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Subject: WWII Yank

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the good people of Leek.
It has been a long time since my stay in Leek, but in my mind, it is always the Autumn of 1944. As Bob Hope used to say, "Thanks for the memories"

Tony Oropollo
Co.I, 345th Reg. 87th Infantry Division,U.S. Army

Mon, 22 Dec 2003

Your Leek Paper has just celebrated its first six months of publication, thanks to the wonderful support from the town and surrounding district.
We are now selling in excess of 4,000 copies of the paper each week and are looking to increase our circulation figure in 2004.
We are always open to suggestions from readers how we can improve our publication, and welcome e-mails and letters.
One of our priorities is to establish a regular page devoted to the history of Leek and the immediate surrounding district. We will welcome any old pictures and written memories.
Thanks again to everyone who has supported us in 2003, and in particular Tony Smith at Leekonline who has spread our pages worldwide.

We look forward to celebrating our 50th issue in the New Year and further improving our coverage of local events.

Gary Shenton (Editor)
Your Leek Paper
19 Getliffe's Yard
Derby Street

Fri, 19 Dec 2003

We are back home in Long Pond, Pennsylvania, USA. We only had 2 days in Leek but what a lovely town, I wish it was here. I hope it is true that the spirit world is around us as my husband dead 10 months now would have been as thrilled as I am. He was stationed at Blackshaw Moor and a lovely man saw my posting on your visitors page and sent me pictures of a tank, a misty picture of the Moor and a public foot path. I thank him very much. I will highly recommend your town, it's people, and friendliness.

Milda Morse

Thu, 4 Dec 2003

Calling all Goldstraw's wherever you are.

Goldstraw & Goostrey Genealogy are to hold a gathering of the Clan in 2005. We have yet to finalise the detail but it will be held in Leek in late August/early September 2005. We have interest from our kinsmen in places as far flung as the United States of America and Australia and now wish to invite all those "slightly" nearer home to contact us with suggestions as to what you would like the event to consist of. Why not log into our web site at to see a wealth of genealogical information. You can keep up to date with the gathering at and get the latest information at

Don't forget to let us have your ideas,

See you in 2005.

Best wishes till then,


Wed, 3 Dec 2003

Hello from Long Pond, Pennsylvania

My husband was stationed near Leek in WWll and befriended by a wonderful family. He spoke fondly of them and the Moors he had to cross. We are planning a visit Dec. 8 to 16 this year.
He was in the 113th AA.

Milda Morse

Tue, 2 Dec 2003

Any descendents of Percy William COOKE still in the Leek Staffordshire area... his mother was Mable Ashworth whos mother was a "Ball"

Will help fill some holes in the family tree

Regards to all the "Balls" of Leek

Michael Ball
Sydney Australia

Sun, 30 Nov 2003

I just found this site and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers or is affiliated with the Cartilidge family I spent many happy hours as a child in Leek, 9 Argles Road to be exact, went to Milner Girls School Leek, if any one would like to get in touch I would be happy to hear from you,

Thanks Pam

Tue, 25 Nov 2003

I saw a book in the Leek Library about Football history.
The name Creathorn rings a bell. I am sure that there is a paragraph detailing his achievements and I think there was a sketch also.


Mon, 24 Nov 2003

Hello Leek online!

I was looking at just now, and came across an entry where "someone" was looking for a James Wilson Creathorn. It seems they spotted this reference in leekonline and then it disappeared!
There is some evidence that James Wilson Creathorn was my Great Great Grandfather.
His son was James John Creathorn, the father of Edward Charles Creathorn of Leek - (married to Martha Ann (Sheldon), also of Leek.)
Edward Charles Creathorn was my grandfather. He played football for Leek United around the turn of the (19th) century.
If the person who "lost" the reference would care to get in touch, I know of at least two other genealogy searchers in the UK searching for the same thing!

Regards, from Wisconsin,
Ted Warwick

Sun, 16 Nov 2003

Not your normal request for information, but I am looking for a decent 'Bird table' for my grand-daughter for Christmas. I know I can find one in many shops and stores but I am one of those who passionately believes in shopping local. If anyone knows of a local manufacturer I would prefer to give them my money than a multi national chain store.

Clive Smith

Thu, 13 Nov 2003


I'm trying to trace family back on my mother's side of the family. My mum, Carole Hambleton (b. 1946 in Leek) and her brother, Peter Hambleton (sadly now deceased) were the children of Kenneth Millward Hambleton and Ethel Hambleton (nee Bailey). Kenneth was one of 10 siblings from ?? Hambleton who married Matilda Millward. Kenneth's father was a Mounty in Canada for about 5-10 years but returned to Leek. If anyone can help with any information on both the Hambleton/Millward and Bailey sides it would be greatly appreciated.

