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Subject: Season's Greetings

Date: Wed. 24 Dec. 2008

As it is often said,"tis the season" A very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to the good people of Leek. I enjoyed the kindness of your village during WWII for a very short, but very memorable few months in 1944. Time has passed,and of course, much has transpired, but not all is forgotten.

Cordially, Tony Oropollo, M.D., Pfc., Co.I,3rd Battalion, 87th Infantry Division.

Subject: Fox family Leek

Date: Mon. 22 Dec. 2008

Does anyone remember William Henry Fox who was a clerk at Brough Nicholson and Hall's Mill, he married Ethel Ball at Mount Pleasant Chapel Leek in 1925, they had a son Roy and a daughter Yvonne?

Thank you

email xcvOval64@aol.comvcx

Subject: History of Mills

Date: Wed. 10 Dec. 2008


Does anyone know about the history of the Mills in Leek, mainly the Alexandra Mill and Wells Street Mill. We are interested if there is any stories of hauntings and reasons why there might be hauntings in these mills?

Thank you
Paul - email vcvat_airforce@hotmail.combcv

Subject: Waterfall Cottage

Date: Sun. 30 Nov. 2008

Hi I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me, perhaps the present residents of Waterfall Cottage, Basnetts Wood may know, I am looking into my family tree, we are the Simcocks my grandparents, Christopher and Selina, up until 1975/76 lived at 78 Rose Cottage, Leek Road, Stockton Brooke.

I discovered a brother of my grandfather, John William and on his military death certificate states that his father William Simcock lived at Waterfall Cottage, if any one knows of the history of this cottage I would be really grateful.

Many thanks

Pauline Salt (Simcock)cvpollysmailbox-freebs@yahoo.comcvc

Subject: Trying to trace.

Date: Fri. 19 Sept. 2008

Would it be possible to try and trace an old mate I served with in H/M Submarines in the early 1960s he was born and married in Leek and both families came from there.
His name is John Hulme can’t remember the name of his wife, he had one sister (ginger hair ).
My name is Brian Lawson.
My email address is zxcblawson@gmx.comcxz
My postal address is
35,Lindis Court
North Parade,
Skegness. Lincolnshire.

Thanking you in advance.

Subject: Allan Cooper and Graham Kidd

Date: Thurs. 18 Sept. 2008

I am visiting Leek this weekend to go back to the primary school on Westwood Road. I was there from 1950-1957 and would like to know if anyone knows what happened to Allan Cooper and Graham Kidd. Graham Kidd lived in James Street and I think that Allan Cooper went to Australia to join the police force. If you have any other information about people who went to Westwood Road School in 1950 please contact me.

My name was Anne Dale and my married name is Emery.
My e mail address is xcvaemery1010@aol.comvcx

Subject: History of the Unicorn Hotel

Date: Mon. 15 Sept. 2008


My partner and I have recently taken over the Unicorn Hotel on St.Edward's Street. I would love to have some information about its history as it is such a lovely old building. I have Googled but with no luck!

We'd be really grateful for any info anyone might have,




Date: Fri. 29 Aug 2008

Does anyone know anything about a gentleman named George Bowcock, but referred to as "Nosey Bowcock". He was a beadle, bang-beggar and pinner in Leek. George was born abt 1802 and died in 1864.

Any information will be most appreciated.

Thank you.

Pat Galovich oxzxpat.galovich@gmail.comxzx

Mission, B.C


Date: Sun, 27 July 2008


My sister Margaret and I (Sheila) lived at 45 Ashbourne Road. Our Grandad Sam Hine and Grandma Polly (Mary) lived at 15 Hugo Street. We had various relatives who farmed In Upper Hulme, Bradnop and around the Roaches. We had an Uncle Raymond (who was famous as father of 15 healthy children) .married to Aunty Gladys. We played on the Rec, which was off Ashbourne Road, went to Rudyard for picnics on Sundays and once we were blackberry picking on the Roaches when we were chased by a Yak, which belonged to Sir Philip Brocklehurst who had sundry wild animals roaming his estate.The Wallabies that were living in the area also belonged to Sir Philip. My half sister, Betty and her husband Sam Knott had a grocers shop at 72 Buxton Road, one day when Sam was taking the order from his van a large monkey suddenly appeared and scared him half to death.

I live in Bolton now and though we have some nice scenery around here, nothing can bet Leek and the Moorlands.

Best wishes, Sheila. xzxstrr9s@aim.comxzx

Subject: Hi, looking for some information

Date: Thur, 24 July 2008

Hi, I recently found out my great great granddad owned the building opposite The Jesters, which is know known as The Retreat. i don't know what the name of the building is, or known as, but all i know when my great great granddad owned this property he used it to make ice cream. i am just wondering if anyone knows anymore information my Great great granddads last name was Podesta.
If anyone knows anymore, would you please let me know by emailing me.

