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Sat, 14 Dec 2002

Hi ,

My name is ELizabeth White and my husbands maternal grandparents come from the leek Area. His grandmother was Edna Pickford daughter of Harriet and William Pickford, born Heathylee in 1898. Harriet's maiden name was Bowyer., She emigrated to Australia as a World War 1 bride and Married in Sydney in 1920. Her husband was Herbert Heathcote, born Brnaside , Near Buxton to jane and William Heathcote. Jane's maiden name was Wain. William and Jane Heathcote are buried in the churchyard at Flash. Harriet Bowyer remarried after the Death of William Pickford a Mr Ager or Yager(?) and had more children. I would love anyone who has any connection with these families to contact me no matter how remote as we don't know anymore than this about the family. I found the above out fron Edna's birth certificate.

I would also love any information on the silk industry of Staffordshireas William pickford 's given occupation is a silk dyer and according to the 1881 census there were a lot of silk workers in the Bowyer family. Harriet's occupation is given as a silk marker and reiner in tthe 1901 census.

Elizabeth White

Sun, 19 Jan 2003

Dear Tony,

For my site I would like to have some nice photo´s, Especially as subject The Peakdistrict. I woul like to ask the inhabitants of Leek and the Peakdistrict if they could send me some by e-mail. Or they have got a home site the URL. It is a bit expensively for me to make photo´s living in Holland. Of course the name of the person who made the photo will be put under the photo. I,m still sorry for you about The Post&Times. I get it send over by my aunty (86) but I miss it on you're site. I did send a email too the editor but got no response. I know there is a copyright but a few headlines on a site cant harm anybody. I think it´s ridiculous. Anyway I wish you all the best with you're site.

Met friendly regards,

Jim Bishop

Mathilde Wibautstraat 22
1991 RV Velserbroek
Email :

Thu, 16 Jan 2003

I have recently discovered that my paternal grandfather, HENRY ROBINSON, was born at St Edward's Street, Leek, in December 1872. His father's name was also Henry and his mother was Ellen nee Roach. Is there anyone out there who has any connection or information about this family please? I would be most grateful for your help.

Please reply to

Sun, 12 Jan 2003


I am looking for any relatives of SUSAN CAPEWELL - believed to be born late 1800/early 1900 - if anyone has any info would be very helping in tracing our family tree.



Sun, 12 Jan 2003

Barlows of Leek

I was born Oakwood Road Leek in 1946 - now living in Devon. Tracing ancestory (isn't everyone!) and I'm back to G.G.Father James Barlow Born Leek1828 (married Ann Robinson) and G.G.G.Father Matthew born Cheddleton 1794/5 They were both Stone Masons. If anyone has any info with links I'd be very interested. Still regularly feast on oatcakes - Sainsburys in these parts sell them (thank goodness)

Lovely site

Jenny Bowden (nee Barlow)

Sun, 12 Jan 2003

Family history again.

Anyone know anything of these two names? Shilcock or Grindley. Possibly from the Thorpe, Cauldon, or Quarnford areas.

Any replies really appreciated.

Norman Shilcock

Thu, 9 Jan 2003

Looking for the e-mail address (which I have lost) of an old friend from Leek. We went to school together in Cheadle (Painsley). If you read this web-site Liam contact me (I think you still have my old e-mail address!). HIs wife?? works for the Sentinal and her name is Ros.

Look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. sorry we beat you poor poms in the cricket-better luck next time-not!!

Mon, 06 Jan 2003

Hi, My name is Jennifer Sharrock and I am looking for a friend of mine called Natalie Whones. If anyone knows her can u please e-mail me at

We used to go to Leek Primary school together, then Churnet View Middle School and then Leek High School, but i left in year 9 (1997) because my family was going to Australia to live. Thank you so much.

Jennifer Sharrock

Sat, 4 Jan 2003

Happy New Year to all those I know in Leek.

Sylvia Sturmey [nee Rowlands]

Tue, 31 Dec 2002

:Re. Yanks in Leek. (Anthony T Oropollo) (See Friday 20th December)

Should the author of the above story read this, I would appreciate him E-mailing me at:- As a boy growing up there at that time I was given by one of your comrades a service New Testament Bible through the chain link fence, of the barracks where you were. Inscribed inside on the page reading "A Sacred Token" was the following:-

Pfc Fred Ramsey, APO 79c/oPm NY. NY. Texas USA The land of sunshine, Beautiful Texas, Deep in the heart of Texas, Yellow Rose of Texas.

This Bible is before me as I type this. Maybe, just maybe you may have known this man.

Herbert Brookes.

Tue, 31 Dec 2002





Fri, 27 Dec 2002

Hello, I have recently discovered this website for Leek and I think its great. I left Leek in 1960 and have lived in Wales ever since. I am married to Barrie Trafford who lived at Ostlers lane Cheddleton. My father was Richard Ash and we lived on Ball Haye Road
I would love to hear from anyone in Leek or Cheddleton my email address is

Patricia Trafford

Thu, 26 Dec 2002

Merry Christmas to you and all who read the visitors site around the world we got Xmas mail from the U K.. US.. Canada .. New Zealand... Australia Africa Hawaii .... but we sorely miss the Leek Post and Times with its news from home ... best regards ... we hope you have a healthy happy and prosperous 2003 ....... Barbara and Harry Barnish ...San Francisco.. California ..... where the weather to day is overcast and cool


Fri, 20 Dec 2002

There may not be many who remember the masses of "Yanks" who were billeted in your little village during WWII, but I do and fondly. We were young, away from our homes, and facing a very uncertain future, but your people could not do enough for us.. I wish to extend my very best for the coming holidays.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Anthony T. Oropollo, M.D.,F.A.C.A.

Tue, 17 Dec 2002

Hello my name is Brian. I am looking for a Friend I was there in Leek 4 years ago and met this girl her name is Susan Price. I lost contact with her can anyone let me know if you heard of her. Her parents live on Buxton Rd

Thank you
California, U.S.A

Wed, 11 Dec 2002

Hello Leek,

Are there any Shirley's left in the Leek area? My family tree shows many Shirley's in the area around 1650-1800. We had a quick visit there in 2000 and saw a number of Shirley grave markers in the church yard.

