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Subject: Leek WWII

Date: 25 December 2010

It is December 25th here in the States, and I wish to convey my wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the good people of Leek.As some may have gleaned from my e-mails in the past, I served with the American Forces during WWII and was stationed in Leek prior to being sent to France for combat. My stay in your village has always remained with me. An immense period of time has elapsed,but my memories of the numerous small kindnesses have not dimmed.

Tony Oropollo
Pfc. 87th Inf Div.

Subject: Resident once of Leek

Date: 25 December 2010

My name is Vera Prince (nee West) I was born in Leek in 1924 and left in 1949. I now reside in Bunbury nr Perth Western Australia. Enjoyed looking at your websight christmas 2010

Subject: WebCam

Date: 21 December 2010

It is so great for an old Leekensian like myself to be able to see the center of the grand old town in real time, at any time and be transported in an amazing way, almost to the point of "being there". A group of people obviously care and give their time and energy to keeping them in service (unlike many cams which are neglected and lapse into disuse), so thank all involved in providing these privileged views; they are much appreciated.

Merry Christmas,

Donald Hill

Subject: Student memories of Leek

Date: 18 December 2010

In the early 60's whilst a student at college I would return to my home in Leek for the long summer break and, fortunately, was able to get a summer job with the then, Leek Urban District Council as a labourer. A good, learning experience. I was deployed as a grasscutter (no machines, just a sickle and scythe). Assigned to the tar patching gang. The machine sprayed the tar on the road and I spread the gravel on top of the tar. Finally 'promoted' to an assignment at Leek cemetery as a grave digger. The cemetery superintendant was a Ted Machin. He took delight in showing us a body in the mortuary!
The amount of snow in the winter was enormous. No machines to clear the snow. Gangs of labourers to shovel snow onto trucks. Good sledging in Leek Park slopes.

Vernon Turner

Subject: Fred Buxton

Date: 11 December 2010

I am married to the late Fred Buxton's son Brian who, at the age of 7, was taken into a Father Hudson's childrens home. This was because Fred could no longer look after his children.
Brian has a twin brother called Michael, he also has other brothers called David, Keith and John and a sister Margaret. None of them seem to know much about their dad's family, only that he had a brother called Sid.
We would like to find out more, please contact me if you can help.

Many thanks,

Sandra Buxton

Subject: Leek Union Workhouse

Date: 10 November 2010

I found my great grandfather and his little brother in the workhouse census of 1841. Is there any way of me finding out any more about this? Is there any person or place who could help me find out what happened?

Thank you

Diane Farrington

Subject: Looking For

Date: 5 November 2010

Hi, we were on holiday recently and got into converstion with a gentleman at the airport on our flight. When he realised we came from Leek he was excited as he remembered being at the Anzio camp in the 1950's when in the army.
He asked if we knew a family with the surname Gandy but he was unsure of the spelling. It appears he met a Joan Gandy whom he described as a 'really good looker' and remembers taking her to trentham gardens. He also met her parents but cannot remember where they lived in Leek.
The lady would have been around 18/19 when they met and most likely in her 70's today.
We have Derricks phone number as he would like to get in touch to reminise about those times.

If anyone knows the family please mail me.
Angela Turner

Subject: Park Inn, Ball Haye Road

Date: 12 October 2010

I am interested in finding out about a Mrs Harriett Stubbs who ran the Park Inn in Leek in the late 1800 early 1900, I would just like to see a photograph of her if one exists.

Many thanks

Julie Pointon

Subject: John Wilkinson. Baker/Confectioner circa 1910

Date: 28 September 2010

I am trying to locate an address of a Bakers/Confectioners in Leek, Staffs run by my Great Grandfather John Wilkinson. Does anyone have business records?

Regards, Karen Taylor

Subject: Where did they go?

Date: 21 September 2010

My Grandfather Harry Buxton had a brother Fred Buxton who married Bertha Binns. They had four surviving children.Bertha died of septacaemia and left Fred 12 years, Sydney 8 years, Dorothy 3, and Mary 1 year old. Fred then walked out and abandoned his children. The two girls were raised by my Uncle and my Grandfather but I cant find out what happened to the boys. Does this mean anything to anyone still living in Leek that might know about this very sad tale?

Subject: Paradise Row

Date: 12 September 2010

Does anyone know where Paradise Row was in Leek in 1841?? i think it could have been off Buxton road, Leek On the 1841 Census James Priestnall with his wife Ann and their three daughters was living in this two bedroomed cottage.

