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Subject: Greetings at Christmas

Date: 21 December 2006

Another year has gone by, and I must admit that memories have become a little hazier and that which was the recent past has now become , truly, the distant past. Nevertheless, I have not forgotten my stay in your village of wonderful people. I was one of those "Yanks" of WW II who was stationed in Leek prior to going to France. And , somewhat like the character in the musical, Brigadoon, I too, reflect fondly on that tumultuous, but still remarkable era.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Cordially, Tony Oropollo, M.D xxxatomd@att.netxx

Subject: Love the web cams

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006

Hi my name is Julie Lockett nee Flanagan daughter of Michael and Maureen.
I've recently emigrated to Kalgoorlie home of the Superpit gold mine in western Australia and I can't thank Leekonline enough for the webcams they provide as today Saturday 16th at 1.30 my mum and her brother stood on the monument whilst we sat at our computer watching them waving at us, I suspect that the people of Leek might of thought their behaviour a little odd but it was just great to see them.
They said next time they will have a Christmas banner to hold up.
The service Leekonline offers is great for families and you should let more folks know about the webcams as sometimes, especially around this time of year, it is great for kids to be able to see their nana.
I may not have lived in Leek all my life, the last 8 years we had been living in Aberdeen, but Leek is where all my family are so in some way Leek will always be home.
BTW Steve Povey your doing a great job and your a nice person but I heard you have been ill, that's your body saying slow down and take some time for yourself I'm sure Leek will cope if you take a day off.!!!!!!!! Oatcakes like yours Australia fails to provide but I suppose it would be greedy to want everything and in this great weather I'm sure I'll survive.

Julie Lockett

Mon. Dec 05, 2006

Subject: My thanks to the people of Leek

On September 1st 1939 I along with hundreds of other young children arrived by train from Manchester, that evening we went from door to door, it was damp and a little cold, we were all in fear of the unknown.

I was taken into the home of Victor and Edith Nadin along with her sister Harriet Rushton, in Fountain St., I was given a banana, that was the first of many kindnesses that was shown me over the years.

I went back to Manchester in 1945, I have never forgotten the wonderful people of Leek, I will be forever greatful for the love and care shown to me and the other young visitors.

In 1946 I joined the Royal Navy and for over 10 years I had the honour to serve King George V1 and later my beloved Queen Elisabeth 11.

During my sevice I was trained as a diver, so on leaving the Navy I became a commercial diver for the next 37 years.

In 1976 my family moved to Canada, my wife has finally settled down, our four sons are all doing well in the fields they went into.

One final point for the vicar of St Edwards (the old church), I had the pleasure to stand in the bell tower with Victor Nadin on VE night, I seem to remember someone saying that a cannon ball from one of Oliver Cromwells cannons had struck the tower! One day before I die I would like to come back to Leek, perhaps the new vicar would let me once again stand in his bell tower?

My regards

Donald A Hurworth
302B 11831 80th Ave,
Canada, V4C7X6
Pn/Fax 604 597 4263


Subject: Pete Williams

Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006

Maybe someone in Leek can help me out. I´m looking for an old Army pal of mine. His name´s Pete Williams, and is married to a lady named Gaynor. We served together in the Royal Engineers during the 80`s. Be nice to get in touch with him again, after such a long time.

Regards Dave Edwards.

Subject: family history

Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006


I have an ancestor shown on 1841 Census living in Parish of Leek, district is I think Tittesworth, she was a silktwister.
Was this a big industry in the area at that time?
Are there any publications on this ?

Please advise.

Many thanks.

Jean Hamilton.

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006

Subject:: Lottery Winner

I’d like to say massive congratulations to Angela Leese and family on her recent good fortune on the Lotto. As someone who used to baby-sit for her 5 daughters and sit sticking “wads in them damn tops” (she’ll know what that means), I can’t think of anyone else from my old town who deserves it more.

Hello to all you Leekies who vaguely remember my name,

Andy Ramsden (Rammy)

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006

Subject:: New e-mail address

Hello, Leekonline,

Greetings from North Carolina! This is a follow-up to my letter dated January 5th, 2006. As a former Leek resident, (my name - Pauline Clowes) who spent my growing -up years there from 1940-1957, I would like to re-connect with old friends and schoolmates. I'd also love to hear from any of my late father's co-workers from the M.E.B. (Midlands Electricity Board), or their children.