Michael Shirley
Vancouver Island, Canada

Sun, 8 Dec 2002

Where has it gone? For all ex patriot Leek folk, (even if they live only in Hampshire) I look forward to the day when it’s back on line.

Ian Machin (lived in Leek 1967 – 1983)

Wed, 27 Nov 2002


My name is John Ball. I was born in Leek in 1949, and lived in the town at Beatty Road. I attended St Luke's Junior School and the Mount School for Boys, (where our form master was Windsor Davies of It ain't half hot Mum, fame) are there any former school pals out there.
On leaving school, I worked for Victor Robinson and Sons as a Painter and Decorator. I then became a member of local band Castors Crowd with John (Spud) Lovatt (now sadly missed). We played at many of the local dances in Leek and the surrounding area. Does anyone remember these days?
I left Leek around 1974 and know live in Wirral. I would love to hear from any old friends. Contact at

John Ball
December 1st 2002

Thu, 28 Nov 2002

I am trying to find anything about the Hulme family and also the history of Ball Haye hall my family are all gone now so I have no one to ask. I spent all my school holidays in Leek many years ago. I also had a friend named Irene Fogg but we lost touch she will be about 70 now can anyone help?

As I am getting on in years I would be so grateful to hear anything, Leek has happy memories for me.

Have just found your site it is great. Thanks again.

Winifred Knowles


Wed, 27 Nov 2002

Dear Leekonline reporter/editor: Sorry I missed when you were up and running. I hope you can get back on the internet soon. I have become really interested in Leek in the past month since I recently found out that my great-grandfather was born in Leek in 1843. George Miller came to Cincinnati, Ohio around 1870. I was born in Cincinnati. George had a sister Mary Ann (Miller)Astles. In the 1881 British Census, a Thomas Astles and family were listed in Leek. I was wondering if there are any Astles still living in Leek. If you ever have a free minute, could you e-mail me their telephone numbers if there are only one or two. I know this is asking a lot. If it is too much, then I apoligize for being so bold. Some day I hope to visit Leek. Good luck on getting back up. I would love to read your articles.

Jayleen (Miller maiden)

Thu, 28 Nov 2002

Hi over there


THIS ISN'T PROGRESS ITS REGRESSIVE. NO MORE NEWS AND YOU HAVE/HAD A WONDERFUL SITE WITH MANY HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE ACCESSING THE VISITORS PAGES - I, along with many others I know, loved accessing these pages. Good luck getting the Post republished on line.

Pat Millar

Wed, 27 Nov 2002

Is it just me or do other people really dislike the new Leek Post format, there seems to be little point buying it now if you also have the Sentinel.

Teresa Porter

Sun, 24 Nov 2002


My name is Darryl (Dibs) Dawson,

I moved to New Zealand in July 2000, I am keen to hear from anybody who knows me

Darryl Dawson

Wed, 20 Nov 2002

Expat from Canada

Where's my link to the past gone!!!!!

I left Leek for Canada 4 years ago, sick of petty bureaurocracy and guess what???
Its caught up with me again. Why can't I read of my old home town? Which pen pusher thought this one up?


Sun, 17 Nov 2002

Looking forward to reading the LEEK POST, not the sentinel


Sat, 16 Nov 2002

Hello, and Greetings from Canada! :>)

I've been doing genealogical research into my family that were from Staffordshire, and most of the ancestors were born in either Cauldon or Croxden, Staffs in the early-to-mid -1800's.

In the 1851 index for the census that year, is the following entry:

HO107, 2008, 320, 5, 21 Church Lane, Leek
SALT, Samuel, 42, H, M, Labourer, Self, Sts, Cauldon
SALT, Ann, 46, W, M, Silk Winder, Sts, Cauldon
SALT, Caroline, 16, D, Silk Winder, Sts, Cauldon
SALT, Hannah, 13, D, Silk Winder, Sts, Cauldon
SALT, Louisa, 9, D, Scholar, Sts, Cauldon
SALT, Eli, 7, S, Scholar, Sts, Cauldon
SALT, Sarah A, 4, D, Sts, Leek,
SALT, Harriet, 2, D, Sts, Leek,
SALT, Sampson, 73, M, LG, W, Labourer, Sts, Calton

This listing is a summary of my ancestors that lived there so long ago, and obviously worked in the silk factory there in Leek.
At the top of the listing, is Samuel Salt, who was married to Ann Thornel Salt, and they had the children (namely Caroline to Harriet) that follow.
The last on the listing, was my great, great, great grandfather, Sampson Salt, who was still alive at age 73, as shown on this census. His wife, Mary Draycott Salt had died a year earlier, at age 68, in the year 1850 (30th July).
I know the son, Eli, married someone named Mary Ann Salt, and they had a daughter, Harriet Ann, who was married in the June quarter of 1898 in Belper Reg. Dist. DBY. This information was also found in the 1851 census.
Going on to the 1891 Census, this is the listing:

RG12/2185, folio 61, page 1, Schedule 2, 1Ct. 1 Overton Bank, Leek

Louisa SALT Head Unm 48 Silk Spooler, STS Cauldon
Sarah Ann SALT Sister Unm 44, do do do Leek
Harriet TIPPER Sister Wid 41, do do do do
Arthur TIPPER Nephew U 17 Printer Compositre do
Ellen TIPPER Niece U 14 Paper box maker do
James GARNER Nephew U 33 Silk Baller do do

I know this seems like a lot to digest, but anyone who has perhaps listened to elderly family members talking about the past, might have heard some of these names of long ago.........or perhaps there are folks within Leek that somehow have connections that I know nothing about.
I would appreciate hearing from anyone that cares to comment on the above, or offer some advice insofar as learning more about these ancestors.
Also, being that you are a silk industry town, would anyone care to explain to me the following job descriptions: silk spooler, Cordwainer, silk baller, and silk winder.
Is there any information available on the early making of silk in those factories so long ago? If so, how does one go about obtaining that information?

