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Subject: Season's Greetings

Date: 25 December 2011

It is Christmas Eve, and it would be remiss of me not to extend my warmest wishes for a happy holiday season to the good people of Leek. I am aware that our ranks are thinning out.I was a member of the American 87th Infantry Division which was stationed in Leek during WWII.I feel,however,that it is never too late nor too frequent to thank the members of a village who treated a group of strangers with such kindness.
Anthony T.Oropollo,M.D.,FACA

Subject: A very pleasent visit to Leek

Date: 11 November 2011

On weds the 9/11/2011 my wife and I paid a visit to Leek and were very surprised to find what a nice place it was on many counts firstly the cheapness of the car parking secondly your markets indoor and outdoor the friendleness of the market traders and shopkeepers and we were proud to see so many poppy sellers and your war memorial is out of this world we will be coming back again.

Subject: Looking for Lisa Paar

Date: 20 October 2011

Good Afternoon, i am looking for Lisa Paar, her Mothers name was Jane Paar ne Vernon from Poynton. Grandparents Frank and Madge Vernon, Uncles and Aunty Names...Richard and Joan, they lived on Park Lane Poynton and had a Cake Shop !!! If you have any information for me please write me a E-Mail, i have been living in Germany for the last 35 years and would like to contact Lisa

Thank You

Subject: Looking for Thomas Walmsley from Leek

Date: 20 October 2011

Hello! I'm looking for a boy called Thomas(or Tom) Walmsley. I'm a spanish girl and I met him in Mojacar, Almeria, Spain 7 years ago. We were writting with us for a little time but suddenly I lost contact with him. I've sough about him in facebook, google... but I didn't find anything.
If anyone knows anything about him, please make contact with me in my email. Thanks!


Subject: Old Leek Papers

Date: 16 October 2011

Hi I am tracing my husbands family tree and know that his great great grandad was a vet in the late 1800's early 1900's in Leek. We have info that he received an OBE not sure what for was wondering if anyone knows of a website where we can find old copies of local papers for around that time.


Subject: William Garner, born ~1850 in Leek

Date: 14 October 2011

I wonder whether anyone reading this has access to the birth records for Leek and could check for a William Garner (or Gardner/Gardiner), born in Leek in around 1850, please?
His father's name was Joseph Garner and he was a boatman working on the canals. On every census from 1881 onwards, William (also a boatman) gave his birthplace as Leek, but I cannot find a birth record for him on the genealogy websites. I cannot find any mention so far of William on a census earlier than 1881, nor his father. His surname (and his father's) is given as Garner on his marriage certificate in 1873, but later always appears as Gardiner. I have found a record of a marriage of a Joseph Garner in Leek in Apr/May/Jun 1843 (Vol 17, page 61.
Thank you

Stephanie Richards

Subject: The Jolly Sailor (Jolly Bob)

Date: 20th September 2011

Does anyone have a photograph of The Jolly Sailor (Jolly Bob) pub that stood at the top of Duke Street? It was demolished, in the 1980s, if my memory serves me correctly.

I am doing an art project based on the decline of the traditional english pub and need to do some research on pubs that have closed, changed to other uses or gone completely.


Richard Hughes

Subject: Evacuated there in about 1940

Date: 6th September 2011

Lived at 12 Broad Street with a Mrs Vickerstaff or Bickerstaff. I am now 75yrs of age, and wonder if this house is still there.
Do you have any information about this or any old photographs of this house you could send me.
I lived there with my older brother and sister who are both now deceased.
The lady we lived with had a son named Vincent and a daughter n
amed Vicky who was my mothers friend.

Any help would be appreciated.

Subject: Jamie Blair

Date: 5th September 2011

Hiya, I am Jamie's Mum. I know Jamie has replied to the email address left on here as have I. Jamie is keen to contact Elizabeth so can she pease contact either me or Jamie. My mobile is 0777 950 7877.
Thank you.

Barbara Blair

Subject: Grandmother

Date: 12 August 2011

My Grandmother is from Leek She lived there from 1926 - 1946. She met my grandfather at dance and they wrote each other for a year. And he asked for her hand in marriage thru a telegram. And they are still together They were married in 1946 and Still present day 65 years strong.
Her maiden name was Braddock and Mother's was Ball. There still a few relatives in Leek. I believe they are cousins. Andrew Ball lives there.

