traced three boyhood friends, Mike Jackson, Vernon Turner and David Philips. I would very much like to make contact with Philip Porter (his father was a draper in St. Edward's Street) and Philip Pointon (his grandparents owned the fish and chip shop in St. Edward's Street). If anyone knows of their whereabouts it would be great to hear from you/them.
I am staying in Leek for a holiday for a week from Sunday 4th August and can be contacted by email.
I love going back to Leek - a great little town.

Geoff Sharratt

Date: 24th July 2013

Subject: 'JC Records' Smithfield Centre

Many thanks to Carolyn Trafford and John Crimes for replying to my post back in April this year. Me and my sister visited Leek for Club Day and, armed with the information you'd given me,  I visited John Isaacs at his shop on St. Edward Street. It's almost 35 years since I last met him but he's not changed a bit. Not sure he actually remembered me but he certainly remembered my cousins Richard and Robert Green. I'd forgotten that they both worked at his old record shop at some time. We reminisced and put the world of music to rights (CDs killed vinyl, DVDs killed VHS tapes etc etc). Really good to catch up with him again after such a long time and thanks again for the information; much appreciated.
Mark Barlow

Subject:   Kathleen Mary Hancock

Date: 2nd July 2013

My mother was born in Leek to James and Mary Hancock (Nee Wood) in 1946. She had an older brother George David (known as David). They attended All Saints school in Compton Road. My grandad had a brother called Arthur who married a lovely lady called Edith, I believe they ran an off licence somewhere near the fire station. My mother's mother Mary, was a Sunday school teacher at the church. I would appreciate any information or photographs, thank you for your time.

Subject: The Bonsall family of Leek

Date: 2nd July 2013

This may help other researchers. I lived at 25 Challinor Avenue Leek from around 1953 to 1971. Opposite my home lived the Bonsall family. Cliff Bonsall (a stalwart of Leek Cricket Club), his wife and three children. Patricia (Trish), Glenys and son Clive. Clive was a brilliant scholar and offered a place at Oxford or Cambridge University. I wish I knew the fortunes of lovely neighbours like this family.

Vernon Turner

Subject: Family Relation

Date: 14th June 2013

I am trying to find Ann Mary Fuller can anyone help? I am a relation of hers. Any help would be much appreciated.

Subject: Genealogy Query

Date: 16th May 2013

My great grandfather Joseph Edward Heywood ARNOLD was born in Leek in 1876, the son of George ARNOLD ( a tailor ) and Eliza BEARD. I would love to hear from anyone researching or having links to these families. There is a previous posting from Donna Whitbread, with whom I appear to have gg grandparents in common but her contact details are no longer current. It would be nice to think she might see this and get in touch.
I have seen on the internet a transcript of a memorial inscription for Eliza's parents James and Mary BEARD, buried at St Edward's.  Does anyone know if there is a graveyard plan that can be accessed, and if so how easy would it be to find the grave?
Thanks in anticipation of any help anyone can give me.

Subject: Old Photos

Date: 15th May 2013

I am looking for old photos of Leek especially Brook Street. My father owned a cobblers shop on the corner of Brook Street and Pickwood Road, it closed down about 1966 and was demolished. I would love to find a photo.

Maureen Wood

Subject: Freshwater swimming pool

Date: 13th May 2013

Does anyone have any photographs of Freshwater Swimming Pool, which used to be located next to the Leek- Macclesfield Road. I am looking for actual photographs, including postcards, but not illustrations from books or newspapers. I would like to include the pool in my next book Rudyard, Rushton and The Roaches Through Time. Thanks

Neil Collingwood
Tel 01538 386606

Subject: Footpaths

Date: 9th May 2013

What happened to the public path which existed at Meerbrook? It commenced along the left side of the chapel and the school and ran along the fields behind the Lazy Trout towards Roche Grange.
Another path which has disappeared was the one that went along the front of a farmworkers cottage at North Hillswood, where now stands a large detached house. This path ran along the front of the cottage and joined the old Meerbrook Road.
Does anyone know why are these paths no longer in existence?

John Mothershaw

Subject: Ash family

Date: 1st May 2013

My name is Lynette and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I am looking for any information on the Ash Family.
My ggggrandmother was Phebe Ash who married Francis Follows in 1789.In 1841 Phebe was living at Tittesworth Leek with her brother Moses Ash, and Sarah Ash who was married to Solmon Ash, Phebe's brother and Moses' two children Catherine and Sara. They were living on a farm. I can't find out anything about the family until they had their children. As the farms in Leek were used for non conformist worship and a lot of the Ash Family names come from the old testament I can only assume they were baptised in these churches but can't find any record of them even being born. So if anyone out there can help it would be so appreicated.


Subject:   Bunsell try Bonsall

Date: 16th April 2013

J Swartz was looking for a Doreen Bunsell from Leek, might it not be Bonsall?  Cliff Bonsall played for Leek Cricket Club in the 50's. I think his son Clive (?) went to Westwood Primary School and later maybe Leek High School might produce a lead.

Thanks for that Chris., having a quick check locally I can't find any Bunsalls in Leek but there are several Bonsalls.
Tony, Leekonline

Subject: Record Shop

Date: 11th April 2013

The record shop I think was initially opened as a Terry Blood shop (formerly Blood Lloyd) John Isaacs ran it - John now runs a DVD rental shop in St. Edward Street.