I now have a new e-mail address - - and would be very happy to hear from anyone who can share memories from almost 50 years ago!

Many thanks - Pauline Clowes Dixon
Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006

Subject:: G Is billeted in Leek




Date: Thur, 10th August 2006

Subject: Leek coin

I wonder if you could shed any light on an old coin I have. It is called a Leek Commercial Halfpenny dated 1793. I am not sure how the coin arrived in Australia, however I suspect it was brought out by my Great Great Grandfather in the 1840's. My G G Grandfather was Samuel Walker who hailed from Ilkeston, Derby.
On one side of the coin, in the foreground, there is a pole with wings on the top. Winding around the pole are two snakes. I am not sure what the background is but it looks like a bundle of carpet or cloth tightly bound along its length and breadth and this is lying across a rectangular box. The other side has what looks like two hands shaking with a branch in the background. The inscription around the edge is " ARTE FAVENTE NIL DESPERANDOM". The rim of the coin is inscribed "Payable at Leek Staffordshire". I would appreciate any information you may have or a contact who may be able to help.

Regards and Thank You

Leon Walker

Windsor Downs NSW Australia

Date: Thur, 10th August 2006

Subject: Grandfathers Ancestors

Dear Sir.
I wonder if your paper or readers can help me, my Grandfather was born in Bradnop and Cawdry and the Street Address was Dirty Gutter, Lady ? Meadows,
My Grandfathers name was William Brooks and his Fathers name was Thomas Brooks and his wife was Mary Brooks they were also born at Bradnop and Cawdry Thomas in 1851 and Mary 1852, Thomas,s father was John Brooks and his wife Hannah Brooks and they were all farmers in the District both John and Hannah were born at Ipstones John in 1823 and Hannah in 1834. I believe that my grandads eldest brother went on to inherit the family farm which was about 55 Acres. Many thanks for your time and if there is anybody who can help me I can be contacted by writing to Fredrick Brooks 21 Regent Close,Berwick 3806,Victoria Australia or the E-Mail address is

Date: Sat, 29th July 2006

Subject: Tracing Fredrick Arthur Salt

My name is Vicky, I was wondering if you could help me in any way, I'm trying to trace a relative of mine. FREDRICK ARTHUR SALT, born in Biddulph in 1925 he is married to a lady named Annie and I believe he may live around the Staffordshire Moorlands or surrounding area if you can help me in any way I would be extremely grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Yours Sincerely..


Date: Mon, 17 July 2006

Subject: Eva Hinckley & Leek Polish community

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers my mother and can perhaps help fill in some details about her early life.
My mother was Eva Hinckley. During 1948-49 Eva worked at Brough, Nicholson and Hall. She was a general clerk in the Personnel department working for the Personnel Manager, a Mr. Sherwood. Eva would have been in her early 20s at the time.
Eva came to BN&H after her time in the Army (spent in London as a RADAR operator).
Before moving to Leek Eva lived in Stockton Brook, lodging with her step sister and brother-in-law Elsie and Paul Pepper. It was while living here she met my father, Kazik (Ken) Baldy, a Polish serviceman stationed locally. While in Leek Eva lodged at 15 Hugo Street with a Mrs. Hines.
Eva and Kazik often went to the Leek Polish house. This was a house off the Buxton Road (near a park) rented collectively by Polish people. They had a canteen and record player and would hold dances there.
In 1949 Eva left BN&H moving to Cardiff, South Wales, where in 1950 she married my father. Eva and Kazik had 3 sons.
Eva passed away in 2000 and while always had many fond words to say about her early days we never had the chance to visit the places where mum grew up.

Thanks & regards,

Marek Baldy.



Born in Cheddleton emigrated to Aussie in 1966.
Could you tell me if there are any video's or D.V.D's available for Leek and or Cheddleton.

