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Andy Frost



Andrew Frost

Advanced Hypnotherapy

& NLP Coaching


m 07912 425487

“If you would like more information about hypnotherapy I’d be happy to send you a free brochure on Hypnotherapy or Weight Loss. These can be obtained by either sending me an email direct or from the Positive Minds Hypnotherapy Website.”

Andrew Frost

Hello I am Andrew Frost and I’m a full time Advanced Hypnotherapist, working from centres in Leek and Sandbach.

I have been using Advanced Hypnotherapy for over 9 years to help people to remove negative emotion or blocks to achieving their positive goals.
Advanced Hypnotherapy techniques-
Regression Therapy
NLP Coaching
TimeLine Therapy
Past Life Therapy

Dynamic Therapy Work; on the root cause of your problem.

Personalised recordings to listen to at home, to speed up the process.

Most people coming to me for help will only need 3-4 Sessions to make a permanent change.
I will be using the most direct and Advanced techniques available, helping to get to the root cause of your problem within a short timeframe.

At the end of the sessions you will have new skills and tools to continue the positive work and to these will help you to continue to make improvements in other areas of your life.

  About Andrew
Andrew is an experienced and respected hypnotherapist in the Staffordshire & Cheshire area. He works full time as a hypnotherapist from Therapy centres in Sandbach and in Leek.
Andrew teaches the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma, with The Advanced Hypnotherapy Academy. He is a Supervisor for Students and newly trained Graduates to the Atkinson-Ball College, which is where he trained in 2006.
He has helped many clients to overcome their problems and achieve incredible goals.

He uses goal orientated, dynamic hypnotherapy to help overcome blocks and habits to enable you to be the best you want to be, or sometimes you just want to become like your old self once again.

Andrew Qualifications-
Advanced Hypnotherapy and Hypno-healing Diploma (member of the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy) and this allows him to have constant updated training in new techniques in Advanced Hypnosis and NLP.Andrew has over 9 years’ experience both within the NHS at The North Staffordshire Hospital and at The Priory- Private mental health services, where he used the same techniques there as he employees within his private practice now.
I believe that a good hypnotherapist should have a genuine drive to want to help people, for the good of the client and a desire to help them alleviate suffering and promote well-being.

Its unfortunate most therapists believe qualification make them a good therapist, without understanding how to use these top qualifications with real people.