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Leekonline was created in 1998, the site includes adverts, articles and other information which we think will be of general interest to people who live in Leek, visitors to the town or ex pats who would like to keep in touch with everyday events.You are welcome to e-mail us with comments or requests and we will do our best to reply and fulfill any requests.

The lists of businesses, places of interest and hostelries contained within the site are by no means complete but offer a good selection to choose from. If you own a business that you would like including on the site then please email us.

Finally, we would like to add our thanks to all those people who have given us permission to include copyright articles etc. Acknowledgments are next to such articles or photographs.All other material is copyright to Leekonline and must not be reproduced without permission.

If you find something that you disagree with or something that you feel we have no right to include for what ever reason please inform us and if your objection is valid we will remove the offending article.

Tony and Josephine Smith

Contact Leekonline

Leekonline is a 'family run' and non profit making site and is funded purely by ourselves. It attracts many thousands of hits per day and acts as an excellent resource for Leek people.
We make no charge for any of our services, but if you would like to make a donation to help with the running costs of the site then please go to Paypal and click 'Send Money' and enter this email address
All donations will be acknowledged and gratefully received.

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