Pat (Sault) Jacobson
Fordwich, Ontario, Canada.

Sat, 16 Nov 2002



Sun, 10 Nov 2002

I love this site. I'm at university in Bath at the moment, so it takes me back to Leek when I'm feeling home sick.

Thank you very much for that.

Keep up the good work.

Verity Cope

Tue, 5 Nov 2002

Spooks in Leek

Great and informative site. Does anybody living in the leek area or has done in the past experienced any ghostly activities or even better has photos or scientific evidence that they would like to share on line or private.

Mark Heath
Design Engineer
Advanced Research and Development
Staffordshire University
School of Art and Design
College Road
Stoke on Trent ST4 2XN
Tel 01782 294477
Fax 01782 294414
Mail to

Fri, 25 Oct 2002

What a wonderful site this is. I have just discovered it so hopefully someone maybe able to help me find my missing family.
My G G grandparents and families came from the Leek area and I would be interested in finding any connections still there.
Joseph Birch who married Ann Beardmore at ST Edwards church Leek 27/12/1798. They lived at Froghall with their family and Grandchildren in 1841, Their son John worked as a miller at the Consall mill in 1841. Joseph died 1861 and Anne died 1857 their graves are in the Ipstones churchyard.
Another son of Joseph and Ann is my G grandfather Joseph Birch who married Hannah Bardell 2/ 1/ 1831. Joseph was born in Leek 4/41802. he was a farmer in 1851 with his family all born in Leek Charles, Harriet, Joseph, Samuel, Mary ann, Herbert, and James. sometime betwen 1851 and 1881 they moved to 51 Wellington St Leek to live with one of their sons. Joseph died 1881 and Hannah died 1866.both buried in Leek. Their son Samuel died 31/3/1914 and he was living at 17 John St Leek. Could there still be grandchildren of his living in Leek.? Also I have a hair dresser Joseph Birch who lived at 38 Heywood St died 13/3/1877 and another hairdresser John Birch who lived at 13 Stanley St Leek died 22/6/1869 were these two in business together Does anybody know. If so are the premises still standing today. I also belive there is a obituary about my G Grandfather Joseph Birch who died 1861. it is in a magazine that they call a Pm from the last century would anyone know where I could see a copy as I belive it holds his life story.

Would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about these families or who is a relative.

Margaret NZ

Tue, 22 Oct 2002

I am tracing my Family History and last night I finally found out that my Gt Grandfather, Benjamin HARRISON came from Leek. Has anyone got any HARRISON ancestors from the area? Would love to hear from you.
Thought the site was great, loved the pics of the beautiful country side.

Kind regards


Thu, 17 Oct 2002

I really like the website; much better than other town websites I've seen.
My mother is from Leek; actually Cheddleton. Her name was Kathleen Newton, and she was born in 1934. She often speaks of a friend, Anne Cundy. My grandparents are Kathleen and Arthur Newton, both now deceased. If any of these names sound familiar to anyone, I'd love to hear from them.
My mother is thinking about moving back to Leek (from Canada where we now live). I would love that, as I'd like an excuse to visit this wonderful town more often!

Amy Brown

Mon, 07 Oct 2002

Just took a look at the Visitors book.
What a great idea. I would love to hear from anyone who does or did live in Leek. I would also like to see some photos of London Street and the silk mills.
My grandmother was born in Leek in 1907 as was her mother and grandparents. I especially liked the photographs available on the website. I left the UK when I was 13 years old and am interested in finding out about Leek as I feel connected in a round about way.
I was born in Southport Lancashire and at 13 emigrated to Australia with my family. When I was 15 we moved to Auckland New Zealand and I have been here for the last 35 years.


Ivy Johnson

Fri, 04 Oct 2002

Hi there!

I have been trying to do some family history research and waiting for the 1901 census to go on line.
Some of my GAUNT ancestors were born in Leek. They were:

Anne E. b.1883
William b. 1885 [my grandfather]
Emily b.1888
Thomas A. b. 1891
Eunice A. b.1894
Ralph b.1896

Some of my earlier ancestors came from Alton and Ipstones.
Do I have any distant cousins out there?

Tom Gaunt

Thu, 26 Sep 2002

I lived in Leek for over 22 years and left in 1983. I would like any old school friends or anyone who knows or remembers me to get in touch. You can e-mail me at: I would just like to say that this is a fantastic site, keep up the good work. best regards to everyone

Gary Baker

Wed, 25 Sep 2002

Hi Im Hayley I think ur site is fab i use it every hour of the day im currently working on a project and am using it Thank you for setting up this site!

Amy Gill

Wed, 25 Sep 2002


Love the visitors book ,its really great . i would love to speak to an old friend or anyone who knows of her . She is Marion Cordon age 41-43, Leek High School around 1971-76, lived at Bridge End Garage .Maybe married, so a different surname,or moved away from Leek .

I hope someone can help .

Many Thanks


20 Sep 2002

Hi. Im doing a study of Leek for my coursework at Trentham High School. I was wondering if anyone knew any site other than this which holds information about Leek. Any help appreciated. Bye.

Fiona Whiston

Tue, 24 Sep 2002

Hi, I just found this great site today and showed my son where I went to school (Westwood High). It's great to read about the place I grew up. I left Leek in 1987 to live in Nottingham when I was about 18. Haven't stopped moving around the country since! I'm going to have to pay a visit there soon and do some reminising!

Jonathan Clark

Mon, 23 Sep 2002

Am looking into the family of my great grandparents and believe they are from the Leek-Staffordshire area. My great grandmother, Elizabeth Beresford was born in 1850 at a place called Alstonford, England ( is this in the Leek-Staffordshire area?). She married an Edwin Pimlott, perhaps of Welsh descent. This couple moved to Canada in the 1870's, initially to Ryerson, Ontario, and then later to New Brunswick. Has anyone locally ever heard of these names? Would be grateful for any information. Please contact me at

Patty Corey

Thu, 12 Sep 2002

I have lived at a flat in Brunswick mill in Leek for 2 years and I know it was an old wool mill years ago, only I have gone to the library for information on the old mill and they have information on all the mills in Leek apart from Brunswick mill. the reason for me looking up the information is because I know there is alot of history behind the mill, if anybody can help me at all, if they have lived in Leek for years or you have family that have lived in Leek for years and you can find out any information out for me I would really appreciate it. Thankyou for your time.


