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Below are 9 architect’s impressions of the finished scheme

The following pictures are just mock-ups of the proposed changes, meant more as a guide and not an exact representation of what the end-result will be.  When looking through the pictures, think of them just as you might a draft or a blueprint or a proposed design plan for building a canoe or other structure.  Everyone has their own thoughts on the changes; scroll down to see for yourself.


Ball Haye Street lower right
Ashbourne Road bottom left of centre
Bottom of Derby Street from Ashbourne road
Ball Haye Street towards Derby Street
Derby Street towards the 'Monument'
Derby Street towards the 'Monument' (notice 'Sparrow Park' written on the paving)
Aerial view
Looking up Derby Street from outside the Britannia Building Society.
Looking up Derby Street from outside the British Heart Foundation shop



Start date announced for regeneration scheme creating jobs and prosperity in Leek

Important highways works to revitalise Leek and attract new investment to create jobs and prosperity will begin in June, Staffordshire County Council has announced.

They will bring improvements to the town centre including the public areas around Nicholson War Memorial - the tallest war memorial in the country - giving people better access to and views of the historic monument.

The scheme was approved by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council as part of the planning application for Sainsbury’s and regeneration of the surrounding site on Macclesfield Road. The retailer is paying for the works while the County Council, which is responsible for highways, developed the scheme.

The changes will help the town centre cope with expected increases in traffic due to this and other new developments that aim to revive the local economy. The town’s road system is at capacity and unless changes are made, congestion could act as a barrier to economic growth in Leek.

The most important immediate change will be the removal of the roundabout at the junction of Ball Haye Street, Ashbourne Road and Derby Street to be replaced by traffic signals. Work will begin on Monday 11th June, although the contractor will be carrying out some preparatory work from 6th June which will not require any road closures.

The work starting on 11th June will require some road closures, diversions and temporary traffic lights. The County Council will make sure the contractor keeps disruption to a minimum, and keep businesses and residents up to date on when and where work is taking place, but is asking for people’s patience and understanding while these important works take place.

To accelerate the work and complete it in the shortest possible time, the contractor will work weekends where necessary to complete the areas around the Nicholson War Memorial well before Remembrance occasions in November.

Residents and businesses will be kept up to date with the forthcoming schedule of works as the scheme takes place.


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