Rebecca Byrne

Sun, 09 Nov 2003

I am tracing the Washington family as part of my family tree and have come across Washingtons that were born in Leek. Most of my line were from Wombridge but being from Australia I am wondering what sort of distance lies between the two areas? If anyone can help on either of my queries I would be grateful.

Thank you
Jennifer Rooks (Australia)

Wed, 5 Nov 2003

I am trying to trace details of my ELLERTON ancestors who lived in Leek in the 19th century. If any visitor to this site comes across ANY information relating to Ellerton's who lived in the area around this time I would be very grateful if they could forward details on to me.
I am particularly interested in obtaining details of family members who were buried in Leek Cemetery - please feel free to pass on this message to anyone who may be able to help!

Thanks, Bob (Cambridge)

Wed, 5 Nov 2003

Thank you for bringing Leek to the people on the internet, the website brought back many memories of when I was a machinist at Slimma in 1976, I have tried to contact old friends from Leek but so far have been unable to do so. Every dinner time we would go up to the local pub to have a few drinks, and wander back to work, or we would go to the market. I have been in Australia now for 26 years, but my heart is still in Staffordshire. If anyone can remember SANDRA RYDER from Norton, could they PLEASE contact me,

Thank you

Sandra Ryder

Mon, 03 Nov 2003

My father was a soldier in the 2nd world war. I would like to know in what regiment he was. He lived in Longsdon and after the war he lived in Leek. He had a son named Barry who died in 1948. My father´s name is Jim Bishop and past away two years ago. Who can give me some information please.

Great site,

With great regards,

Jim Bishop

Sun, 2 Nov 2003

Hello to anyone who might be able to help me.

"40 Years On," was the title of our old school song, and 40 years ago I met a young lady from Leek and have often wondered what became of her. Her name was Susan Rotton, and she lived at 5 Grove Terrace. If anyone can help, or if Susan sees this herself, I can be contacted at

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

Neil Kennedy

Tue, 28 Oct 2003


I would like to have my family name put on to your wonderful site. My grandfather (who was the youngest in the family) and his siblings were living with their maternal grandfather in Stoke Upon Trent in the 1881 census. Both parents had died. My g-grandfather Joseph Broome in Leek in 1874 and my g-grandmother Elizabeth (nee James) Broome in 1878. The address given in the census was 10 Cobden Street. I am looking for any info on the following:

BROOME Elizabeth = b. 1863 in Newcastle
Rose = b. 1868 in Hanley
Frederick Charles = b. 1871 in Leek

I would be greatful for any connections or info of marriages etc. I have been able to track one other who was Albert Edward Broome b. 1865 in Hanley and of course my grandfather b. 1873 in Leek.

Best regards

Philippa Oppenheim
New Zealand

Thu, 23 Oct 2003

Looking for Irene Fogg.

A dear friend of mine has mentioned to me today he would love to see her again. He is a senior now and left England at around age 20. Her name may be different but maybe someone remembers the Fogg family from Leek? It truly would be wonderful to give him news of her and how he could possibly see or speak with her again before it is too late. Thank you.


Joanne from New Smyrna Beach, Florida


I would like to know if there are any model making clubs in Leek or one near Leek. I know there is one in Meir but thats too far away.

Steve S

Fri, 17 Oct 2003

Searching for any information on the Harrison family of 7 Grosvenor Street Leek 1871:mother Alice, sons Alfred and Ernest, and Alice's Grandparents Samuel and Sarah Harrison of Thorncliffe, Samuel was a Copper Miner. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Wed, 15 Oct 2003


I've been visiting Leek most weekends for the last five years,and only just found out my family originate from Leek.I stored my caravan on Blackshaw Moor,so I became a regular visitor without realising my connection.I wondered if anyone new what or where Sleigh's yard was,or where Moorland cottage was.These appear on marriage certificates for my grandparents and great granparents,I would be grateful for any info.

Kind regards
David Johnson

Tue, 14 Oct 2003

I am researching the Priestnall families and am very interested in anyone that has any old photos from the Leek branch, in fact I would be interested in all Priestnall lines and would be prepared to buy any old photos or anything that goes with any Priestnall family, James Priestnall from Leek went to Pendleton where he married Ann Peason and had a family of three daughters and a son, I am also looking into the Cartlidge (Cartledge) families from Leek.
Thomas Cartlide married Lydia Ann Bentley she was the daughter of Elizabeth Bentley and James Bowyer so any information from these I would be grateful my e-mail address is

Thank you

Sat, 11 Oct 2003

Subject: Mellor's or Dale's ?