Subject: Lost relatives

Date: 11 August 2011

Hello I am going to be there late August from Canada and am trying to locate my nephew, Jamie Alexander Blair who was born February 29 (leap year baby) His dad was my nephew, son of my late brother, and I wondered if there is any site locally you could put me in touch with to try and find them. It would be a life long dream of mine to find them again.

Elizabeth Williamson (nee blair)

Subject: Old friends

Date: 16 July 2011

Hi, my name is Bruce Fullbrook, I lived in Leek from 1943 to 1958. I left my home in Leek at the tender age of 18 years on my own to migrate to Australia. I have been here ever since and have regretted leaving home many times since. My last school was at the Mountside Boys Secondry School in Leek and would love to reconect with some of my school friends. I spent many happy times roaming and old time dancing around Leek. Would like to contact Tom Cope, Trevour Wardle. Pat Holland, Frank Harris, and many others. If anyone can help me contact some old friends from my teenage years I would be truly grateful. I used to also work at the old Co-Op Mills in Nelson St.for a couple of years back in 1956. Happy memories there also. Have a great day everyone.

Bruce Fullbrook

Subject: Home

Date: 4 July 2011

My name is Gerry Villagran. Been gone from Leek for almost thirty years now but still miss it very much. Most of my family still live in Leek or around there. My family name is Boulton-Lear, hi everyone I miss you all.
I live in California with my awesome husband Ken and two daughters. I also have a grandson.
Cannot wait to visit.

Subject: The Roaches

Date: 25 June 2011

For some reason the Leek Post and Times has clung on to its idiotic 'rename the Roaches' campaign for several years.
What started out as a jolly wheeze to save on ink - or perhaps get a headline to fit on the page - has become policy there, but it just makes the paper look like a den of blinkered revisionist pedants. As I recall they're putting this one in on purpose because it sounds more French and classy and someone once called it that in the past.
In the internet age, anyone Googling the Roches gets lots of info on a group of American female folk singers. I'm sure they're lovely but they're not what you're after. Google The Roaches and you get...oh, exactly what you were looking for.
The English language is always evolving, but outside the LPT campaign it is evolving forwards, not backwards. Lots of places used to be called something else, but the active words here are 'used to be'. It's not big or clever to use an old French word to describe an English place with a real, established English name in common usage.

Grow up or move to France!

J. S.
Staffordshire Moorlands

Subject: School friends

Date: 16 June 2011

Hi, my name is Bruce Fullbrook I attended Leek Secondary Boys School 1950 to 1954. Would like to hear from old school friends.

Subject: Deaths and burials 1956

Date: 10 June 2011

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. I discovered recently that my grandmother, who was a patient at St Edwards from around 1936-1956. I know she died at the hospital I managed to get the patient records from the records office. What I don't know is where she was buried or cremated and if there is a headstone or plaque refering to her in the graveyard for instance. Her name was Minnie Osborne, her husbands name Joseph and she had to sons Leonard and Arnold.

Julia Dowler

Subject: Drownings at Deep Hay pool

Date: 3 June 2011

I remember being told the story many years ago and I was warned not to go swimming there.
I do not have any further details.

Eddie Ash

Subject: Oatcakes

Date: 25 May 2011

After moving from Cheddleton to Bexhill my wife and I are missing our Oatcakes from Leek.
We wish there was a way to post some to us.
Cliff and Jean

Subject: Past resident of Leek

Date: 18 May 2011

G'day from South Australia, it's been a while since I last visited, too long in fact. Jan and I came to Oz in 1977 some of you may know her as Janet Turner, her sister Susan Allen still lives in Leek. As school girls in the 50's they lived in Hillswood Ave.
As for me, I was in Leek for too short a time, between '72 & '77, starting out at the co-op mill on Nelson St (hello to all those who knew me), I moved on to the old Leek baths along side Paul Walders, Terry Bagnall, Marion Latham, Marion Emery, the late and great Joan Pedlar, Joan Sharpe and ? Spooner, great days!
If anyone knows Rosemary (nee Hoof) please let me know her address or email so I can catch up and also Sandra (nee Oakley) of Cheddleton.
My email :-
This is such a great website, I can't get enough.
I hope to be back there in Leek one day, fingers crossed.
Regards to you all, Geoff.

