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Subject: Season's Greetings

Date: 21 December 2009

My wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the good people of Leek. Though many years have passed since WWII, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge that my short stay in your village was unforgettable. I have been a practicing physician for many years, and I must admit that it it is a busy life, but it doesn't take too much to find myself marching through the village to the Moors for training, eating fish and chips, and going to the weekend dances. Above all ,however, there were so many people, who even with there own problems to contend with, still were able to demonstrate a great degree of kindness to a an immense body of very young strangers.

Cordially, Tony Oropollo, Pfc., Col, 3rd Battalion, 345th Reg., 87th Inf.Div.

Subject: Adrian English

Date: 3 December 2009

A message for Adrian who posted in Jan. 2007. re the English family and connections to The Mount in Leek.

I also have some connection with this.

Would you or Mandy get in touch.

Subject: Kay (Goldstraw) now Venables

Date: 24 November 2009

Hello - I am trying to trace a very old and once close friend of mine called Kay. Her single surname was Goldstraw and she has a sister Julie and a brother called I believe John.
My name is Laura La Roche, and my surname was Smith before I married in 1970. I went to Endon High where I met Kay and several other friends - Jean Smallman, Ethel Heath and Jennifer Allman were all special friends at that time.
It would be lovely to get in touch with some of these people - Kay had a special birthday on the 6th September, and we will all be having "special birthdays" in the forthcoming months.

As well as the e-mail address sending this e-mail, I can be contacted on

Best wishes,

Laura La Roche

Subject: Eleanor Hulme

Date: 22 October 2009

I am trying to trace any relatives of Eleanor Hulme, who lived at Beatty Road, Leek, she died in 1974 and was the widow or Joseph Hulme.

Please reply to Chris. McLoughlin.

Subject: Maureen K Cotton

Date: 06 October 2009

I have recently visited a friend in America who is trying to find Maureen K Cotton, nee Yoxall. This lady will be about seventy years old and had two sons.

Any information about Maureen or her family would be much appreciated.

Please reply to; Anne Emery,


Date: 8 September 2009

I was born and raised in Leek and left in 1950 on joining the Royal Navy. I came out in 1958 and emigrated to Canada in 1959. In 1938 my father William (Bill) Allen saved a boy from drowning in the Leek canal, the boys name was Derek Potter he was 7 years old at the time. I just wondered if he was still alive or if any of his family remember this.

I have enjoyed browsing through your website brings back lots of memories.

John Allen, Toronto Canada.

Subject: Tracing a relative.

Date: 20 July 2009

I am trying to contact my cousin CARL BOWCOCK, originally from Leek.
He is the son of Maurice and Peggy and the younger brother of Anita. I have come across some family photographs which he may be interested in.

If anyone can help please email me at

Subject: Jacqueline Cotterell

Date: 20 July 2009

My daughter Sue is looking for an old friend Jaqui Cotterell who used to live with her family in Longsdon. Sue & Jacqui attended Longsdon School together after which Sue went to Endon High and Jacqui went on to Westwood.
They were close very friends from the age of 4 but Sue can't now track her down and any help would be really appreciated. Jacqui had older brothers and sisters - Neil, Nikki and Fiona but we are not sure if they also went to Westwood.
If anyone can help us we would love to hear from you at

Thank you. David Johnson

Subject: Bowyer family

Date: 9 June 2009

I am researching my ancestor William Bowyer born c1791 in Sutton near Macclesfield in Cheshire and believe he may possibly be a son of Solomon Bowyer who I have traced to the parish of Leek, born 1761 to Joshua Bowyer and Martha nee Bennett (married in 1753).
I have no idea if I'm on the right track but would love to hear from anyone out there who may know about this family. Details on the Internet are a bit sketchy and I am in Australia with limited access to English records.

Please contact Kelly Dyer at

Subject: Old Leek Images

Date: 16 April 2009

My ancestor John Weston was the licensee of the Dog and Partridge in Leek in 1861 and later of the Talbot Inn in 1871. I understand the present day Talbot is dated 1878. Does anyone have any images of either of these old establishments? I am a genealogy tragic and I would appreciate any of the foregoing.