I am looking for any family members. My father Thomas Philip Mellor was born in Leek on 15/7/1916.His mother’s maiden name was Amy Dale. She had a brother Rafe who married Florence and they had 3 children Rafe, Philip and Myrtle.

I am Thomas Philip Mellor’s daughter, Audrey. I now live in Australia, I am looking for the web site of the Registry office in Leek in order to obtain a copy of my father’s birth certificate. I would appreciate any information on my family. As a young child I lived with my family on Daffodil Farm on the Leek/ Buxton road, near Flash Village.

My Email address is

Thank You


Sat, 27 Sep 2003

I came across this EBay auction which descendants of William Hand, who lived in Park Lane (Endon?) in the mid-19th Century, should look at:

Peter Haynes

Wed, 24 Sep 2003

I need info of ERNEST JONES MART please, who died in Italy on 18/02/44, he was in the 1st Bn The London Irish Rifles.

I am a distant relative.


Sun, 21 Sep 2003

The re-designed Leek-on-Line site is a pleasure to "surf".

Congratulations and "Well done Tony" !

John D. Spooner
Javea, Spain.

Date: Thu, 11 Sep

I would like to hear from any Worthington families still living in Leek, who's ancestors worked in the Silk mills. In the early 1900's there was the Worthington family who owned the Silk mill, but naturally enough my ancestors were the poor mill workers. My grandmother was Eva Keates (nee Worthington) who was one of 19 children some of whom I know still have family in Leek. Her Grandparents had 10 children and I hope some of them may still have descendants in the area.

Trying to put together our family tree, if you think you may be part of it, please contact me.

Sue Rose (nee Johnson)

Sun, 24 Aug 2003

Subject: Nellie Birch

Some years ago I brought a paperback book by the author Nellie Birch. It is called Sunbeams and Shadows a first book of poems, published by Fred Hill 58 derby st Leek in 1926. Have you ever heard of her and in the book one of the poems is called the Anglo-Welsh Gorsedd in Thors Cave which is a poem about a druid festival starting from Wetton to Thors cave naming N Birch along with others notables of the 1920's from the Leek area. There are a lot more poems relating to Leek in the book such as the memorial clock given by Sir Arthur Nicholson.

Dave Alexander

Thu, 28 Aug 2003

Your Leek Paper is about to publish its 11th issue, thanks to the wonderful continued support from the people of Leek and district.
Everyone at Your Leek Paper is extremely grateful.
Special thanks to Tony Smith of Leekonline for his tremendous help before even the first issue was printed. He's a sparkling jewel in the Queen of the Moorlands (Leek) crown.

Gary Shenton
Editor, Your Leek Paper

Wed, 27 Aug 2003

I have just deleted an e-mail sent by a John Burnett as I thought it was connected to the recent viruses. I have now seen his name on the Guest Book for 27 January 2003 and if this is the same person, I would be very grateful if he could contact me again.

Many thanks

Eileen Peel (nee Robinson)

Sat, 23 Aug 2003

Hello from Canada,

I am doing genealogy on my family roots from the UK.

I came across your beautiful place called Leek in Staffordshire.
Would you know how Leek got it's name.
I am quite interested as my great-grandmother was a Leek.
Sarah Leek, born 1874, Alsagers Bank, Stafford
Father - Joseph Leek, born 1845, Audley, Stafford
Mother- Priscilla Leek, (Maiden Name Jones ) born 1848, Alsagers Bank, Stafford
If you know any history or where to find the naming of Leek please let me know.

Many Thanks,


Edith Clark

Thu, 21 Aug 2003


I was just browsing on the internet and came across the leekonline website.
How wonderful to be able to read something about the town which I still consider my hometown, even though it's almost forty years since I left. My father was, Ken Pearce, the headmaster of the High School and later Curate at St. Edward's. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and/or my family. We lived on Spring Gardens at the corner of Burton Street, and later up on The Mount.

I now live in the "Deep South" of the United States, in Little Rock, Arkansas, and am currently building a studio and residence in Eureka Springs in the northwest corner of the state. My brother, Rob, lives in Radcliffe-on-Trent; brother, Julian, on the island of Kefalonia, in Greece; and sister Barbara in the Wirral of Cheshire.

