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Tracey Cole

Tracey Cole


NLP, Time Line Therapy(tm) and Hypnotherapy

Tracey Cole


Tel 07815 016169

skype; traceycolenlp



What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a tool box for the mind! It is a way of using active imagination to access the unconscious mind, the part where emotions, memories and habits are stored. Our unconscious mind controls the way we behave and react to life; by changing our thought patterns, we change our negative, unwanted behaviours, replacing them with compelling new ones. NLP provides fast, effective results. Usually, a change can be seen and felt after just one session. For most clients, 1-3 sessions are required.


What is Time Line Therapy(tm)?
Sometimes known as Creating Your Future(r), this is a very gentle, yet wonderfully relaxing technique to eliminate any negative emotion, stress, depression or even limiting belief you may have. In essence, it is a way of de-cluttering your mind of baggage: our minds cannot function properly if we are constantly reminded of old sadness, frustrations, anger, hurt or guilt. Time Line Therapy(tm) lifts these emotions, allowing us to move on and concentrate on how we want to lead our lives.


What is Hypnotherapy?
During hypnotherapy I use very light trance, rather like being in a daydream or being engrossed in a good film. In this way, a connection is made with the unconscious mind and positive change can be suggested. Hypnotherapy can be used therapeutically or as a relaxing treat to remove the strains and stresses of everyday life! Giving ourselves time to 'switch-off' is an important facet of good well being in today's busy world.




I am a fully certified Trainer, Master Practitioner and Master Coach of NLP, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy(TM) and Hypnosis. I am a Member of the American Board of NLP, American Board of Hypnotherapy and Member of the Time Line Therapy™ Association. I am currently on a 5-year coursestudying at Master Trainers' level in the above techniques, which would make me one of the most highly qualified people both nationally and internationally.