Robert Eccleston

Date: Fri 02 June 06

Subject: Enjoying your great website

Learning much from your site about Leek and its beautiful environs. Hope to supplement these cyberspace visits with a personal visit to the Staffordshire Moorlands in the future to visit a very dear friend.
Regularly visit the site to check your excellent local weather information!

Thank you & best wishes from DownUnder,

Peter Moosberger,xxmoosberg@hotmail.comxx
Auckland NZ

Date: Sat. 13 May 2006

Subject: Leek Fire Brigade 50's/60's

Many thanks for your excellent website and facility to keep in touch with people and events in Leek.
I am Vernon Turner and I lived in Leek from 1943-1964. Firstly in Brook Street until my Mum and Dad were forced to move as the little houses in the street were to be demolished and then on to Challinor Avenue.
I am particularly interested if any reader may have known my father Les Turner and his colleagues at the old, and now defunct, Leek Fire Station. Just like me, any readers will probably be the sons and daughters of that firemen crew of the 50's and early 60's.
Does anyone have memories of Les Turner, Harold G Bloor, Fred Lindop, Frank Swift, their bosses, A Sub-officer Bloor and Sub-officer Tommy Harrison? Maybe my Uncle who was a retained fireman, Fred Braddock?
Poignant memories when I visited Leek last year for a reunion of Leek High School classmates. I went to the old Fire Station and managed to peer through the doors. Much was wrecked and ready for demolition but the fireman's pole was still in place. Many was the time when I watched my father slide down that to attend a call.

Hoping some reader may have related memories.

Thank you for your facility to publish this

Vernon Turner

Date: Wed. 10 May 2006

Subject: Frederick Murray Von Kalkrieth Browne


Am looking for information on a Frederick Murray Von Kalkrieth Browne , an Artist who lived in Leek towards the end of his life. He died in 1933 aged 78 and is buried in the Leek cemetery.

Any help greatly appreciated

Duncan Ward

Date: Fri. 31 Mar 2006

Subject: Theobold

I'm trying to find the father of a very good friend of mine, all she knows about him is his name and the address he lived at in 1989.
His name is Andrew John Theobold who originally comes from the Leek area his last known address was: 38, Cornwall Way, Ainsdale, Southport.
If anyone knows him or his whereabouts could they please get in touch with me.

Timothy Knight

Thank your for your help.

Date: Wed. 29 Mar 2006


My mother, Barbara Joan Bermingham, about whom I have written in the Visitors' Book and about whom there was a story in The Leek Post and Times, Dec., 2005 "Bride was Left Alone as Hubby Went to War" is a LEEK girl, born in 1923, daughter of Cyril Henry Bermingham and Alice Yates Bermingham - born at Wolfdale, Rushton-Spencer, nr Leek
She sailed on the SATURNIA from Southampton, England on 24 May, 1946 to New York, US
This 24 May is the 60th Anniversary of the trip
Are there commemorations in LEEK this year?
Do you have a record of other warbrides who grew up in and left LEEK?
The above site* - provides a wealth of information about ships' passenger lists, dates, personal stories and touching recollections- many from English girls.
Before more time goes by and it is too late, would you get the word out to your readers about this important anniversary and the website? Thank you VERY much.

Debbie Schenk Moshier
Hampton, CT USA 06247

*I think the site for this is (Ed)

Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006

Subject: Leake family

Looking to find distant relatives of the Leake family. We have records dating back to Richard born 1711 wed Ellen Jackson in 1733 and moved from Ashley to Norton. He was a yeoman farmer. The family goes back to 1332 but have not got that far yet. Also Arthur Brocklehurst married Hannah Leake in1924 and they emigrated to America, we think they went to Ohio. They had two daughters Barbara Jane and Iris. Would love to hear from anyone who think they maybe connected.

Maurice Leake
New Zealand

Wed, March 15, 2006

Subject: Re HOLTHAM & HAWLEY Families

As Jonathan Hulme stated I have done extensive research on my Leek ancestry. I am now keen to make contact with more of my relations still residing in the Leek area. These are some of the families I am connected with: Holtham, Hawley, Gibson, Birch, Lees, Lovatt, Plant, Bonsall, Fallows, Towers, Buxton, Heath, Bould, Aggas, Lowther, Leek, Wilkinson, Mayers, Fleming and Fernyhough . Please feel free to contact me via email

An extensive family tree can be found on I am keen to make contact for two reasons. The first is to invite family members to join our Holtham/Houltham Family Website and I will also be visiting Leek later in the year.

