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Leek Senior Council School

Armistice 2019
(held on Monday November 11th 2019)
The gathering; friends and relations of the fallen are joined by staff from Capita.
A moment of contemplation after the laying of the wreaths.
Friends admiring the wreaths and poppies.

Armistice 2018
(held on Thursday November 8th 2018)
The Gathering, in the rain. Basil with daughter Janet and friends
John and friend after coffee and cake. Basil with Stan.

Armistice 2017
(held on Friday November 10th 2017)
The gathering with 3 members of the Royal British Legion
A moment for private thoughts

Armistice Day 2016
A hush decends as we await the 11 o'clock chimes and the flag, at half mast, wavers gently in the breeze.
Staff and friends lay wreaths and pay their respects.
Flowers and wreaths are laid in Remembrance.
...Lest We Forget
Our thanks to the Co-op Bank for their continued help and support

Armistice Day 2015
Staff and friends wait for the 11 o'clock chimes
Private thoughts during the 2 minutes silence
Laying of the wreaths
...Lest We Forget
Stan Harvey, Basil Birchall and Roy Marren watch the proceedings

Armistice Day 2014
The weather did not deter us
Prayers were said by Major Rudi Pilsel of Leek Salvation Army before the laying of the wreaths
Anne Bould helps Lewis Fisher with the laying of a wreath
Anne Bould with left to right Lewis Fisher, Basil Birchall and Roy Marren and with Basil's great grandson Joseph Richardson

Armistice Day 2013

Armistice 2012
Mick Taaffe laying a wreath on Saturday 10th November 2012

Armistice Day 2011
Lynda Paton liases with Basil Birchall and Lewis Fisher prior to the ceremony
Lynda Paton places a wreath on behalf of the Britannia
(Britannia is part of the Co-op Banking Group)
Lewis Fisher, Basil Birchall, Lynda Paton with employees pay their respects

Armistice Day 2010
An employee of the Britannia since 1999, Karen Parker joins Basil Birchall and Lewis Fisher to pay her own quiet respects for the loss of her brother. The wreath was then laid on behalf of the boys and the Co-operative Financial Services.
(Karen's brother Kevin Main was killed in Iraq in March 2003 when his Tornado aircraft was downed by a US Patriot missile as he returned from an operational mission over Iraq)
Basil Birchall and Lewis Fisher, who is being comforted by Karen Parker
Approximately 100 staff from the Britannia Building Society gathered together for the two minute silence at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 2010.
Silent thoughts of loved ones lost so many years ago.

...Lest We Forget

Leek Senior Council School History

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