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John & Val Kelsey
Thu, 30 Dec 1999

Happy New Year to all our friends and relatives in the Leek area

From John &Val Kelsey in Canada

Stanley Shakespeare
Wed, 29 Dec 1999

Shakespeare Family, I've just found the Leek site, how delightful to have such an interesting web page.
I am looking for Shakespeare's around the Leek /Tunstall/Bradley Norton areas. My grandfather Joseph
Shakespeare b.1875. Bradley, he later moved to West Bromwich Staff's. His father James who married
Sarah Winsper at Cannock Parish Church 1869. any information appreciated. I used to visit Rudyard Lake
around1951...happy memories styaing at the Rudyard Hotel, and the dances in the Village Hall.

Replies to Stanley Shakespeare, Good Luck to all Staff's People.

Allan Atkinson
Sun, 26 Dec 1999

I used to live in Leek from 1974 to 1979 I taught at Westwood High School if anyone remembers Linda and
Allan Atkinson please leave a message or E-mail us on

Allan Atkinson

Anthony Oropollo
Sat, 25 Dec 1999

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the good people of Leek From a Yank who was stationed in your
town in WWII>

Tony Oropollo

Dorothy Beaver
:Wed, 22 Dec 1999

A very Merry Christmas to my sister Joan Wooliscroft and all my relatives in and around Leek. Your web
site is wonderful, I especially like the photos,they brought back many memories, for instance the youth hostel
at Meerbrook was in my day my elementary school. Regarding the photo of Upperhulme, we used to take
our horses to the blacksmith's, I think it was the building with the double garage doors. I remember playing in
the water at the waterfall, and walking up the road between Tatton's Mill, listening to all the noise of a busy Mill.
Thank you leekonline.

Dorothy Beaver
Chambersburg Pa. U.S.A.


Mary Menke and Family
Mon. Dec. 20th 1999

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Boulton-Lear Family and to all that read this message.

Margaret & Phil Egerton
Sun.. Dec. 19th 1999 

 Merry Christmas and a happy new Millenium to all Leekensians from Margaret and Phil Egerton.

Adrian Simpson
Thur. Dec. 9th 1999

great site looks a top place well i should know ive lived here all my life honestly to any would be
tourists it is better in the flesh and the countryside surrounding leek is superb if you get chance
see it for yourself.

Tue. Dec. 7th 1999

 Our family live in Leek - Mr and Mrs R J Jordan and Richard Jordan at 41 Weston Street -
tel 372416. We had a wonderful re-union with family in Leek in October and the town looked
wonderful. We send greetings to you all and can just imagine the Christmas Tree going up in
the square and the Nativity Scene being assembled. Give Mum and Dad our love for a very
Happy Christmas and accept our seasons greetings to you all in Leek at this time.

Kind regards

Pam and Ian Pask and Paul
58 Brooklands Road, Atawhai, Nelson, New Zealand.

Maria Jones
Sat. Dec. 4th, 1999

Very glad to find such good site. About time too. Best regards to all my friends that I miss a lot.
Greetings from Suffolk.Maria


Hal Rushton
Thur. Dec. 2nd, 1999

Thanks for putting up the site. I was really curious about Leek.

Hal Rushton


Anthony Heery
Sun. Nov. 28th, 1999

Found your site by accident! But found some interesting reading,You might want to
look at my website , it is based around ghosts and the paranormal, but other topics are
coming forward soon.You can also search and quick link to other sites, and buy music
AudioStreets online (click on a banner on my page).I might add thatI live in Leek aswell,
so you might want to add my page to your localwebsites link.I have only lived in Leek for
10 months - the reason you might find it interesting is
because it contains a ghost that was photographed in LEEK!

Thanks Tony (Mav)
Sun. Nov. 21st, 1999

This site is brilliant - I use the Net alot and its great to see a good site on our home town.
Sun Nov 21st 1999

Hi, great site. My Son's in-laws live in Leek, they are Bob and Jean Boulton-Lear.
My Son called me tonight and told me to look you up. So glad I did.