Sat, 7 Sep 2002

Hi Everybody,

There hasn't been any new postings on the Guestbook since 20th August, so I thought I would send you a message to say "Hola from sunny Spain" to all my friends and anyone else in Leek who remembers me.


John D. Spooner

Fri, 23 Aug 2002

I am hoping that someone will recognize this family and contact me at I live in Yuma, Arizona United States:

John Hales born 1764 married 1788 Mary UNK born 1767 had children

1. Edward b. 1789
2. George b. 1790
3. Joseph b. 1792
4. James b. 1794
5. Mary b. 1798
6. Sarah b. 1800
7. William b. 1803 (my ancestor)

Edward was sent to Canada by the English government to construct a lighthouse in Port Hope, Ontario. His brother William went with him. They also built a stone college which later turned into a mental institution. I have been researching my line for 20 years and cannot seem to find out any information on William or his parents John and Mary. Would appreciate any help.

Thank you,


Tue, 20 Aug 2002

I desperately need some photographs for my latest book which features the old silk mills of Leek. Would anyone like to loan me photographs of people at work in Slimma, Worthingtone, Brunswick Mill,Tattons, Wardle and Davenports, Davenport Adams etc. the only mill I don't need is Job White's as I have dozens of photographs of that mill. The photos are only loaned for a short time. I can be e-mailed on

Cathryn Walton

Sun, 11 Aug 2002

Have just found this fantastic site.
Trying to get some facts about my g/father's family.What I have so far is rather vague,but involves Leek and Hanley. JOSEPH COOPER,[ son of JAMES-Coal Pit Engine Driver] b Hanley 19/12/1865, enlisted Royal Marines 10/6/1884...BUT ! family legend says he was only 14 at that time and changed his name [not uncommon in those days], his real name was possibly CHARLESTON.
If there should be any local Family History or genealogy group that might be able to offer any advice my e-mail is

Thanks in anticipation,


Wed, 7 Aug 2002

My name was Blanche Keates and I used to live at number 17, Livingstone Street Leek, I went to Leek Compton Junior School, is there anybody out there who knows me. Please make contact, I am 79 years of age.

Blanche Keates

Tue, 6 Aug 2002


My name is Arnoud van der Meer and I live in Leek too. Its not the Leek where this site is about, its Leek in the Netherlands. I didn't know that there was a Leek in the UK too. Thats pretty cool isn't it? That was all I wanted to say.

Andre Molenaar

Wed, 31 Jul 2002

My family originated in this beautiful town and I just wanted to take the opportunity to say hello.

J. Micheal Leek
St. Louis, Missouri
United State of America

Wed, 24 Jul 2002

My dear friend Mary is visiting her family in Leek and I want to wish her a wonderful holiday.

Veronica Rhoads
Alabama USA

Tue, 16 Jul 2002

Just want to say I think the Leek website is one of the best I have visited.
Its easy to find your way around and has great content.

Thanks for the great photos. Keep up the good work.

New Zealand

Sun, 14 Jul 2002

Hi, I noticed on the web camera facing Derby street there was some kind of parade there Saturday july 13. Any one know what that was about?


Sat, 06 Jul 2002

Back again from Wisconsin, USA. We are in the middle of a great Fourth of July Weekend here! Lots of Barbeque's, parades' and of course we have magnificent fireworks displays. All the small towns arrange to have their own fireworks displays on different nights, so it's one great fun round of visiting each village in turn for "The BIG Show"!
We received several e-mails from our questions re. the Sheldons of Leek and were able to link up with a cousin whose new address got lost in the shuffle! This morning we had a pop-up window in our e-m starter page, referring to "the family of James Wilson Creathorn", but for some reason we lost the whole thing. If the sender would be so good as to do it over, we'll be sure to get back to him (her). Other than that, the weather here is just beautiful - about 75 degrees with a nice Lake breeze - this would be a nice place for you folks in Staffs to spend a holiday, lots of "seaside" stuff, fishing villages, charter boats etc.,(Lake Michigan is over 350 miles long, and nearly 100 miles wide, with hundreds miles of beautiful coastline!). Great website, we really enjoy visiting.

We'll be looking back in,

Ted and Joan Warwick.

Fri, 5 Jul 2002

Hopefullty I can have a double dip here, I am keen to discover the history of the Majestic Cinema in Leek which was an important part of my social development in the 1950's, it was also I believe part of the Broughs of Park Terrace family history.I remember watching it burn down, when that was I don't recall.

Additionally seeking any information on a Frederick Dudley and spouse, who had a daughter Blanche and may have lived at or near the junction of the Caldon Canal and the railway in Leek as either canal employees or coal merchants in the 1900's.

Thank you to all for previous assistance.

Christopher Hall

Tue, 25 Jun 2002

Sorry to read about the possible sale of the Leek Post to The Sentinel, the L P & T is an institution and part of life in Leek. It will be very sadly missed and a catastrophe if they do not keep up the traditions that have built up over the years. Life will never be the same in Leek with the hatched matched and dispatched page as the last page etc moved.
Hope the printing stays in Leek but as the Sentinel is now part of a conglomerate big money will rule, how and from where the reading will be until in a year a two the shares drop and the accountants decide to make savings and guess what goes? one of Leek's institutions which means nothing to the news moguls, so get used to reading about Bentilee and Fegg Hayes and Fenton with the news of the nicest town in north Staffordshire.