Subject: Roaches etc.

Date: 7 May 2011

There are a few of us ex North Staffordshire people out here in Vancouver we came over in the 60s. I remember the Roaches on fire in the early 50s, if my memory serves me correctly, we all went up to the Mount to watch the smoke. Happy days!
You can't alter history and the Roaches are the Roaches always have been and always will be as far as local people are concerned
Keep up the great work webmaster we are always looking at the webcams and feeling slightly homesick.

Bill Lowe

Subject: Roaches

Date: 21 April 2011

Why are some people obsessed with spelling the Roaches without the 'a' ie Roches. It would seem there are just a handful of people (including the local paper) who have a problem with the spelling! On a map I have got dated early 1800s it is spelt ROACHES, a friend has a map going back to the 17 century and it is spelt ROACHES so who is right? Lets start a debate on this old chestnut.
Don't know what your weather is like but it is just nice here in Sydney mid 20s C and sunny.
This is a great website !

All the best.

David Charles
Ex Leekensian

Subject: Staffordshire regiment and the Faroe Islands

Date: 21 April 2011

My late grand father, Thomas Smith Barlow (1900-1988), said he was based in the Faroe Islands during the war (I or II ?). I'm wondering what he might have being doing up there and, if it was WWII, wasn't he a bit old for the forces? He also told a tale of being one of the 'forgotten' regiment? He said that he, and some of his fellow troops, were forgotten and left to 'live off the land' until they were relieved. If anyone could shed any light on these tales I'd be most grateful.

Mark Barlow

Hi Mark

Apparently the Staffordshire Regiment 15th Battallion was on garrison duty in the Faroe Islands in World War II.

Hope this helps

Cathryn Walton
Local Historian and genealogist

Subject: Deep Haye

Date: 18 April 2011

Hi, my mum Betty told me that she thought there had been a tragedy in our family in the past involving 3 siblings drowning in the pools which are now part of Deep Haye Country Park.This is when there was a farm there. Their surname would have been Bloor / Foster. I have not been able to find mention of this and wondered if anyone could help?
Many thanks,
Liz Biscombe

Subject: "The Mount"

Date: 10 April 2011

My parents, Jim and Jessie Fowler bought the house -"The Mount" in 1951. from Mr. and Mrs. English.It is situated on The Mount Road. I would love to find out something of the history of the house. I now live in Canada, and have great memories of the house where we lived for about 26 years.
I look forward to any info:.

Subject: family history

Date: 30 March 2011

I am trying to get more info on John and Hannah Birchenough living on Derby St in 1851.

Subject: Looking for Phillip J and Monica Nixon

Date: 25 March 2011

I am researching my father's WW2 military service. While he was stationed in the British Isles in 1941-42, he met Phillip and Monica Nixon with whom he and my mom corresponded into the 1960's. They had 2 sons, Nigel and Peter. The last known address for the Nixon's is 73 Nab Hill Ave in Leek. I would like to get in touch with the family to correspond with them about my father who passed away in 2002. His name was Charles Neikirk. I can be contacted by email:
Thank you,
Patti Moree

Subject: Lawton and Hall family history

Date: 22 March 2011

I am tracing my Lawton and possibly Hall family history.
My 3rd Great grandfather was Orlando Lawton and he was born at Winkhill in 1806, I believe that his father was James Lawton and his mother was called Esther Hall. There is a recorded marriage of a James Lawton and an Esther Hall at Waterfall in 1804. I believe that Orlando had a brother by the name Joel Lawton and he was also born at Waterfall.
I would be very interested in hearing from anyone whose family history is associated with the name Lawton and Hall in the Winkhill and Waterfall area of Staffordshire around the period 1750 to 1850.

Thank you
Geoff Boon

Subject: Old friends from Leek High

Date: 13 March 2011

What a great find! Simon Bourne is that the Simon with masses of red curly hair (well back in the 70's anyway! I had one year (1st year) at leek high I think in 1974 and then left to move back to Yorkshire. It would be lovely to hear from you. It would also be lovely to hear from Sarah Croft also of Endon Primary School and Craig Bennett also of Endon Primary and Leek High. Crossing my fingers.