Garth Houltham

Subject: Hulme great-great-grandfather from Leek

Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006

My great-great grandfather James Hulme married my great-great grandmother Mary Holtham (b. 1812), daughter of Joseph Holtham and Catherine Gibson, on 12 Apr 1837 in the Leek parish church. They were silkweavers and moved to Macclesfield where my great-grandfather Thomas Joseph Hulme was born in 1840.
James subsequently died and Mary married again, in 1847. The Holtham family is well documented by Garth Houltham who lives in New Zealand. However I know nothing more about James Hulme.
Hulme is such a common name in the Leek area, but I wonder if any local Hulmes have come across this James Hulme, born I imagine also around 1812. I would be most grateful for any information.

Jonathan Hulme

Tonbridge, Kent

Subject: workmates

Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006

Hello Sir,

My name is Ron Jones, I am retired now, but used to work for H. D. WEBB, paper merchants of Leicester. I collected tubes once a week from BUXTONS, who were situated on Buxton Road as you enter Leek. I would very much appreciate if you could find the whereabouts of the friends of mine who worked there, so that I could get in touch with them.

My e-mail address is:-

And my address is
LE2 6NA.

If it will help, the boss of Buxtons was named ROY.

Best Regards

Ron Jones.

Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006

Subject: Leek-Holme Mylme

Good day,

I would like to visit the place of origin of my English ancestors. They are from Leek and more particularly of an area known as "Holme Mylme". This information goes back to their time, the 1600s. Could you please tell me if there was such a place and what is the present name.

Thank you very much, Claude Montpetit Montreal

Date: 29 Jan 2006

Subject: CORDEN Brenda-( nee BRADSHAW OR WRIGHT )


Phyllis Nairn from New Zealand is trying to find this wonderful lady. Born in the UK,but when she knew her she lived in New Zealand until about 1973-74 with a man by the name of Jonas Horeau, but then moved back to UK and later married a BRIAN CORDEN, in England she believes. She could be living in the Leek area somewhere. If anyone can help in any way she would be extremely grateful.

Thanking you for this opportunity of perhaps finding Brenda again. (FINGERS CROSSED)

Kind regards,


Date: 27 Jan 2006

I remember Leek with great affection. My grandparents lived there and that's where my Mum was born. As a child I used to enjoy staying with Nana and Grandad at their house in Burton Street. It was quite close to the top of that long hill and grandad had the house built for him and my Nana. It's 129 Burton Street and had a beautiful garden. My grandad was a cobbler and had a little shop not far from his home. I don't remember the name of the street but to get there we walked past a nearby, large Mill.
When we weren't playing in the garden we were allowed to go along to the 'rec' to play on the swings and so on.
My aunty lived in Queen Street and I used to walk from Burton Street to Queen Street to see her and my cousins. I remember the swimming baths - the brine baths as we knew them. What a pity they weren't preserved.
One of my favourite things was eating Oatcakes - Nana did them for us with melted cheese and bacon on top.
I also remember the railway station and steam trains. We could hear the trains coming through a tunnel near to the garden and then would see the steam from the train as it emerged from the tunnel.
I had some wonderful times in Leek over the years. I'm 50 years old now and haven't been to Leek for a long time as none of the family live there now. Nana, Grandad, Aunty Doris and Uncle Ron are all in the cemetery not far from Burton Street.
I'm sure it still has much charm and I will visit again before too long.

Julia Butcher

Date: 22 January 2006

Subject: Forty Years On

Hello to anyone who might be able to help me.

"40 Years On," was the title of our old school song, and 40 years ago I met a young lady from Leek and have often wondered what became of her. Her name was Susan Rotton, and she lived at 5 Grove Terrace. If anyone can help, or if Susan sees this herself, I can be contacted at neil.(dot)

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

Neil Kennedy

Date: 16 January 2006

Subject: Barbara Joan Bermingham (Schenk)

Greetings to Leek, England. My mother, Barbara Joan Bermingham,was born in 1923, to Cyril Henry Bermingham and Alice Yates (sister of Dorothy, Gladys, Joan, and George of Old Hill, Rushton-Spencer, nr. Macclesfield in Leek. She was close to her cousin, Christine Snow Chester, and her family at Wolfdale,lifelong friend to Joyce Govier, Mary Redfern, and Eileen Frances Mary Sexton until their deaths.