John Crimes

Subject: Re: - JC Records' Smithfield Centre

Date: 10th April 2013

I remember it well and a regular trip with my pocket money to buy records on a Saturday was a must. It had a black & white floor. I knew it as John Isaacs. I did hear that John is still running a shop at the bottom of St. Edward Street but can't think what its called.

Carolyn Trafford
(Message sent via Facebook)


Subject: 'JC Records' Smithfield Centre

Date: 10th April 2013

As with many other posts in the Visitors Book I'm on a nostalgia trip. I'm wondering if anyone has recollection (or photos!) of a record shop called ‘JC Records'. It was based in the Smithfield Centre and its front door opened onto the zebra crossing on Ashbourne Road, directly opposite the Nicholson War Memorial.
I was about 7 years old when my family left Leek in the early 1970s but I would spend a lot of my school summer holidays in the mid to late 1970s staying with my grandparents on Rose Bank Street. My second cousin, Robert Green (who was a few years older than me), worked at ‘JC records' and I spent most of my holidays hanging around the place just enjoying the whole ‘rock-n-roll' ambience (and making the brews!).
I have subsequently gone on to play in various bands, run my own recording studio and now teach ‘all-things-music' at my local college. From small acorns etc…..

Mark Barlow
Preston, Lancashire.

Subject: Doreen Bunsell

Date: 7th April 2013

I am assisting my WWII uncle who will be turning 90 next month.  He was very close to a young women by the name of Doreen Bunsell.  She and her family lived in Leek England.  He has talked about her for decades and I told him I would see if I could find any connections to her today.  It has warmed his spirits talking and thinking about her.
His name is Garold Leverne Swartz (GL Swartz).  My name is Jerry Swartz, and any information about the family that you can share would be greatly appreciated.


Subject: Help Please

Date: 3rd April 2013

My mother and I are moving to Leek in April and I was just looking to find more information about Leek. My mum has a transfer within her company and that is the reason for the move. Im 21 years old and I am a bit apprehensive about it all.
Any information or help anyone could give me would be great.I am also looking for a job in or around the area and I have experience in retail or factory work , so ple
ase get in touch if you can help me in any way.

Thank you

Subject: Coffee Pot Cafe

Date: 11th March 2013

Does anyone in Leek remember the Coffee Pot cafe in 1967  and 1968. I left Leek over 40 years ago and it would be nice to reminisce about the swinging sixties in Leek and the Coffee Pot crowd.


Subject: Landlords

Date: 17th February 2013

Does anyone know of a private landlord that accepts DSS/pets I'm looking to move to the west end of Leek pref a two bed terrace with garden (long term rent)

Thanks in advance : )

Subject: Home thoughts from abroad.

Date: 12th February 2013

Dear you all,

I`m a Leek Lad born and bred and I`m chuffed to get  the chance to regularly keep up to date with events in and around Leek through Leekonline this brightens my life as I am not able to get home too often !
If you want to see proof of the fact that there`s a little bit of Leek just about everywhere you could take a look at my little shop in Cologne and there you`ll see many things from Leek.
There`s also a short film in Youtube from Fraeulein Betty which could raise a smile or two, sadly only in the German language. I do not have any commercial gains when somebody clicks on to these sights I just want give all my greetings to everyone who still knows me.
Many Greetings to Leek.
John Joyce

Subject: The Nixon family of Cheddleton

Date: 12th February 2013

I am looking for Doreen (who got married) but her maiden name was Nixon, she had a sister called June, and three brothers, Lionel Barry, Douglas and Gordon. (the brothers are all deceased). Doreen married a man called Terry but I cannot remember his surname. My husband was Lionel Barry and his son is trying to compile a family tree but has very little knowledge of his father's family.  June and Terry had 2 children, a boy and a girl who would now be in their 40's  If anyone could help it would be marvellous.

Subject: Family descendents

Date: 5th February 2013

I am researching the following families who were ancestors of my husband Christopher White and lived in the area between Leek and Buxton. They are the Pickfords, Heathcotes, Wains, Bowyers and related families. I would love to hear from anyone connected to these families.

Elizabeth White

Subject: French Lessons

Date: 31st January 2013

Hi, looking for someone to give myself and my husband and 2 boys French lessons in preparation for our move to France in the summer. If anyone can help please email me on or telephone me on 07772078588

Many thanks.

Subject:   Ball genealogy

Date: 26th January 2013

Looking for cemetery photos on the Ball side of the family. Family story that gr.father Brunt was given a ring by the Queen, stationed in India? How can I prove.

Thank you

Subject: Corrupt Councillors

Date: 25th January 2013

If you think it's just Leek where town council officials and local government are bought out and bribed by large supermarket chains....think again. The so called road improvements are just smoke screens to cloud the big picture whilst plans are pushed through to build the superstores. It's happening all over the uk....even local developers will use this ploy to gain planning permission whilst the local population debate not the need for a new superstore but radical changes to their local environment.

You got conned once again by the greed in local office and the more pressing need for them to keep their jobs.

Adam. Leek born and bred.

Subject: Worldwide recognition for the Sugdens.

Date: 18th January 2013

The appearance and character of Leek is a topical subject at the moment. Amazingly, on Wikipedia, there are no articles for two men who had a huge impact on our town: William and Larner Sugden. Anyone up to giving these men their rightful place on Wikipedia?

Ramon West

Subject: Milner Girls School 1967

Date: 18th January 2013

I have lost touch with Margaret Carter, I last saw her in the 1980s or early 1990s in the Cheddleton club. we were pals, does anybody know where she is? It would be nice to see her again.

Cynthia Whilock now Dunkley


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