Vicki Frodsham

Subject: History Research

Date: Wed, 25 June 2008

Could someone local guide me to some sources of information about Endon Mill in the Parish of Horton that I could buy or borrow?
The only info that I have so far gleaned is that it was built in 1805 by John Lees (Leighs), was not working in 1910, and was demolished in 1936
What I really want to know about the mill is what sort of mill was it? who owned/ran it in later years (it wasn't John Leighs)? what was there before the Mill? and are there any pictures of it anywhere?


Victoria xzxhistoryresearch@supanet.comzxz

Subject: Back Street, Leek

Date: Fri, 23 May 2008

Can anybody tell be where Back Street or Back of the Street was. I have ancestors who give these addresses in baptism records in the 1820's. They later moved to Clerks Bank so that is not a problem.
Also they were (silk) dyers, they had three children in leek in 1820's, two then in London, and then back to leek by 1841. Does anybody know if a Silk Dyer/manufacturer may have had Mills both in Leek and London at this time as I cant see why they would have gone to London and returned again if not.

Any help appreciated.

Sue Rose formerly from Leekxzxsuedave5049@talktalk.netxzx

Subject: My History of Leek

Date: Sun, 4 May 2008

I lived in leek most of my life, and didn’t like it much. As the town started to change and become more and more modern it didn't feel like it did when I was a small boy. But times change and places become updated, that was until recently when I visited Leek and started to look above the shops and at the buildings for what they really are. What a beautiful sight, I can't wait to visit again! If anyone starts to feel down by the look of Leek, just walk up Derby Street on a Sunday evening and look up, it is truly breathtaking.

Best wishes to the people of Leek

Shaun Brown (nick name Sid)

Subject: Wm. Hill & Co.

Date: Sun, 4 May 2008

Can anyone tell me anything about my grandfather's business? He was called Ernest Hill, his brother Ben, and his sister May who lived at Waterhouses, Staffs. Their father was William, the owner and I believe founder, of a silk mill in Leek in the mid nineteenth century. I think the business was bought by Courtaulds in about 1958.

Many thanks

Charles Shirtcliffe zxzcharles.shirtcliffe@btopenworld.comxzx

Subject: Local Artist - Harry Plant 1896-1963

Date: Sun, 27 April 2008

Having lived in the UK for my first 26 years until I emigrated to Australia in 1968, I only recently discovered that I have family connections to Leek. I now know, through extensive research, that my long lost grandfather was an accomplished local artist born in the town in 1886.
His parents were silkworkers George and Fanny Plant of Wellington Street, and he had three sisters, Maude, Gertrude, and Annie. At some time in the early 1900's he moved to Edinburgh where he married my grandmother. But then shortly after WW1 they separated, and he returned to Leek, where in 1931 he remarried to Millicent Allcock.They had no children.
Apparently, in retirement, they lived in a hill top cottage overlooking Rudyard Lake, where Harry spent most of his time painting landscapes, and animals.
Harry died in 1963, and Millicent in 1975.
I would very much like to hear from anyone who can tell me anything further about Harry's life in Leek; and would especially be interested in any photos of him, and his paintings.

Many thanks,

Derek Plante. zxzderek.plante@hotmail.comxzx

Subject: Job White Textiles

Date: Fri, 18 April 2008

Does anybody have information on John Steven White who worked for the above and was related to the owners in the early 60's, we have been given information on the business but John was a friend of my wife and we would like to know what happened to him.

Roy Burrell zxzreburrell@hotmail.comzxz

Subject: Patricia White

Date: Thur, 17 April 2008

Hi everybody,

I hope you all are well and having nice times, I am looking for Patricia White who used to live in Grove Street in Leek, If anyone knows her or her whereabouts could they please get in touch with me, any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help,

Best Regards,

J.K.Jawad. xzxjawad_jk2000@yahoo.comzxz

Subject: Information about Leek

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008


I am e-mailing from a very sunny Australia hoping to find some history of the street I was born in as we left Leek in 1948 when I was 5, and my memories are a little hazy. I was able to visit for the first time as an adult in 1999, when I found the street and the school I attended, Alsop street was as I remembered apart from the cobbles, the school had caught fire a while before but there was still a photo taken of me outside.
I had few hours in what looks like a lovely part of England, it did not help being a Sunday but my nephew sent me a little book about Leek which gave me lots of pictures of Leek but not the ones I wanted. I have spent hours in the last two days looking at all the web sites relating to Leek and wishing I knew more about my birth town.
So please can you help with these questions?
When, and for whom were the houses in Alsop street built? [Possibly mill workers?].
What was the big building I remembered at the bottom of street? [I remember getting orange juice bottles from there].
What was the name of my school [Compton street?].
What factories were there which came from Coventry in 1941/2? [My father worked in Coventry at the start of the war, and family history says that the factory was sent to Leek, I don't know any more details].
I do hope you can help, if not, maybe you could point me in the right direction.

Thank you. 

Maureen Waters.

Subject: Leek Battery

Date: Thurs, 10 Jan 2008

Back in 2001 a gentleman by the name of John Kerr enquired about information relating to the Leek Battery from the Great war, I have some literature he may be interested in if he contacts me.

Pete Goodfellowxcxcplg2272@hotmail.comvcvc

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