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It was with a great sense of remembrance that Basil Birchall and Arthur Fisher of Leek decided that they wanted to pay a tribute to their old football team who used to play on White's Field just off the Cheadle road, a field which is now occupied by the Britannia Building Society 's head office.

On a cool, overcast day on Saturday May 22 nd , 1993 at 2pm the crowds gathered quietly to pay their respects to the football team, most of whom sadly lost their lives in World War 2. The only survivors of the team, Messer's Birchall and Fisher planned to unveil a memorial plaque in memory of their lost comrades on the site of the Britannia Building Society. The Council School Old Boys brass band played quietly for the occasion, seated at the front entrance of the Britannia, smartly dressed in their red coats.
Families and friends of the team gathered in the Britannia grounds.

The plaque was unveiled from its Union Flag by former players Arthur Fisher and Basil Birchall.

Then the plaque was positioned at the front entrance of the Britannia where all persons entering would be able to see it and remember the Council School Old Boys team with warmth.
The Council School football team as it used to be in 1935.

The memorial plaque was dedicated by the Royal British Legion, (Staffordshire Branch) chaplain the Reverend Joseph Harrop.

So if you are going to the Britannia, please go to the front entrance and take a moment to look at the plaque and remember the Old boys who used to play football on the site where the Britannia is now situated. As we approach armistice day 2010 just remember that there are not many survivors of World War 2 left to tell the tale.

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