Should anyone be interested in me and what I do, I have a website -
I would love to hear from anyone whom I knew back in those halcyon days of my youth. I would especially like to hear from anyone who attended Leek School of Art, when Arthur Littlewood was the Principal. Many thanks.

Best wishes to you all.

Charles Pearce.

Thu, 14 Aug 2003

Hello everybody,

I had, in the early sixties, a penfriend (girl) in Leek.
For the moment I forget her name, she lived, at that time, at 35 Rosebank street, she has to be around 55 years old now, I have never contacted her since 1965.
If anybody knows her or can help please contact me.

Ronny Van Der Burgt

Wed, 13 Aug 2003

This site is bringing back many memories, although I left as a 10 year old in 1960, I still try to get back occasionally.

I am looking for anybody who may have had Henry (Harry) Thomas Adams as their ancestor. He married Minnie Jenkins in Coventry and had Ida, Alwyn, Edna, Eric and Cissie (my grandmother) all born in Coventry. I don't know when he moved to Leek, but we think that Alwyn and Ida married there. My grandmother Cissie married William Johnson. He died in Leek in the 1950's. He was a house painter and decorator. Edna moved to Bournemouth and Eric to Leamington Spa. If anybody in Leek can remember any of the family I would appreciate hearing from them.


Sue Rose (nee Johnson)

Tue, 5 Aug 2003


I often look at your web pages as a reminder of when our Battalion, a part of the 95th Infantry Division was quartered in Leek in 1943 with the 95th Infantry Division. I vividly remember the dances at a church, it seemed to me on the edge of the town. I recall looking down a winding road from the church into the countryside on a rainy Saturday night during a dance. The visit was a welcome one for us and how pften fish and chips recall the times, however short, that we were there with you.

Ray Brandes

Wed, 30 Jul 2003


I receive a quarterly publication from the 87th Infantry Division Association. Many of us were billited, during WWII, in Leek, Stone or Biddulph. I thought that you should be made aware that, though years have passed, inevitably, mention is made by one of our members of the fond memories they have retained of your village.
Tony Oropollo,

Dear Sir,

Reading the letter in the guestbook entry complaining about the low standard of cuisine in Leek I sent the complainant an email asking them if they had tried, Primo Piano,No.64, Raymondos, The Laurel Inn, The White Lion, any of the 5 Indian restaraunts or the Peak Weavers Hotel in their search for dinner in Leek that didn`t involve chips or as they put it `bake` potatoes. Thinking that maybe their idea of dinner was what a lot of people call lunch, I asked him/her if they had tried Greystones, Blueberries,Coffee Beans or any of the town centre pubs, I know, because I am married to the Licensee Lynne Ward of the Roebuck which serves food from 9-30 in the morning,offers a choice of Chips, boiled or `bake` potatoes, salad, rice or tortillas. If you can`t find what you require in Leek you`re a hopeless case. Oatcakes to Haute Cuisine. Further to that, so what if the Red Lion couldn`t supply a sweet sherry, thank heavens for that.I`ll bet you can`t get a decent glass of madeira anywhere in this town, I know I`m gagging for one.

Any road up, I sent a shorter version of this to the email address and guess what, it doesn`t exist, returned as permanent failure due to address not being recognised. What a surprise.

Keep on going it`s a good site despite the odd strange guest book entry.

Alan Ward

This is in reply to the comments made by 'A. Visitor' Tues 1 Jul.

Date: Sat, 5 Jul


Have just found this great website and would like to contact Alison Hill nee. Trafford ref. guest book 2nd. Nov. 2001.

I have tried her freeserve address but my mail keeps bouncing back .


K. Berrisford .

Ex Leekension.

Date: Thu, 3 Jul

To all reading and browsing Leekonline,

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported Your Leek Paper. Your emails, letters and messages have been a fantastic morale boost for all of us in the office and they have been very well received.

I think we have now set out our stall and shown everyone what we are about and exactly what people will get if they support us.

Unfortunately I hail from Stoke-on-Trent, (you can't choose where you are born), but working for the Post & Times as a reporter and now with Your Leek Paper I really wish it was possible to be adopted by a town.

Leek is a fantastic place and a huge thanks has to go to Tony Smith who keeps this excellent website up and running.


Shaun Lintern.
Reporter with Your Leek Paper

Date: Wed, 2 Jul

Just a note to say had a great weekend in Leek and area staying at "The Hatcheries". Thanks for the Tip on getting in to the Towers early. Our timing couldnt have been any better and we had a great day there. Also a thanks to the staff at "The Forge" who also looked after us Romford folk really well.