Mary Menke

Dublin, California USA
Sun Oct 31 1999

To our family and friends we send greetings from the United States! We are Herbert and Julie
Brookes in Mechanicsburg P.A. visiting our daughter Karen and family Patrick, Kaylin and
Michael since Karen was already on line we asked to read the Leek Post and decided to send
greetings your way via same. Sooo," Hello everybody and Happy Halloween." Maybe some
of you read the Leek Post on line and will get this message. We are having a great retirement
and will hopefully visit England in the not too distant future once again. We thank you Leek Post
and Times for being available to accept this greeting and one thing we do miss about Leek is not
getting the local paper. We are considering going on line when we get back to our home in
Morrisville then will be able to keep up with your local news.Bye for now regards to all stay
n touch.

Herbert and Julie Brookes

" Hearts of Oak "
Morrisville, Pennsylvania, USA
Mon. Nov 08 15:57 1999

Great web-site! found it by accident, but I'm sure I will return. It's nice to see something relating to
my home town on the web!

Vicki Hammersley
Sun. Oct 31 19:00 1999

I am researching the name Hammersley in Leek at any time. My family were all silk dyers
and they owned a lot of land in and around Leek, any information would be of interest and
hopefully usefullness.
Victoria Hammersley

Steve Lancaster & Sue Brentnall
Sat, Oct 30 13:17 1999

Hi to everybody !

Steve Lancaster & Sue Brentnall

Tony Oropollo
Fri, Oct 22 20:03:20 1999

Have visited Leek in the past 2 years. Will probably be in the U.K.
again next year. Would like some help in locating the site of my stay
while in service, WWII. It was definitely in town, not too far from a
local chips shop and a cinema. My unit was the American 87th Inf. Div.,
and we were there during the Fall of 1944. Thank you.

David Peters
Fri, Oct 22 16:18:00 1999

Great to visit the Leek website. I was evacuated from London to Leek in the forties
and was billeted with a wonderful couple George and Annie Cumberledge, in Grove Street.
I visited them regularly for years until their deaths. I still come back to the area from time to
time and it never fails to awaken happy memories.

J Maycock
Tue, Oct 12 22:07:05 1999

Hi everybody in Leek from Nigel Maycock

Johnathan Walters
Thu, Oct 7 10:49:55 1999

Ive Lived in leek for over 19 years and curently at Leek Collage
Nice place is leek lots of ooooooooh aring in the air.
I would recomend a visit to anyone.

Richard Walker
Tue Oct 5 11:05:37 1999

I'm writting to congratulate you on your excellent web site which proved extremely informative,
and enabled me to plan a full and exciting day out in Leek.


Cynthia Methven
Sydney. Oz
Wed Sep 29 07:05:59 1999

Whenever I get homesick I can look at this site! Thanks from an ex-resident.

Chris Ellis
Tue Sep 28 04:05:46 1999

I am watching this website take off! Well done, Tony. You obviously have a huge success on your
hands. All the best to everyone back in the old country.

Phillip Rushton
Mon Sep 27 22:18:21 1999

Great site.Any one who went to LHS 55 to 62 send me an email to

Mon Sep 27 21:39:56 1999

Leek is a nice town with nice people and timpsons is very good ,mrs plant is very nice.
The pies at lawtons are also very nice.The country side surronding is very nice and is very peaceful.
It was bigger than i thought and was very worth while coming and i recommend it to any one.

Jean Hodgetts
U.K Ipstones
Sun Sep 26 21:58:45 1999

Leek has a lot of History, and they are doing some very nice things with Leek now, my daughter
Kathleen has been over from New Zealand and Martin will arrive soon.

Kathryn Hobbs
Sat Sep 25 04:06:30 1999

This is a beautiful website and makes me a little sad that I didn't get a chance to visit Leek when I
was in the UK this summer. Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing that double sunset.
Oh well, I do like checking in on the web cam.

R. F. Tatton
Wed Sep 22 22:10:14 1999

Glyn George
Wed Sep 22 20:20:35 1999

bill bainbridge
Wed Sep 22 08:05:43 1999

Its about time we had someone to do something to really put us on the Net!

shane hall
Tue Sep 21 13:00:56 1999

wonderful sites and very interesting history

Neil Walker
Mon Sep 20 19:35:56 1999

A wonderful site! What happened to the 'link' concerning local hearing aid dispensers?

Catherine Lee
Fri Sep 17 13:59:54 1999

Why not link us to Leekonline web site? We can return the favour!