Harry Barnish

Mon, 24 Jun 2002

I am seeking my family forebares of Flint who lived at Leek in the 1820s - 1906
Doctor Charles Flint marr Elizabeth Gough. Charles Flint was Medical Officer for Health Staffordhire Moorlands when a Cholera outbreak took place in the 1830s He and Elizabeth lived for a while at Hartington Derbyshire (The Old Vicarage) in a house his father Cornelius Flint lived before....Cornelius was Mine Agent to The Duke of Devonshire and was agent at Ecton Copper Mine Manifold Valley, whilst having his own mine Hubbersdale, Flagg nr Buxton..The Flints are to my knowledge buried at Hartington Church, although ..strangely...his family also have a private burial ground at St Lawrence Church Leek..I would appreciate information for I have searched for 30 years to find his kith and kin of today, if such persons exist...

Yours S.G.Flint
Wirksworth Derbyshire

Fri, 21 Jun 2002

I would be interested if anybody in Leek has any information about William Peacock my (Great Great Grandfather) who migrated to Australia . He was born about 1799 of Lee Moor Leek and married Sarah Pickford also of Lee Moor Leek born 1799. They had four children Eliza. Mary. Isaac and Joseph Please e-mail if you can help at

A great web site


Fri, 14 Jun 2002

Ted Warwick (10.4.02) of Grafton,Wisconsin was keen to trace the Sheldon branch of his family who lived in Brittania Street, Leek.. I may be able to help and can be e-mailed at

Enjoyable web site, brings back many memories, especially photos by David Gilman-lets have more.

Barry Sheldon

Thu, 13 Jun 2002

Hello. Anyone out there that has been communicating with nanabits ( June Phillips) Arksansa USA I have a new address it is
Any more information William Ball family please get in touch,

June Phillips

Mon, 10 Jun 2002

I was wondering if anyone had any information about my great grandfather, a Mr Tatton, who was quite well known locally about a hundred years ago as he managed to throw a cricket ball across Rudyard Lake. Thanks.

A Degg

Tue, 4 Jun 2002

I have been back in North Staffs area for less than a year having left in 1962. It is wonderful to be back. I was at the East Street County Primary and Leek High School leaving in 1957 (or was it 1958) after "O" levels. I wish this site had existed during my long period of "exile" for it is a great site. Even though now local (Cheadle) and visit Leek at least once a week, it will be on my list of site to visit regularly. Congratulations on its presentation and deserved success.

Philip Brough

Tue, 28 May 2002

I had the most wonderful time in Leek - only last week, thanks to the wonders of air travel. I wonder if there is any other town where you can meet the two Mayors in the street, as I did during the Jubilee street party! I felt at home and made so welcome, especially by those friends who had known my husband James Sigley. And the countryside around Leek has to be the prettiest in England, with so much to see in a contained area. I now regard myself as an unofficial ambassador for Leek - and I hope to return.
Best wishes,

Vivienne Sigley

Fri, 24 May 2002

MY name is Ian Davies my e-mail is For the last few months I have been tracing the life and death of my great uncle Fred Bloore.He fort and died at the battle of Aubers Ridge,while serving with the Royal Sussex Regiment.alongside two other friends from Leek, Jack Smethurst and John Winkle. I have some information about him and I am happy to share it with you. I would also be interested in anything you might have about Fred too.

Yours in anticipation


Tue, 21 May 2002

With the May Fair just departing I mentioned to some friends from Stoke about 'Chalk Night' - the first night of the fair when you were guaranteed to get chalked on by your mates at school. They'd never heard of this in their home areas. No-one at work, who wasn't from Leek, had heard of it either. I've checked with my Dad and he can remember writing messages backwards in chalk on a board and hitting people with it !! (that would be back in Leek in the mid-1940's). Does anyone on the board know the history of Chalk Night and if it's just a Leek thing?


Mon, 20 May 2002


My name is Jan I am from the fire department of Leek in Holland, is there any firefighter from Leek in the UK who wants to be in contact with the fire department of Leek in Holland.

Please send me an e- mail at


Leek in Holland

Sun, 19 May 2002

My father Don Haynes grew up in Leek in the 1930s-1940s and finished up emigrating to NZ in the late 1950s. His parents were Arthur Haynes (1893-1963) and Emma Goode Lee. The family lived at 15 Nab Hill Avenue. Dad's grandparents were William Haynes and Elizabeth Goodwin, and Henry Lee and Phoebe Spilsbury. Other family names include Smith, Tharme, Earls and Wright. Dad is just about to connect to the internet himself, so we would like to hear from anybody interested in making contact or with a shared interest in our family history.
Also, is it possible to buy copies of the books about Leek's history? I have enjoyed visiting Leek on a couple of occasions in recent years and have enjoyed this website as well. Keep up the great work!

Peter Haynes

Sat, 11 May 2002

I really enjoyed reading the information about Leek. I lived in the town for a number of years and went to Milner Girls School until 1962 when I moved with the family to Suffolk. My maiden name was Susan Smith and I wa a member of the local Salvation Army. Regards to everyone who might just remember.

Susan Farrow

Sun, 5 May 2002


I like many Leek lads am seeking more help with my family tree and to make contact with people I went to school with.
I'm Christopher Hall ex West End Avenue 1948 to 1960, ex Westwood Primary School and Leek High School 1959 - 64.
I am particularly curious about one James Angus Hall my grandfather who had a coal business down by the Canal and any of his family.
I now work in the tropical NorthWest of Australia, at an altitude of 3m and a mean temperature of 28C

Look forward to any interest, and what a great page and service.

Christopher Hall
E mail

Sun, 28 Apr 2002

Leek is a wonderful town with wonderful people in it unfortunately most times I am only driving through on my way to Tittesworth reservoir that again is one of my most favourite places that I have being gowing to for years.
I hope the preicint gets a tidy up then we may see more photos, in the mean time I will greatly enjoy the ones that I have got, keep up the good work

Stewart Swain
Stoke On Trent.

Sat, 13 Apr 2002

My year is doing a coursework on Cheadle, we are using the Cheadle website to find most of our historical info, facts and figures etc. since I live in Leek I thought I would see if my home town has a web site, looking at Leekonline it is far superior to the cheadle site and I would just like to say keep up the good work!


Wed, 10 Apr 2002

Your letters are great! Over here in Wintry Wisconsin, my thoughts turn to looking backward to the past for members of my family who hailed from Leek and area.