Date: Tue, 1 Jul

Hi, It's the fergs! Sending a big HELLO to all the folks back home in sunny Leek! Looked at the webcam, not much has changed, still raining! Im missing the Wednesday market though! Again Hello to everyone that know's us!!!!

Richard Fergusson

Date: Tue, 1 Jul

Congratulations on a fine website!

Congratulations on living in a nice market town within reach of the most beautiful countryside. It is made to be a tourist centre.

BUT how disappointing that the reality does not live up to the possibility.

On my visit there the information centre was only able to offer me 4 hotels or guesthouses because those were the only ones on their approved list. Having visited the outside of a guest house in Buxton Rd I can understand their concern. The prices for single accommodation are far too high where they exist. People in Leek I met were in general unable to tell me where main streets were. I tried to find a decent hotel to have dinner - the two I found both only served chips and bake potatoes and the Red Lion in the Market Place could not even supply a sweet sherry. Again I eventually had a nice meal at the Quiet Woman but I only just got there in time.

Something needs to be done to improve your tourist information. You are wasting a valuable resource.

A Visitor

Copy of this email has been sent to our Tourist Information Centre

Date: Tue, 1 Jul

Hi there,

I have just enjoyed browsing this great site. My interest, from Australia, is in the family of Sir Thomas and Lady Elizabeth Wardle. Their son, Bernard Wardle (1866) married Annie Barnes Welch in 1891. They had a daughter, Dorothy Gladys Wardle in 1893 and I would love to hear from anyone associated with these family members.

My Wardle research is limited at this time, but I have been in the genealogy scene for about 4 years and only recently traced our line through to Cheddleton and Leek from Lancashire.


Robyn Clarke

Date: Mon, 30 Jun

A warm "Hello" to all my unknown relatives in Leek!


Hope to get back there soon.

Give us a ring next time you're in St. Paul! ;-)

Andrew M. Hine

Date: Sat, 28 Jun

Hi Tony / Leekonline,

I've just been having one of my regular trips to LeekOnline and see that a new addition is in place. "Your Leek Paper".
Good to read up on some news from "home" and see what's taking place - as all of the visitors used to do so often.
Still struggling to see the actual "Leek Post" site. I'll stick at it.

Nice to see your continued hard efforts still being appreciated - keep it up!

All the best and a "wave" to anyone who knows me.

Andy Ramsden

Date: Wed, 25 Jun

Congratulations to Tony for the continuing good work with 'Leek-on-Line'.
It was great to read the excerpts from "Your Leek Paper" and to see Tony featured in an article therein.
For those of us who have left Leek, but who like to keep in touch, Leek-on-Line is a super web-site.

Regards to all my friends in Leek.

John D. Spooner

Subject: Double sunset

Date: Tue, 24 Jun

I went to see the sunset at leek on midsummer at the back of St. Edwards church, but there was no way that any part of the sunset could be seen! There was a few people who were waiting for a group to show them who, what and where, but no one showed up for them either! Is there any chance that a group could be formed to show people who turn up that their journey is not wasted, and help make this special event worth their journey! I was disappointed that the view was not visible due to the number of trees that completely blocked the view! People of Leek u don't know what you have got ! Make this event famous! It needs to be made known to the world!Many thanks from Eve Burton, a disappointed soul who looked forward to this event all year!!

Eve Burton

Date: Sun, 22 Jun

Does anyone know of any relations of the Naden/Nadin Family?

A number of members of the Naden/Nadin Family Society are meeting in Leek for their annual reunion on the weekend of 12/13 July.
We would be pleased to meet other members of the family.
We have lots of information and produce a magazine twice a year.

Further details from

Naden/Nadin Family Society, 201 Willowfield, Harlow,

Essex, CM18 6RZ

or email us.

Dennis Nadin

Date: Fri, 20 Jun

Hi to anyone reading this.

Many years ago the brother of my Gt.Gt. Grandfather, William Arthur Furmston, held various positions within the town of Leek, amongs them being elected Council Chairman of the Leek T.C. in 1932, a member of the freemasons in 1913, and also has a street named after him, Furmston Place.
Could anyone out there know of any archive photographs exsisting in the town, of which I would like a copy for my Family archives.