 Tony Oropollo, M.D.
Fri Sep 17 02:05:35 1999

Visited Leek Sept.4th. Was unable to locate the area of encampment of my Army unit,the 345th
regiment of the 87th Inf. Div. Would appreciate some help. I remember that we were stationed in town.
The people were as gracious as they were 55 years ago. My wife and I were given a lift from the
Stoke-on-Trent rail station by one of your villagers. I always enjoy coming to the U.K., you do
speak my language, more or less, and you are very civilized, more rather than less.
As a veteran, I am always inf

mary moore
united kingdom
Tue Sep 14 15:56:05 1999

What a brilliant idea, to have a leek web page . I am in the middle of organising a family reunion
next year with American ancestors of the Wardle . Rushton , and Bullock families who emigrated
in 1847 to the States, and as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints made
a significant contribution to the history of the United States . I would be interested in hearing from
interested parties

Dave Lee
Sat Sep 11 07:47:23 1999

Great site, love the Leek Post pages, why don't local people respond to this site?
We emigrated 27 years ago, still miss Leek and the oatcakes.

New Zealand
Tue Sep 7 09:16:55 1999

I have family ties with Leek. My grandfather by the name of Arthur Alcock born April 5th 1891
married a Rachel Clulow at St Lukes Church in Leek Stafforshire on December 26th 1916.
They Lived In Cheadle, before coming to New Zealand in 1923 withthier family.

Shaun Brown
Leek, England
Sat Sep 4 13:01:42 1999

I found Leek online last night, and I have been back to it several times, already.
I have lived in Leek all my life, and find the town to be rich in history. This site is excellent!

Donna Cummins
Leek, England
Sat Sep 4 12:51:50 1999

Excellent site! A camera outside Metropolis club, though, could be interesting.

Tony Oropollo
Mon Aug 30 17:33:19 1999

WWII veteran,stationed in Leek with 87TH Inf.Div.
Suprised to find WebPage. Have only fond memories of the people and town.
Anticipate visiting in first week of September, just to refresh old memories.It has been a long time.

Jim Heckle
Wed Aug 25 07:10:20 1999

Does Leek still have that bloody ugly hamburger kiosk at the top of Derby Street?
It really spoils the look. It also stops much of the litter flying into the market square.

This is a very good site. Thank's

Frank Till
U.K. N.Staffs.
Mon Aug 23 23:23:04 1999

Excellent site, the nearest I can get to Rough Close on the net. Does Dennis Herod still live in Leek,
I used to watch him play in the 40/50 s. Great goalie.

Adrian Northcott
Leek, England
Tue Aug 17 22:05:01 1999

The site made me smile - liked the web cam shots and snippets from the LP.
Any more Harold Bode photos? How about a webcam opposite the Roebuck? Keep up the good work.

Howard Jones
Mon Aug 16 12:52:53 1999

Could do with some more piccies of Leek and area, as I'm from Leek and I miss it.(now based in
St Albans, Herts.)

Mon Aug 16 00:00:04 1999


Leek UK.
Sun Aug 15 11:25:19 1999

Hi Tony. Like the website

Geoff Burston
Tue Aug 10 17:47:14 1999

If anyone comes across a copy of Dr. Plot's "Natural History of Staffordshire" for sale,
I'd be interested in buying it

Mon Aug 9 17:45:07 1999

A great site, but a town map would be most useful.

geoff pickford
Sat Aug 7 21:29:57 1999

i would never choose to live anywhere else and am proud to have been born here.
people ask me where i am going on holiday, my answer to them is this, why go anywhere
else when i live in the most scenic, exciting part of the country. i can fish, walk, hang glide,
shoot, camp, study ornithology, flora and fauna, have the hottest summers and no doubt the
coldest roughest winters, i can escape from the pressure o

Geoff Hawkins
Fri Aug 6 13:28:39 1999

Every town should have a site as good as this one. It's Brillant.

Ken Osgerby
Wed Aug 4 12:46:45 1999

A visiting friend of Normie.

Tue Aug 3 14:37:41 1999

I have an interest in LEEK. It is where my family ties line. Do you have a genealogy base there? My line
of CHARLES WALMSLEY was born Mar 1798, married Sarah Malkin in Oct 1824, Parish of Leek,
Town of Leek and their children were born. They both worked at Silk Manufacturers. Can you seek
any advice on how I can find out about my relatives. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You. Mary Kane Durley

Sat Jul 31 15:09:24 1999


mark stewart
leek england
Fri Jul 30 23:14:21 1999

top site but more pictures please

Irene Simpson (nee Beardmore
New Zealand
Fri Jul 30 04:52:30 1999

Great improvement on your previous site :-)
Why isn't Dave Hunt in the "Local Artists" page?