If there's anyone still there who can help me push further back into the genealogy of the family tree of Samuel Sheldon,(wife Ann,nee Hollinshead), and William Sheldon, his wife was Ann Maria, (nee Price).
Several years ago we came to Leek and visited the house I remember from the 1930's; number 20 Brittania St, where the Sheldons, Martha Ann, Ethel, Edith and Bill lived. The other names associated with Leek were James John Wilson Creathorn and his son James John. My Grandfather was Charles Edward Creathorn; he played for Leek FC back in the late 1800's. My Grandmother was Martha Ann, nee Sheldon. Her claim to fame for me was bacon, cheese dip and oatcakes for breakfast!

If you read this and any of these names ring a bell, I'd be glad to hear from you.

Ted Warwick,
Grafton, (about a mile from Lake Michigan), Wisconsin.

Sun, 7 Apr 2002

I am hoping that someone out there can help me. I recently brought a school D of E group to the area and told them of the mermaid that lurks in Blackmere. They didn't seem to believe me so I was wondering if there was any information relating to this story on the internet or a leaflet that I can get.

Debbie Mould

Sat, 6 Apr 2002

My father Eric Cater was born in Leek 1920 and immigrated to NZ in 1952 where he died in 1997. I would like to hear from anyone who knows the Cater family or Gerrard family as I believe I may have relatives in Leek that I would like to correspond with. In fact it would be great to hear from anyone from my father's home town.

Helen Galea

Mon, 1 Apr 2002

On holiday in perth WA, sun shining, sky is blue and the whisky is flowing.
Lounging around in the sun.

Catch you later

Marg Sharrock


 Fri, 29 Mar 2002

Was anyone a pupil at St Luke's Infants & Primary, 1949 -57? How about a reunion?

Doug Pickford

Thu, 28 Mar 2002

Thanks so much for the responses I received about my Uncle, Peter Downing. The day after I posted the message at this website I received an email from my Uncle, I assume someone he knew had noticed it on-line . Again, thanks so much for your interest and help. By the way, he is alive and well!

Leslie Downing Walker,

I'm glad Leekonline has helped again.

Sat, 23 Mar 2002

I am writing from Canada in the hopes that someone can help me locate my Uncle, Peter Downing , or help me find out what has happened to him. He lived in Grindon Nr. Leek (Eastview Cottage) for years with his 2nd wife Maggie, he was raised in Betley. Maggie and Uncle Peter raised goats, he was active in church restoration and taught courses at the University. I have been to England twice to visit them.

He suffered a number of health problems after his wife Maggie died 2 years ago. He had been hospitalized but was released to go home. I called him Christmas of 2000 and we kept in touch by email. I haven't had any contact with him since spring of 2001. I've tried email and telephone and both are disconnected. He had vision problems and was finding it difficult to live on his own, so I hope he has moved in with his stepson Peter in the area. However I don't know Peter's last name and am unable to contact him to find out what has happened. Also I moved the summer of 2001 so the email address and telephone number Uncle Peter had for me is incorrect.

Peter Downing is my Dad's brother (George Michael Downing - Mike) and the only relative left on my Dad's side of the family. If anyone knows of his whereabouts please email me

Leslie Walker

Thu, 21 Mar 2002

Hi was wondering if anybody knows the where abouts of Robert Davenport? if so could you please mail me or get him to, After what must be nearly 10 years it would be great to hear form him.

Thank you
David Schutz

Tue, 19 Mar 2002

Hi, Do you have a long lost relative called William Plant who was a tailor, Wife, Sarah Plant (nee Capewell) who lived in Overtons bank, Leek in 1838. There daughter married Solomon Stevenson ( a Shoe maker) who had seven children in Leek. Before moving sometime between 1881 and 1891 to Liverpool. During this time they lived at 9 Grove street Leek. Their Children's names were, Elizabeth, Hannah, John Lees, Mary Ellen. Fanny, Lydia and Frank. In 1881 Elizabeth aged 19 and Hannah aged 16 were silk winders.
Lydia is the Great Grand mother of Leonard Merchant of Ellesmere port, South Wirral. Lydia had three Children George who died in the first world war and his name is on the Thiepval memorial in the Somme. Victor who also died in the first world war and is Buried in the Etaples military cemetery and Leonard's mother Christina Cole.
Having spent some time recently in Leek times must have been very hard for Solomon to move his whole family to Liverpool. We were very impressed with the friendliness of everybody one we met and may well have had a pint in William plants pub the Swan which is a stones throw away from Overton Bank. If you can assist us in our search for Lenny,s long lost relatives please contact us on

William Ashman

Tue, 19 Mar 2002

Hello to all my relations in Leek and other areas. I am trying to put together our family tree,and would appreciate any information. Has someone already done this. I have not been in the area for some time,and wish everyone well, especially uncle Bob and aunty Jean. Web site in being put together and should be running soon. to contribute keep an eye on this guest book .

(Nigel) Roy Boulton-Lear Mar 2002

Mon, 18 Mar 2002

Living in Leek is very pleasant. The people are friendly, and the Market town background style is quite olde worlde at times.

Martyn Mann - Leek Residents
Sara Mann
Elizabeth Mann

Mon, 11 Mar 2002


My name is Yolan Trabsky and I wrote the round "Come with me my love" somewhere in the early 70's. Since then it travelled all around the world and his been sung by thousands and thousands of singers. Would you, by any chance, have a recording you could send me?

Kind regards,

Yolan Trabsky

Fri, 8 Mar 2002

Hi there!

I left Leek (with my parents) for New Zealand at the age of 5. 21 years later and back in the UK, I am returning to Leek for a holiday and to catch up with the few remaining relatives I have left in the area. My great grandfather was Anthony Ward, a major player in the silk manufacturing business in Leek for many many years. I am wondering if there is anyone in the area who knows of Bertram Townsend Ward, Eric Clover Ward, the early John Ward, or the Johnson's - would love to hear a tale or two, or look any other artefacts etc. I will be staying in Leek from the 28th March till the1st of April (Easter).