Thanks for reading this, I can be reached on

Sun, 15 Jun

I am searching for information about IRIS HUTCHINSON born in Leek in 2-5-1928.
If you can help me, please contact me at


Pedro Dominguez Hutchinson

Wed, 11 Jun

Hi, My name is Jennifer and I'm looking for James Heath. He used to go to Leek High School in 1997 and he used to live in Ipstones. I would love to get in contact with him, so if anyone knows him, please get him to e-mail me on


Jennifer Sharrock

Sat, 24 May

This site is the next best thing since sliced bread. In just a few weeks it has been responsible for four members of our Holtham family making contact with each other. We cover the globe - Canada, England, Spain and New Zealand. Thank you whoever is responsible for running Leekonline.

Garth H

PS If you are part of the Holtham family or know of us we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your comments, I'm pleased Leekonline has been able to help again.

Thu, 22 May

A big thanks to your web site. Since, I signed your guest book many years ago, I have been contacted by 3 old friends from school. I attended Westwood Heath in 1979. My family all are originally from Leek and have many friends and family there. If any one has any connection to the Jackson family, I would love to hear from you. They were a large Catholic family. Lived on Park Road. My father was born Michael Terrance Jackson, was adopted and name changed to Kane. He grew up in Leek and married my mother Thelma Pickford, and moved to the US in the 60's. Thanks again for a wonderful web site and a hello to old friends and family.

Carla Kane Stroud

Thanks for your comments, it is nice to know that Leekonline is appreciated.

Thu, 15 May


I am, just writing to say what a delghtful little village Leek is and to congratulate you on building such a superb website on the village! Me and my now newly wedded husband Jonathon Thorne have just finished our wedding celebrations, and would like to thank everyone living in Leek for such a superb wedding at Trinity Church and me and Jon plan to come back for a visit soon!!

All my best wishes and love

Mrs K Thorne (kim croxall)

Date: Mon, 12 May

I am seeking the family of Cliff BONSALL. He was born in Leek in 1914. Patricia married FERNYHOUGH . Glenys married HALL and there was a son Clive.. Cliff also had a sister Mary who married HOULDSWORTH. Does anyone know these people.

Garth Houltham

Wed, 7 May


I run a family history group in Leek, we meet on the last Wednesday of the month at the Beth Johnson community centre Pickwood Close, Leek. 7.30pm start.
We have a lot of parish records as well as a census and I am willing to look up the details for any one doing research etc. for the Leek area.

Mary Mealy

Sunday, May 04

My great grandfather Elijah HOLTHAM was born in Leek. He joined the 65th Regiment and came to New Zealand in the 1850's sadly never to return to his place of birth. I have done extensive research on his family and now have a family tree of something like 90+ pages. However there are still many gaps in my records and I am keen to make contact with more of my English cousins. If you are in any way connected with the HOLTHAM's of Leek please contact me.


Sat, 03 May

Hi There

Will the Lady from Leek Diane Broadhurst grandaughter of Fred Holtham please e mail me i lost your info i have found more of Freds Family and would like to share with you.


Sat, 26 Apr

Thank you For Leekonline, after inquiring about my Mother Nellie Holtham people have written to me and I have found more family that I did not know about and I am most gratefull of this, once again thanks.


Fri, 18 Apr

Hello all in Leek.

I used to live in Leek and I loved the town and the people. I had a very good friend and neighbour Janet who used to raise money for nebulizers amongst all the other very kind things which she did. I wonder if anyone remembers me as I seem to have lost touch with a lot of people. My name is Margaret Scholes and I worked as a nurse and also as a school dinner lady at Churnet view School.We loved the area and miss it . hope to return to live there over the next few years. In the meantime if any one would like to keep in contact . I am at

Margaret Scholes

Fri, 18 Apr 2003

Hi from Western Australia.

I am researching the family of John and Mary MOSS (MOSS) who in the 1830s were living in Leek with children John, Samuel Beswick, Isaac, Ann Eliza, Elizabeth Gaunt and Mary. Elizabeth Gaunt Moss must have died as the rest of the family left for Tasmania, Australia in 1836 and then went to Victoria, Australia.


Ros Fornaro

Thu, 13 Mar

Hi, my name is Ian Davies and I am a distant relative of Fred Bloore who died in the great war, he was one of the 3 heroes reported killed in the Leek times 29th May 1915.If you need any more information don't hesitate to ask.
My e-mail is

All the best Ian

Fri, 11 Apr


While surfing on the internet I saw your website. Very nice. Funny that our villages have many things in common.
The village where I live is LEEK in the North of Holland near Groningen.
I heard there are already contacts made between both our villages. Recently I read in our newspaper that we can fly to England from airport Eelde in Groningen with Ryanair. So maybe I'll visit Leek.

With greetings from Leek Holland,

Onno Glastra

Attached are some links to our Leek.


