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Over time, Leek Rugby Club has witnessed its fair share of sporting moments and memorable characters. ‘The Spirit of Rugby in Leek' chronicles the history of the club and follows the highs and lows of successive teams as they suffer defeats, near misses, and battle their way to successes in cup games, tournaments and the leagues. Splendidly illustrated with many archival photographs, ‘The Spirit of Rugby in Leek' will take you on a journey through the decades, culminating in a tightly fought and dramatic National Intermediate Cup Final played at Twickenham Stadium in 2014. Re-live those moments as you read the book and see the photographs.


The Spirit of Rugby in Leek' is to be launched at Leek Rugby Club on Sept 19, where books will be available for purchase. This book will also be sold by Picture Book, in Stanley Street, Leek.

Hidden Lives

Leek's Extraordinary Embroiderers

Written and published by Cathryn Walton

Hidden Lives, packed with hundreds of photographs, covers aspects of Leek from Victorian days and reveals the lives of women who stitched for the famous Leek Embroidery Society. Silk manufacturers, solicitors and surgeons feature throughout, together with numerous tradesmen, shopkeepers and clergymen.

Leek people, streets, houses, mills and shops vie for attention on every page.

Hidden Lives is a treasure chest of family and local history and sheds light on to the previously unknown women who stitched exquisite embroidery

A Collection of Poetry, Short Stories and Artwork

-has now been published and is available for you to buy from The book contains a collection of work from artists young and old and is in full colour to capture the vibrancy of the artwork on the pages. This book is a collection of poetry, prose, short stories and artwork which has been collated and edited by Josephine and Tony. Josephine is a musician and music teacher who enjoys writing, painting and drawing in her spare time and she felt that it would be a good idea to involve her pupils, friends and family in the writing of her latest book. “An accumulation of the arts all in one place to create a pleasurable and visual read for a large selection of people,” is how she describes the content of the book. Tony is Josephine’s partner and he has paginated the book using his skills in I.T. They live together with Josephine’s two boys, their cat and two guinea pigs in a quiet cul-de-sac in the Staffordshire Moorlands. Josephine is amazed by the artistic talent which lies in the younger generation, good luck to them all in their future lives.

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Victoria Louisa Bailey reviews - 'This is the Life' - by Chris. R. Pownall xxxxxxxx

Chapter 1 is a humorous collection of memoirs from Chris's childhood and adolescent years. It also includes other memories which are placed firmly in Chris's mind. If you lived in Bosley and remember the 'old days' you will find this book both thought provoking and interesting covering numerous subjects, including bird nesting, target practice, children's wooden trolleys, fishing and many, many more covering many of the subjects that we remember from our childhood before the emergence of electronic and computerized gaming machines. Chapter 2 includes information on Congleton Senior Boys School talking of class mates and the surrounding area, if you attended this school also it would be a great memory jogger. Chapter 3 covers memories of Macclesfield and piano lessons, a listing of some of the shops including Mac Fisheries and Martin's Stores with fascinating memories from each of the different shops. Chapter 4 will be of great interest to Leekonline readers as it is memories of Leek, specifically 50 Duke Street, the Co-op grocery store, the Moorlands Hospital, Rudyard Lake and the Grand Cinema (which would be of interest to the younger members of the community of Leek because the building is no longer in existence) and many more. Chapter 5 is entitled Life's Comical Tales which includes a varied collection of different subjects which just need to be read to be appreciated covering subjects from a crafty pee to a missing shoe! Chapters 6 and 7 talk about the family dog Nolly Sprocket and Chris's wife ‘Patty Clogs' while Chapter 8 includes information all about the cruise with P & O Ferries with a hilarious story about a security tag which was left on Chris's best suit! In the final chapter Chris tells us how he ended up in hospital with septicaemia and although Chris witnessed some terrible sights on the stroke ward, he was still able to keep things light during that time witnessing humorous scenarios with the nurses. Chris is now looking forward to his and Pat's second cruise and he holds up his gin and tonic and says
"This is the life"!

A most enjoyable read, thought provoking and definitely down memory lane.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book please go to Amazon to purchase it online...


Josephine Bailey was born in Berkshire in 1965. She now lives in a quiet cul-de-sac in Staffordshire with her partner and two boys and works as a musician and music teacher. Soloflute is Josephine's story with hints and tips for budding musicians. Music has been the hub of her life from the age of 7 and she wanted to share her love for music with you, the reader. Anyone who is interested in music, playing the flute or woodwind instruments in general will find information in this book which is both interesting and informative as it outlines how Josephine's personal achievements have allowed her to pursue a fulfilling life in music.

Lucie and the Garden Fairies
by Donna Harris

Lucie was a young girl, probably no different than you. Yet Lucie had a secret. At the bottom of her garden in a shady area lived the garden fairies...

Roll of Honour
by C. W. Sheldon
The Story of The Hundreds of Leek Men who fell in the First World War

In Name Only
by C. W. Sheldon
The untold story of the 101 Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen who died
during the Second World War

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