Many thanks,

Richard Ward

Fri, 8 Mar 2002

ANDREW LEESE grew up in Leek & moved to Australia with his family at the end of 1979. Does anyone remember him? He's trying to locate old friends and school photographs. If anyone can help, please Email us. Also, he is trying to locate Alison Eyre (hope that's the correct spelling - the blood tends to rush to your head down here).

Andrew Leese.

Wed, 06 Mar 2002

Thanks to the Internet, I can find information about neal little places like LEEK.
How far is LEEK from London?

Vic Fiori

Wed, 06 Mar 2002

Hello, all from this side of the "Pond" USA!

A little over 300 years ago, a guy got in trouble for speaking out in Leek Parish church, and was thrown in the jail. Later he saw an ad for cheap lands being sold by a guy named William Penn. Penn's ad like most advertisements lie alittle, and forgot to mention the savages, towering trees, and the dangers of crossing the Atlantic in those days. This guy from Leek was William Yardley, and with his wife Jane, and 3 sons left for America. They arrived 2 months later in what is now the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, you know the Liberty Bell, Rocky, Cheesesteaks and Pretzels. The Yardley's built a stone farmhouse and named their farm "Prospect Farm".
Now over 300 years later, the trees remain, the stone house is in great condition, but land speculators, and home builders have their greedy hands poised to destroy all!

You can express your displeasure, and express your desire to see Prospect Farm saved. dial up: (Lower Makefield Township's website) or write: Township of Lower Makefield
attn: Mrs. Grace Godshalk

1100 Edgewood Road
19067, U.S.A.

Vic Fiori

Mon, 4 Mar 2002

My great grandmother was born in Leek 1840. Her mother was Elizabeth Lomas. Her father, John Davies worked as a weaver in the silk factory on Mill St. The family lived on Mill St as did quite a few other Lomas relatives. Any Lomas's still live there? Same buildings still standing? I'd love to learn some of the early history of the town back in the mid 1800.

I just love this site!

Doris Morey

Thu, 28 Feb 2002

Just want to say hey to tha Leek Massive: you know who you are.

Love you all!

Fri, 22 Feb 2002

Hello again Leekonline - I love logging on and reading the letters. I wonder if there is anyone there who knows anything about Minnie Bailey who was living at 6 Oak Terrace, Leek in or around 1923 - we have her prayer book. If you know of her or her family please email me.

Vera Pickford

Tue, 19 Feb 2002

Hi all, found this Website - brilliant! I grew up in Leek and moved to Australia with my family at the end of 1979. Does anyone remember me? I am trying to locate old friends and school photographs. If anyone can help, please Email me. Also, am trying to locate Alison Eyre (hope that's the correct spelling - the blood tends to rush to your head down here).

Wendy A Leese

Sat, 16 Feb 2002

Keep up the good work Mike you are doing a sterling job. Quite a gathering, we could have a family reunion. LOL.

Roger Ball,
5th Cousin removed.

Sat, 16 Feb 2002

Any of the BALLS of Leek have this William Ball , born 1873 in their family tree.... his father was GEORGE BALL and mother Jane nee WOODS. His brother was also a George and was my Grandfather whom I thought was an only Child till recently !!!!.. he came out to Australian around 1906 and started off "our lot" !!!. They also had 2 sisters.. Ann and Jane also born in 1870's... and they are also Missing !
He lived at least till the 1891 census.....aged 18 and you guessed it.. was a silk worker according to the census !!

Kind regards to all my 5th 6th and 7th cousins at least once removed .... not to mention 12000 miles removed !!!

Michael BALL
Sydney Australia

Thu, 14 Feb 2002

A message to all those who were at Leek High School - it would be great to re-kindle old contacts - is there anyone out there? Love Katrina (Bennett) who was at Leek High 1977-1984 now in New Zealand .
Love to Mum , Dad , Dave & Tracy , Drew & Joshua in Leek XXXXXXXXX

Andrew Wilce

Tue, 12 Feb 2002

We are currently researching family history and would be grateful if anybody could supply information on Samual & Clara (nee Brentnall) Nixon who lived during the early 1900s at :-

75 Abbots Road

Thank You
Allan Nixon

Tue, 12 Feb 2002

Well my family was there certainly in 1656 when Lydia Fernyhough married Richard Tipper (a "carrier" from Cheadle), and again in 1763 when George Tipper married Ellen Hurst, at least so they say.... somehow after 1835 grandson decided to go on to Canada after marrying Hannah Mosely (from Kingsley)... my grandpa was also named George. Thanks to the internet and websites like yours, I, too, can pay a visit to Leek.
Cheers from Santa Barbara W.

Wendy Holder

Tue, 12 Feb 2002

Tony Smith deserves a medal for this great site - what an asset he is to your community - he perfectly captures Leek and its beautiful surrounding countryside.

Congratulations from
Patsie Jarman
Kings Bromley

Sat, 9 Feb 2002

Hi there!

I was bought up in Leek but moved away to Peterborough when I was 17. Now 11 years later I am living on Biddulph Moor and would like to find me old mates.

Are you reading this?? If you know me then email me at

Tim Browne

Sat, 09 Feb 2002


I used "leekonline" to seek help in tracing my grandfather who came from Leek and migrated to Australia a century ago.. Up until now I have had no relations called Ball except my immediate family. Now with the kind help from some "Balls of Leek" my family tree goes back to 1658 and I have a live 6th cousin once removed !

My next task is to get to Leek and discover this attractive town for myself.

Thankyou "Leekonline" and the friendly Leek Balls.

Michael BALL

Thu, 7 Feb 2002

It is getting to be springtime in San Francisco, but it can't compare to a nice spring day in North Staffs.... on a Sunday morning with a few warm oatcakes with breakfast, bacon and cheese to quote an old saying '' YOU CAN TAKE A MAN OUT OF LEEK ... BUT YOU CAN'T TAKE LEEK OUT OF THE MAN..''