Amy Priestnall

Subject: Bowcock family

Date: 24 August 2010

My grandmother was Jane Buxton (nee Bowcock) and I have a fairly long list of family names in her family line. Is anyone else looking for the same family connections? I have a few photographs to share.



Subject: Maria (Emma) McCaul

Date: Sat 21 August 2010

I am looking for information on Maria (Emma) McCaul and her family. She was born around 1835 and married a Thomas Ball 18/5/1851. I am looking to find more background to the families origins.


Kevin Ball

Subject: Thornton

Date: Mon 19 July 2010


I have recently found out that my great Grandfather Arthur Thornton died in the French and Flaunders on 19th July 1916. Royal Ordance Corps/ platelayer Thornton.
I don't know if he is mentioned on the monument in Leek or not but he was living in Bradnop at the time, I believe he was working and living at Bradnop train station previously.
I also wondered if anyone had any pictures of Bradnop train station or is it still standing.

Thanks Julie Thornton

Subject: Hassall family and Clive Villas 1904 -7

Date: Tue 6 July 2010


Does anyone have any links or info to the Hassall family who lived in Leek at from at least 1904 pls? One address is Clive Villas, another 23 B.gate Street as written on a post card.

Thank you


(could that be Barngate Street?)

Subject: Leek Newspaper 1930s

Date: Sun 20 June 2010

Please could someone tell me the names of the Leek Newspapers available in Leek in the 1930s?

Thank you


Subject: Peter Hulme

Date: Mon 14 June 2010

I have been catching up with quite a number of people who were friends at Leek Boys' High School around 1959 - 1962. This started when some of us set up the first of three or four very successful reunions just a few years ago.
One of the people I would like to find is Peter Hulme who lived in Shirley Street, I believe. Another recent contact tells me that Peter joined the Scottish Symphony Orchestra as a principal violinist.

Does anyone have any knowledge of him?

Also - I would love to find out if anyone has any photographs of the old Geography Room at LHS - later Warrington Hall - as it was around the same period. It was well equipped according to ideas popular in the interwar years and I would welcome pictures as an example. As well as the fact that some of us used to haunt it in the old Geographical Society!


Best wishes

Alan Machin

Subject: Trying to contact Carol prev. from Leek

Date: Wed 19 May 2010

Trying to contact Carol Johnson.

George Towers’ great-grand daughter would love to meet you in Leek.
Please contact Maggy or check your e-mails.

Thank you.

Kind regards,



Subject: White House memories

Date: Tue 21 April 2010

DOES anyone have a picture of the White House which once stood on Werrington Road, Withy Stakes, near Werrington?
The large detached residence was demolished towards the end of the last Century to make way for a small modern housing development.
It was in an upstairs bedroom of the White House that I entered this world on May 21, 1949, as the younger son of George and Nora Shenton.
I lived at the White House until about the age of four before moving to a new council housing estate off Washerwall Lane, Werrington. One particular memory of the White House, which was the home of my grandparents, Archie and Rhoda Jenkinson, is the driveway flanked with rhododendron bushes which were a blaze of colour in summer.
They were happy childhood days at the White House, where sheep idly grazed on open fields at the rear. However, I don’t miss the smelly outside lavatory - no cistern to wash away the waste in those days! And no soft tissue toilet paper but plain old newspaper!

Your Leek Paper

Subject: Peach family

Date: Mon. 19 April 2010

My father, Ted Whittles of Leek, is trying to trace his cousin Patricia Chadwick nee Peach. Pat is the daughter of Walter and Mary Peach, granddaughter of Lizzie Louise Peach and William Henry Peach, niece of Betty Whittles ( nee Peach ) and Beatrice Peach.The Peach family kept the Duke of York pub in Derby Street for many years. At one stage Pat lived at the Wellington Inn, Strangman Street in Leek. Her grandfather William was an NCO with the Leek Volunteers. She was born in about 1933. She married a Graham Chadwick at St Edward's church in Leek, and they both taught in the Stoke area for a while. They are believed to have emigrated to Rhodesia (as it then was ) and may still be living in Zimbabwe. If anyone has any news of her could you please contact me via e mail.