Lance Fennell


Subject: Inquiry abt Rev Thomas Clulow, 1765-1797, probably from Leek

Date: 09 April 2009

This is a real long shot. On and off for a couple of years now I've been trying to track down the origins of the Rev. Thomas Clulow. I am doing some research into early education in the small eastern Leicestershire village where I now live in the old Victorian elementary school.
On the church floor (in the chancel) the following is inscribed:

"Underneath this stone lies interred the body of the Rev. THOMAS CLULOW, who was a native of STAFFORDSHIRE, where he received a classical education; but, after some embarrassment [ !!!!! - my exclamation marks ], he was conducted to this place [that is, Tilton-on-the-Hill]; where he was CURATE and schoolmaster four years. He departed this life the twenty-fourth day of January, one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven [that's 1797], AGED 32 YEARS."

Do you know ANYTHING about this person and his seemingly tragic life? Nearly all the references I have been able to find to early English Clulows point in the direction of Leek, so I wonder if any of you have come across this person? I've tried Genes ReUnited, but to no avail. Tilton didn't have a school in the 1790s, so his schoolmastering was presumably informal and/or religious, but it is all part of the village's educational history and therefore needs to be researched. Please do get in touch with me if you have any ideas at all. Thank you.

Paul Herrington

Subject: Spilsbury family

Date: 29 Mar 2009

I would be most grateful for any information on the ancestors and descendants of this Leek family:
George Spilsbury (1848-1934) married Mary Flower (1849-1926) in 1871.
Children: Elizabeth (1871), Alice (1873), Mary (1875), Ruth (1879), Joseph (1883), Frederick (1885).
Alice married Thomas Hambleton (1873-1961) in 1901, my grandparents.

Many Thanks

Phil Hambleton ex312 at tiscali dot co dot uk

Subject: Birch family

Date: 28 Mar 2009

I am seeking information about the descendants of Joseph BIRCH and his wife Matilda HOLTHAM who had 5 children.

Their names were John, Joseph, Frederick, William and Sarah. Joseph at some stage may have been the publican of the Flying Horse, Ashbourne Rd. William married Eliza Ann BLOOR and migrated to NZ. Sarah married John LEES and they had a daughter Jessie born 1901 who married George H MILLWARD.
If anyone can assist please contact me.
Garth Houltham

Subject: Hambleton family

Date: 26 Mar 2009

I would be most grateful for any information on the ancestors and descendants of this Leek family:

George Hambleton (1840-1930) married Martha Wardle (1842-1906) in 1846.
Children: Charles Edward (1865), Emma (1867), John Joseph (1869),Thomas (1873), George (1876), William (1878), Arthur (1879), Henry Wardle (1882), Susan (1884), Jessica (1886)
Thomas married Alice Spilsbury (1873-1946) in 1901, my grandparents.
John and Jessica died as children. William, Henry and Susan emigrated to Canada.

Many Thanks

Phil Hambleton ex312 at tiscali dot co dot uk

Subject: Eyling

Date: 10 Mar 2009

Hi there, Bernadette Fallon posted a request for info re a place or house call "EYLING", I have never heard of it but I suspect the place to be "EASING", (between Morridge and Thorncliffe). Back in 1680 the spelling was different than today and looked more like Eaffing.


Geoff Pickford.xzxzgeoff.pickford@btopenworld.comxzxzx

Subject: Eyling

Date: 10 Feb 2009

There is Eythin (baron) mentioned in the index of Vol vii Victoria history of county of Stafford.

Could it have been misread? just a thought.

Edward Ashzxzedward.ash@btinternet.comxzxz


Subject: Major Fred Davenport

Date: 01 Mar. 2009

Please can anybody help me, am looking for descendants of Major Fred Davenport, a brave soldier who died at Ypres in 1917. My greatgrandfather Ernest Hughes of Leek was batman to him and also named my granddad after him so would absolutely love to see a photo of him if poss please.

Anna Kennedyxaxtda.kennedy@tesco.netaxa

Subject: Eyling

Date: 26 Jan. 2009

Dear Leekonline,

Is (or was) there a place (or house) in Leek called Eyling? I have this from a pedigree of about 1680; Raph Montfort of Eyling in Leek, attorney - but I can't find the name anywhere else.

I'd be grateful for your help.

Thank you,

Bernadette Fallon
Please reply to the address at the top of this page and I will forward to the sender. Ed.

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