Harry Barnish

Mon, 4 Feb 2002

My great-great grandfather George was said to have been born in "Leeds", Staffordshire (between 1799 and 1812), but we hope it was Leek! He was said to be the second youngest son of a family of ten sons and two daughters. The family were pottery glazers and reasonably well off. George arrived in Australia in 1830 from Liverpool after the death of both parents. His own sons he named George, Isaac, Samuel and John so we can only guess that his father's name was one of these. His brother Paul migrated to Pennsylvania and died at Mount Joy in 1883. I have had no luck with the IGI. Do any Leek Goldstraws have any ideas for finding him?

Helen Ulmann

Sat, 2 Feb 2002

Does anyone remember the FOX family of Grosvenor Street, Leek who lived there in the 1930's. They were named Rueben, Mary-Jane and William. Rueben and William worked at Brough Nichleson and Hall's Silk Mill Leek. William later went to Canada. Other family surnames were: HARRISON, MOTTRAM and (John) TOMBS.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Fri, 1 Feb 2002

Hello there from Australia - great website - I am researching our Pickford family from Leek - all silk millers back to 1800 and would be interested to hear from anyone with any information about Leek Pickfords.

Thank you
Vera Pickford.



Thu, 31 Jan 2002

I have just found Leekonline, nice to hear of my home town which I and my parents left 50 years ago in March to live in the Bristol area but still like to keep coming back. DAVID NOKES
(Byrom St)

Sun, 27 Jan 2002

My father was a soldier in the 2nd world war. I would like to know in what regiment he was. He lived in Longsdon and after the war he lived in Leek. He had a son named Barry who died in 1948. My father´s name is Jim Bishop and past away two years ago. Who can give me some information please.

Great site,

Jim Bishop
greetings from Holland

Sun, 27 Jan 2002

I spent two wonderful days in Leek, October 23 and 24, 2001, taking in the sights and getting the wonderful feeling of walking in the footsteps on my ancestors. While there I met someone who said he had gone to school with a Bowcock. This man would be about 45. He also said I looked just like him. It would be nice to make contact with this person. How many 45 year olds (approximately) with the last name of Bowcock live in Leek? I loved Leek. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. Time has stood still there and it is charming beyond belief. Of course Bowcock is my mother's maiden name.

Muriel Goodwin

Sun, 27 Jan 2002

Excellent web site, Keep up the good work. Would like to see more Photo's. The natives think it is the land of magic (no Ju Ju stuff).
Just to let everyone know that I will be home for Hol's soon(ish), When ?? depending on job..

Take Care.

Steve Sherwin

Fri, 25 Jan 2002

If anyone knows how I can get in contact with Sam Locking could u please e-mail me or give him my e-mail address

Marie-Therese Barrett

Wed, 23 Jan 2002

Hello leekonline, I really enjoy reading the news from Leek still have friends and family there, we have been in Devon for 18 years now. Any old school friends out there? Whenever we visit I don't seem to recognise many people at all but perhaps we have all grown a little older since the 60's.
Liz Oldfield (nee Lees)

Tue, 22 Jan 2002

Once a week I visit Leekonline so my mum, Joan Pointon, can read the Leekpost. Many names in the visitors book are familiar to her. We live in Perth, Western Australia.


Sat, 19 Jan 2002

Name is Ian Kelsall (wife Diane) live in Perth older brother David father Norman mother Barbara (still in Leek) lived on the Hospital Estate in Cheddleton. Your name doesn't ring a bell perhaps different ages. Came here in 68 to join friend Terry Stanner who came here earlier 68. He is still here also. If you don't know Terry then perhaps Martin Rane, sister Diane father Keith mother Doreen from the Westwood area they came here 66?


Sat, 19 Jan 2002

My lineage includes Brassington & their wives lines:- Critchlow,Goostry (Goldstraw), Coates, Hunt, Wheeldon and Abbott. I'm back to 1628 and mostly they came from Leek, Staffordshire. I'm sure that there are a lot of relatives out there.
Would love to here from you....


Fri, 18 Jan 2002

Leek looks so inviting. Can't wait to visit. Would like to say hello to a very special person. He knows who he is.
See you soon!


Thu, 17 Jan 2002

This must be one of the top ten Staffordshire sites - A joy to visit.Good luck and best wishes

Patsie Jarman,
Kings Bromley

Mon, 14 Jan 2002

I've lost touch with an old pal from years back (1960's on the clubs of Macclesfield) and I'm (and a few others are) trying to get a hold of him. I believe he's moved to the Leek/Cheddleton area. He is a big strapping, grey haired, guitar strumming fellow and answers to the name Clifford Harrison.

Melvin Perry

Mon, 14 Jan 2002

Wow, seeing the pictures of snow makes me feel cold, that's something I don't miss. I hope everyone who knows me had a great holiday. Congratulations on keeping up a great site.

Andrew Sharrock

Sat, 12 Jan 2002

Lyn and Dave from Leek are currently here in Canberra visiting cousin Stephen Crombie

David Penny

Thu, 10 Jan 2002


I think the web-site is great.

My name is John Cooper and I attended Leek High School from 1959 to 1966 (I actually went to the Wembley world cup final in that year). If anyone who knows me wishes to contact me my address is:

Louise-Boehm-Weg 13
28357 Bremen
John Cooper


It would be great to get some feed-back.

Thu, 10 Jan 2002

What a great site - I only live a few miles away, but the pictures etc are fantastic, particularly the SNOW
I am working on family history lines from Leek from 1543 - CONDLYFFE, BROUGH line, which of course invovled many other local families.
I would love for anyone who is interested in the early families in Leek to get in touch with me, particularly the above families.

Keep up the good work with the site

Jane Allen
Newcastle, Staffs

Tue, 8 Jan 2002

After WWII my father Eric Leek settled in the U.S. with my mother Ruth Stanton. He told me about the town of Leek. Now, thanks to the internet I had a chance to see how beautiful it is. He didn't exaggerate at all!
Thoroughly enjoyed the site and would love to make it over some day.

Thanks for investing the time and creating the site.

Tony Leek
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Sun, 06 Jan 2002

Hello to all the family in leek (John and Joan Bennett Dave, Tracy and Drew and Josh- love from Andy and Katrina in New Zealand.
Love the website makes us feel at home!!

Andrew Wilce

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