Catherine Whittles

Subject: The Towers family

Date: Sat. 27 Mar 2010

I am trying to trace descendants from the Towers family. My father-in-law is Stewart Towers; He has 3 brothers: Frederick Melville, George Norton and Graham. Stewart and Graham came to Australia after WWII
His parents were George and Mary J Towers. Mary J passed away in Leek in 1928 at the age of 73. no idea what happened to George

Their children were:

Amy born in 1879 in Cheddleton
George born in 1882 in Cheadle (my father-in-law’s father)
Clifford: born in 1884 in Leek went to the US in 1905
Ethel born in Leek in 1888
Horace: born in 1889, went to the US
Bertie: married Ethel Winckle in Leek in 1914, lived at 17 Shirley Street, Leek.
Elsie: married Harry W Salt in Leek in 1918.
Stewart would love to hear from anyone that may have known of the family or any descendants.

Any help would be very much appreciated as I am researching this from Australia.

Thank you

Maggy Towers

Subject: Ipstones

Date: Fri. 26 Mar 2010

I wonder if anybody can tell me where Little Stones is/was in Ipstones. My great grandfather James Johnson gives this address on the 1911 census. I know he lived at Noon Sun Common and later I think at Intake Farm, but had not come across this name.

Any help to locate this place/area would be most appreciated.

Sue Rose nee Johnson

Subject: Davenport Family

Date: Sun. 14 Feb 2010


I am looking into my family tree and my grandparents came from Leek the surname Davenport, I would be grateful if anyone has any info on the following

James Davenport born 1798
Sarah Davenport born 1799
William Davenport born 1828
Mary Davenport nee Flanagan born 1837
Sarah Ann Davenport nee Aston 1836

Many thanks



Subject: Simcock family research

Date: Sun. 14 Feb 2010

Hello, I've recently started researching into the Simcock branch of my family and in the process came across this website and an entry posted on 28th January 2000 by Lloyd Simcock who was also looking for information. Unfortunately it's a while ago and his e-mail address no longer works so I cannot make direct contact.

Lloyd, if you - or anyone else searching for the Simcock family - would like to contact me I'd be very interested to share information. This link shows our existing information.

Daphne Ellerby

Subject: Help please

Date: Fri. 12 Feb 2010

Dear reader,

My father was a soldier in the 2nd world war. I would like to know in what regiment he was. He lived in Longsdon (little Longsdon farm I think) and after the war he lived in Leek.
He had a son named Barry who died in 1948.
I know he was in Africa and Bari (Italy) during the war.
My father´s name is Jim Bishop and past away ten years ago. Who can give me some information please.

Jim Bishop

Greetings from Holland

Subject: Researching Family Tree - Brunt/Astles/Shaw of Leek

Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2010


I have recently embarked upon researching my family tree and would love to hear of anbody who has Shaw (originated from Derby and came to Leek with the Mills), Astles or Brunt's in their family tree.

Very much look forward to hearing from you......

Claire Hardie

Subject: Thomas Wardle

Date: 12 January 2010

Hello there! I'm Charlotte, My great grandfather is Sir Thomas Wardle, founder of the textile industry here in Leek, I was hoping to maybe find another of his living descendants to talk with.

My grandfather never met his father, but I'm trying to create a family tree and would appreciate some direction! Hope some body can help?! It would make myself and my Grandad (Charles Conrad) very happy to know where we are from! Thank you,


Subject: Looking for someone

Date: 26 December 2009


Sorry if my english is not very good but i'm french and i haven't write in english for a long time. I'm looking for morel family who used to live in Leek during the year 1985/1986 and i'm trying to get in contact with one of them (morel philip). I don't no if you could tell me if they are still living in Leek but maybe you could tell me ( i hope it) a way to find them.

Sorry for disturbing you but you're the only way that i found to try to find this person. Thank you for your help.

Please reply to the address at the top of the page and I will forward it.

Subject: Telstars or Harvey’s Team

Date: 4 January 2010

A MUSICIAN who has returned home from South Africa has written a book chronicling his rock 'n' roll adventures.
Newcastle-born Mick Matthews, aged 62, and his band the Hedgehoppers played a concert in South Africa in 1969. Mick stayed there and won a Song Of The Year award in 1972 before returning to Newcastle last week.
His as-yet unpublished memoirs chart the adventures of his early bands the Telstars and Harvey's Team, before documenting the activities of the Hedgehoppers and their demise when band members were killed in a road accident.

If anyone was a member of the Telstars or Harvey’s Team and knows about the transition to Hedgehoppers in 1968, could you please contact me at:

Nick Warburton

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