Debbie Grindon
Thu Jul 29 21:16:56 1999

Very nice to be able to read up on my home town,very informative.Shall add this page to my favourites.

Valerie Phillips(Nee Walmsley)
Tue Jul 27 23:47:56 1999

Would like to get in touch with any old school friends from Westwood Hall Girls'High School
1952 to 1958.

Bill Underwood
Tue Jul 27 04:46:30 1999

I lived at Quarry Farm from 1978 until 1989. I have been back several times in the past 10 years
and hope to return this fall. I am glad to find this web page now I can keep up with the local new via
the Leek Post and Times.

Geoff Burston
Mon Jul 26 22:01:12 1999

I was about to say Staffordshire Moorlands...
And also, this is a great website for anyone remotely connected with Leek and the Moorlands...
I lived in Toronto, Ontario for 26 years before coming to Vancouver... and I stilll like Leek

Geoff Burston
Mon Jul 26 21:56:36 1999

I was born and lived at Foxt (7 miles from Leek) until I moved, first to London, then to Canada in
1972. I now live in Vancouver, British Columbia, which is almost as nice as Leek and Moorlands!
I worked in Leek for about a year in 1962 at F.W. Bode on Buxton Road. My older sister
(Barbara Burston) went to Westwood Hall High School from 1952-57 and my younger sister
(Diane) went to the Nicholson Institute (about 1965). I'd like to hear from anyone who's interested
to talk to me about the St

Don Brown
Canada, Ont.
Thu Jul 22 22:28:32 1999

Great Job! This page has allowed me to view the area where my Great Great Great Grandfather
(Matthew Brown) and his family farmed for many years
from 1830 onward at "Wetwood". My Great Grandfather was born in Rushton James in 1878,
he came to Newcastle Ontario Canada
in 1911. I really appreciate the efforts and thank-you for sharing it with us.

Don Brown
Newcastle Ontario

Dave Vernon
Mon Jul 19 16:01:28 1999

Well done ! This has the potential to be a great site with lots of use for schools.

Marie Billington
New Zealand
Sun Jul 18 05:24:04 1999

I discovered Leek On-line several months ago and enjoy catching up with the happenings in
Leek most weeks. My dad was born in Leek and emigrated to NZ in approximately 1927 so
I grew up with knowing about Leek through him so consider I have a 'claim' to Leek! I enjoyed
vising his 'home turf' eight years ago so being able to visit Leek 'on-line' is great.
Keep up the great work Tony.

Chris Ellis
Fri Jul 16 23:02:23 1999

As a former Leek lad, now living in Brisbane, it's great to have found the site.
The Leek Post never fails to entertain! Congratulations on a great job well done Tony.
All the best to any visitors that remember my years in Leek.

Ken Rider
Ontario Canada
Thu Jul 15 14:19:19 1999

New to Computers..I would like to inquire if anyone knows these two Ladys who i teased
unmercyfully.We were all attending Art Scool at the Nicholston intitute in the years 1950-1952
I think Angela Bolton lived in Rudyard.Ann Mellor lived in Westwood .They were Both nice people
I often wonder how life treated them.I myself am retired after 34yrs in the comuications game
My home is on the Isle de Quinte at the eastern end of Lake Ontario

Ken Rider
Thu Jul 15 13:58:59 1999

I was raised in Westwood.Age of 3 to 16.Left and came back to Canada in 1951.
I am Know retired and live in a beutifull tourist area on the Isle de Quinte . this is located at the
east end of Lake onta.Therrio.I went to art school at the Nicholson institute


Tue Jul 13 16:38:07 1999

Tue Jul 13 16:36:10 1999


David Waring
Sat Jul 10 18:41:22 1999

Andrew Royall
Sat Jul 10 12:59:33 1999

It looks like I'm the first person from Leek to sign this guestbook, and I just want to say
that it's a great site with lots of great info about Leek.

Dave Swarbrook
Tue Jul 6 19:29:13 1999

Tony, congratulations on an excellent website I'm glad to see that Amateurism (in the best sense of
the word) has succeeded where commercialism failed. I wonder how many Leek (and former Leek)
internetters have found this site ???


John Gunia
Tue Jul 6 09:36:36 1999

Hi, just testing !


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