Thu, 10 Apr

Anyone recognize this family line?

John Hales b. 1764 married Mary ?? 1788 their children - all born in Leek

Edward b. 1789
George b. 1790
Joseph b. 1792
James b. 1794
Mary b. 1798
Sarah b. 1800
William b. 1803 - this is my line

The family story has it that William was commissioned by the English government to build a lighthouse in Canada so he migrated to Canada. He married there.


Cyndi Peck

Date Tue 8 Apr






Date: Sun, 23 Mar

It's nice to see there is a second town called Leek.

I am living in Leek (groningen) the Netherlands


Bert Aalders

Fri, 21 Mar

Get the Post n' Times back on-line. I want to know who's shed has been broken into. What am I supposed to do without my weekly portion of hatched, matched and dispatched. As a Leek person I was always suspicious of meddling Stokies, they resented our pleasant suroundings.

Great website. I'm living down south and I keep my southern colleagues in awe of Leek through countless anecdotes of mad characters, never to be reperated night's out and achcitectual / natural beauty. Can we team up to organise daytrips for southerners lacking the small town joy Leek has in abundance?


Paul Knobbs

Fri, 21 Mar

Mable ASHWORTH married Percy COOKE in LEEK in 1923 ... anyone have this pair in their family tree. They are possibly in mine as Mable's mother was Annie BALL who was the sister of my grandfather.

Best wishes to the Ball clan of Leek also

Michael Ball
Sydney Australia

Mon, 17 Mar

Since the death of my father I have been left 2 books by Judge Ruegg and a silver teapot which he gave to my parents as a wedding present some 60+ years ago. The teapot for some reason was always kept in a cupboard and never put on display. Does anyone know anything of this man, I would be fascinated to know a little of his history.

Please contact me at

Jackie Marshall

Accommodation Administration Manager
Tel: 01202 595377

Mon, 17 Mar

Hi ,

I live in Dunedin, NZ, and my grandfather, Percy HAND left Leek in 1904 for NZ. I have recently got the genealogy bug, and would love to contact any distant relatives. Some of his cousins may still have descendants in the particular John and Emma MASON, married 1903, John and Esther Brookes married 1909 and William HAND. William, Emma and Esther children of Thomas HAND and

Rebecca STALEY.

Fri, 14 Mar

Hi to all Boulton-Lear's and friends. We all began with Grandad & Grandamar Boulton-Lear. Since then we have spread out all over the world. Moved in many directions and overcome many obstacles. It's time to re-unite and party. Remember age is only for official forms and nothing else. Life is too short, this is not a trial period for us all. This is our one and only chance on this earth. (as we know it). This is starting to sound morbid, so I will have to stop before I get too ********. Leek seems to have become the centre for the family, so why not start there. How about someone there organising a reunion. I can remember fantastic times there with my cousins, uncle Bob and aunty Jean, etc. There was a time when we all new each other and differences were ironed out in discussions. Now all that is known of our families are from these beginnings. Before it is too late, let's do something about it. Any one interested please get in touch. E.mail to myself (Nigel) now Known as Roy Boulton-Lear. at . Or just a chat from family I know, and those I have yet to meet. Signing of, By, see-ya. Ta Ta. chow arivadetttchiiii (can't spell that) and any other you like.

Roy Boulton-Lear

Fri, 7 Mar 2003

I've recently been contacted by a television researcher who is trying to track down some residents of Cheddleton from the 1920s, who were featured in a video in the 1990s (1996?) reminiscing about the 1927 Cheddleton Carnival and some canal boats being dressed up as pirate ships.
The individuals who were featured in the 1990s video are: Nellie Cordon, Arnold Cordon, Mabel Johnson, Edmund Boswell, Minnie Peacock and Cynthia Spooner. If anybody knows the whereabouts of any of these people, and think they might be interested in being filmed again, filming is due to take place at Cheddleton on Tuesday 11th March (not much notice, I know, hence I am posting this message). If anybody could pass the message on I am sure the TV researcher would be very grateful. Please call me on 07779 090915 if you have any information.

Thanks in anticipation.

Alison Smedley, on behalf of the Caldon Canal Society.

Thu, 27 Feb 2003

G'Day from down under.

We are doing family research and came across an ancestor Henry Clulow who married Olive Plant about 1820. They left Leek on about 20 January 1830 on the sailing ship "Minstrel" with their four children to start a new life at the Swan River settlement, (now Perth) in Western Australia. Henry was a wheelwright, having served his apprenticeship with John Hassal (or Halsall) at Stoke Upon Trent. Henry's brother William, wrote to him from a farm near Leek. The name of the farm was Blackshaw Farm. Would anyone know about the farm ? I have no knowledge of Olive Clulow (nee Plant) other than the hard times that she had in Perth and would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about the Plant Family about 1820s.