Amanda Johnstone

Subject: Washingtons of Leek

Date: 10 March 2011

I am tracing the Washington family as part of my family tree and have come across Washingtons that were born in Leek. Most of my line were from Wombridge but being from Australia I am wondering what sort of distance lies between the two areas? If anyone can help on either of my queries I would be grateful. I am coming across to UK in June 2011.

Thank you
Jennifer Rooks (Australia)

Hello Jennifer
Wombridge is about 45 miles from Leek. However the history of the Washingtons in Leek has been researched and I can tell you that the Leek branch descends forn an Edmund Washington who died here in 1548.
Hope this helps

Cathryn Walton
Local Historian and genealogist

Subject: Simcock family

Date: 23 February 2011

Does anyone know anything about Ralph Simcock born 1828 and his family? I know that Ralph's son George, born 1854, married twice - first to Sarah Allman and later to Ellen Smith. George and Ellen had 2 children :William and Elsie. Later William married Florence Fryer.
I would really like to know more about Ralph and his life and try to go back as far as I can with this branch of Simcocks.I know there are lots of Simcocks in Staffordshire and will appreciate any help you can give. Thank you.

Subject: Geneology

Date: 21 February 2011

Hello, my name is John Bubb, I live in Denver Colorado in the USA. My grandmother and all of her family are from Leek. I would like to find out more about where she is from and how i can get ahold of records for geneology. I know that they were baptized at St Edwards Church.

John Bubb

Subject: Family Tree

Date: 10 February 2011

I have two families that used to live in Leek - The Brittain and The Leon's.

According to the 1911 census, Lilian and Arthur Leon lived at 3 Southfields. Lilian was a Montefiore. I would be very interested if anyone knew or is related to these people.
Also, my Grandmother, Cecily Brittain, was born in July 1910 in Leek. She had something to do with Brittains Paper Mill.
Our family now live in Hertfordshire, but it seems we have strong relations to your town.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who has any stories and a family tree of these two families.

Nic Leon -

I have now found out Cecily Brittain had a sister Barbara and their parents were Norman and Phyliss. If anyone has any further information I would love to hear it.

Subject: Family Tree

Date: 3 February 2011

Hello All,

I am wondering if anyone can help add any leaves to my family tree or share any stories or memories with me.
My Grandfather was Arthur Hollinshead and he and his wife Molly, nee Shaw, lived at 5 Grace Street in Leek - I have managed to trace the Hollinsheads line back to 1750's, would love to hear from any other Hollinsheads.
My Great Grandmother was Lucy Astles, daughter of Elizabeth Brunt and George, again any connection please get in touch.

Other names I am researching are Knight and Leadbeater.

Really looking forward to hearing from anyone with any connection or memories to share.

Kind regards
Claire Hardie

Subject: NELLIE BIRCH poetry book

Date: 29 January 2011

I have two copies of SUNBEAMS AND SHADOWS and would be happy to part with one of them to a family member or friend. My father kept the post office in Trentham and Mrs Stubbs (nee Birch) was a regular customer and asked him to sell her book for her - these are two that did'nt sell.

Subject: F.A. Morris Ltd.

Date: 24 January 2011

I am trying to find out any information on this company as I worked there in the 1980's anything would help.

Many thanks

Subject:Paradise Row

Date: 13 January 2011

Paradise Row was a row of cottages built alongside a flight of very steep steps on St. Edward street
Near the Bulls Head pub, through the gate, along the entry, and up the steps.

Subject: Pocket Watch

Date: 12 January 2011

I have a very attractive 18kt gold pocket watch with a most intriguing inscription on the inside. It reads,
"Presented to Mr W.B. Nixon by the Trustees and Friends of Mount Pleasant Chappell, Leek as a token of their regard and esteem 1854."
Can anyone suggest where I might find out who Mr Nixon was and why he was presented with such a valuble gift?
Any help will be most gratefully received as the watch/recipient may have local importance.
Many thanks,
Adrian Craske

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