My father was an Army man from Massachusetts camped in 1944 at Blackshaw Moor in Leek where he met my mother. I know they both consider those times to be the best years of their lives. Sadly, my dad died from cancer in 2001. Since I only recently obtained use of a computer and the internet, and time marches on, I feel a nearly inexplicable need to collect information before it is gone FOREVER.
We know a bit of the tragic tale of Miss Redfern, an only child my mother adored. Has she any survivors ? My mother still treasures a little autograph book with a sweet, uplifting verse by Mary. Joyce Govier was a lovely lady (on Hillswood Drive, I believe),. We could never find her obituary. An obituary we would LOVE to have is that of Ms Sexton who taught and spent her life in Leek. She eventually lived with her brother as they grew old, then I believe he died suddenly on the step of a Leek shop. Shortly after, Eileen moved to Scholar Green to some sort of assisted living situation. She and my mother corresponded for well over 50 years, at least once a month.

Now nearly all is lost, except lovely cousins, Martin and Hazel Chester of WOLFDALE (where actually, my mother was born). My mother made it through the London Blitz where she was a nurse, my father survived the D-Day invasion of Omaha Beach , and they moved to Springfield, Massachusetts, around New England, had 4 children and lost one 4-month old baby. Some communication through THE LEEK POST AND TIMES gleaned us several lovely letters to me from a delightful Mr D Birks, to my mother, a charming memory from Vivienne Baird, through the kindness of her Leek sister.

MY MOTHER WISHES SOMETIMES (except for her 4 children) that she had NEVER left. Her HEART is in England and will be always. If you could let me know of ANY information, stories, anecdotes, history, memories, I should be EVER SO grateful on me mum's behalf. If you know anything about anyone mentioned, or the times, it would be amazingly great to hear from you. Time is of the essence. Join us in praying for my mother's cousin, Christine Snow Chester.

New Year blessings of HEALTH, happiness, peace, and good to you and those you love.

Debbie(Schenk) Moshier, 49 Old King's Highway, Hampton, CT 06247
Barbara (Joan Bermingham) Schenk, 46 old King's Highway, CT 06247

I shall be VERY happy to refund postage. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006

Subject: Search for a friend

My partner is trying to contact a school friend from the 60's by the name of Susan Corbet, formally of Windsor Drive, Leek. She emigrated to South Africa with her family when Wm.Tatton the textile company from Leek opened a factory there.
If anyone has any details about the family some of whom she believes are back in England she would love to hear from you.

Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006

My name is Pauline Dixon. I was born in Leek, and lived there in the 1940's and 1950's. My name then was Pauline Clowes - Pauline Alice Mary Clowes to be exact! In 1957 I left Leek with my parents, Joe and Ethel Clowes, and my two younger brothers Thomas Hartley and Alan Spencer Clowes. We moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, where my father went to work as an electrical engineer for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. My time growing up in Leek was wonderful. I attended Westwood Road County Primary School on Westwood Road, and then Westwood Hall Girl's High School. In the years since, I've many times appreciated the great education I received at Westwood Hall - and we had lot's of fun too! As a child I remember playing in the water fall of the River Churnet, picnics, birthday parties, climbing the Roaches, and later dances at the Town Hall. If any of my old friends read this, let me hear from you, one and all!
Many thanks to Leekonline for providing this opportunity for former Leekensians to re-connect.

Pauline Dixon

Subject: Hotels in 1800's

Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006

I am delving into my history and I have been informed that my Great Great Grandfather owned some hotels in Leek, I am trying to locate some information, name of these, etc and wonder if anyone can help. We have not been told of his first name, he is a Mr Jones and owned the hotels around the late 1800's possibly from 1870, it would be much appreciated if anyone could help or point me in the right direction.

Kind regards

S Throsby


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