Hope to hear from someone who can help.

Bob Caporn

Sun, 23 Feb 2003

Hi, My name is Frank Mc Sherry and for my sins I used to be Manager of Byrne Brothers (Leek) Limited from 1976 to 1985. I am looking to find anyone who may have known me during this time to relive lots of good memories.
I now live in the Gillingham Kent with Sheila my wife and my son Ian. Lots of you will not know Ian as sheila was only just expecting him when we left Leek some almost 18 years ago.
You will probably remember the girls Sarah & Jo. Both have long ago flown the nest.
I hope someone will contact me so that as I have said we can relive the good times, and maybe skip through some bad memories.

Regards to all who live in Leek now.

You don't know what you miss untill you leave.

Frank Mc Sherry.

Fri, 21 Feb 2003

Looking for relatives of my father, Ernest William Evenson, born in Biddulph, England 1902. He emigrated to Canada and then USA in 1907/8.

Emily Stuart Evenson Boice

Mon, 10 Feb 2003

Subject: Photographs wanted.

I am new to Leek having only lived here since June 2002. My husband and I love the town of Leek itself but especially the lovely house we bought on Buxton road called "The Corner House" which is on the corner of Buxton Road and Abbotts Road. Built in 1913 it once stood very differently to it's current location with tracks and fields around it. Does anyone have or know anyone who has any information on the house, it's former occupants or better still any photographs of how it used to look? I would greatly appreciate any information.

Jane Hardwick.

Mon, 10 Feb 2003

I am trying to trace any information on my father's family who lived in Leeke. My grandfather's name was Walter Henry Neate and his wife's name was Agnes Kelly (Irish) They lived in Leeke during the 1920's .. Walter Henry Neate, who was in the Army and serving in Ireland during the 1914-18 war came home to work in the family business in Leeke as a Blacksmith. He died in 1935 at the age of 42. His wife Agnes, remarried sometime later to a Mr Peacock.
My father Henry Michael Neate (called Harry) was born around 1921 possibly in Devises - Wiltshire and attended the Loreto Convent in Leeke at the age of 5. If anyone has any knowledge of anyone by that name between 1921- 1940 approximately, I would love to hear from you. If the name Agnes Kelly rings a bell also I would love to hear from you.

Liz George

e.mail -

Mon, 10 Feb 2003


Hoping that someone can help me in searching for my Family tree...I am looking for my Grandmothers family her name was Margaret Ellen Salt b 1874c born in Leek...she had three brothers namely Charles Frederick, Stephen and William H. Salt.
Her father was William Salt 1826c born in Alton and her mother I have as Selina Roberts 1841c born in Hinson ...Selina's parents as far as I know were Henry Robinson and Selina Sharrett....If anyone can help in verifying or adding to this information....please contact me at.

Thanking you
Lynn Hill

Wed, 5 Feb 2003

I am trying to trace any Deavilles that lived in Leek. My g g grandfather Joseph Deaville was born in 1818 he married Eliza Birch as far as I know they had only one son {havent found any more yet !) Charles was born 10/8/1856. He married Ellen Bailey they moved to Congleton and had three children one of which was my grandad. If any of this sounds familiar to anyone please e mail me at thanks!

Jennifer Moss




Mon, 27 Jan 2003

Its with great sadness I hear about the passing of Mr Bestwick. My father and Grandfather had many dealings with him during their time working as haulage contractors in the town. Throughout this time my Grandfather always referred to Reg as a Grand old stick, and he was indeed one of Leek's ever dwindling number of real characters. He cared about the town, and all the people in it. I would like to forward my deepest sympathy's to his family.

John Burnett.

Sun, 26 Jan 2003

I am trying to trace a marriage between a MOSS (female) and a GOODWIN (male).

My great great grandfather William Goodwin (born c 1864 Quarnford, Staff) was living with his grandparents in Buxton, Derbyshire - Thomas and Esther Moss (both born c1810) in the 1881 census and with his sister Charlotte Goodwin (born c1869) and cousin Ashey Moss (born c 1865).
I have been unable to trace William Goodwin's parents or the rest of his family. I have found him in the 1901 census living in Buxton, Derbyshire with his wife Mary (nee Wood). Does this tie in with any of your family tree?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Joanna Jones

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