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Paula Charnley

Paula Charnley

Shiatsu, Counselling, Yoga

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The art of shiatsu is an ancient and holistic bodywork method. It offers you connection in mind body and soul. In each phase of your life it is a natural approach to many symptoms of imbalance. For example: Fibromyalgia, burnout, etc etc aches and pains and also beneficial during pregnancy

I recently returned to Leek having lived in Amsterdam for 30 years. There I began to study complementary therapies 15 years ago. Shiatsu & Traditional Chinese Medicine became my passion as it gives such a broad but logical perspective to a holistic health approach.
My other love is yoga which has supported my life for nearly 20 years. I am a qualified Kripalu (hatha) yoga teacher & will be running some classes in Leek.

My treatments are based on Shiatsu but I respond to whatever the client arrives with on the day, utilising the many skills I have acquired along the way. A treatment may involve some Cranio Sacral work, breathing, Chi Nei Tsang (deep organ massage) and or Focusing.

"In Leek I receive clients at 2 Duke St (Nina's) Leek ST13 5LG and at the Torus Well Being Clinic, 24,Cemetery Rd, Shelton, ST4 2DL

"I am a qualified hatha yoga teacher and I run a weekly class at The Foxlowe in Leek "

I am currently completing a Master's in Counselling Psychology at Keele University, where I am specializing in the topic of Fibromyalgia

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